Red Vory

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Red Vory
"The Thieves of the Code"
TypeOrganized Crime Syndicate
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationRussia, Former Soviet States

Faction Information


The Vory V Zakone are a criminal syndicate, which originally arose out of Russian prison culture during the fifth world. Outside of Russia they are mostly seen as a group of violent thugs, but they are nonetheless a sophisticated criminal syndicate with notable and far reaching influence. There was once a distinction within the organization between the Vory (ruthless career criminals who worked their way up to positions of leadership through hands-on experience) and the Avtoritet (who were frequently connected ambassadors or appointed ministers who gave orders to trusted lieutenants to carry out), but this is mostly now a point of historical trivia; the two terms are essentially synonymous in the present day.

The "Red" Vory mostly operates out of Russia and the former Soviet states, and is deeply entangled with the government of the Russian Federation. Their criminal specialties usually consist of data brokerage, loan-sharking, matrix crime, prison economics, prostitution, protection, smuggling and white collar crime. There is also a strong element of racial loyalty within the Red Vory, however this to do with ethnicity rather than metahuman bigotry; a Red Vor will typically trust a Muscovite Ork over a Tartar human. There is also a notable distrust of the Awakened amongst their ranks; in Russia, strong mystical traditions have usually been associated with foreign ethnic groups and therefore considered untrustworthy. Awakened members of the Vory are extremely rare and almost always members of the hermetic tradition.

They are not to be confused with the White Vory, one of their primary rival organizations, which is mostly active in Western Europe and North America. The White Vory had a former presence in Seattle, but were entirely eradicated or converted in the local area by members of the Red Vory who took over.


Major Locations

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Seattle, UCAS





  • The White Vory

Current Status

Health Summary



Alexey Dorosov5FixerVory Fixer
Bloodstains4FixerVory Fixer
Djinn5FixerRed Vory Fixer
Red Sonya5Custom(A,K,N,G)Assassin



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Remnants of an OmenZerreContre-Révolution22 January 2084
Reconnaissance Step 1: SeattleKaterSalemEnemy within29 September 2083
Irish Wolfhound has fallenKaterSalemEnemy within19 July 2083
Six Gets HeadhuntedAurora14 September 2082
You Found MeGhostlin22 August 2081
Like Taking Candy From A BabyGravitySweet Sweet Revenge17 August 2081
Heaven is a Place on EarthGhostlin1 August 2081
Back With A VengeanceGravitySweet Sweet Revenge18 June 2081
Hotline Seattle 1 - No Good Deed Goes UnmurderedTorq24 Karat Magic20 April 2081