Six Gets Headhunted

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Six Gets Headhunted
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Red Vory
Six of Hearts
Shooting Star
Miss Direction
Casualties and losses
Gh0$t, Ch3ckmat3, Miss Direction


In which Six of Hearts is set up to the betray a Red Vory team. She calls Koschei for assistance.


The Red Vory wishes to get rid of some troublemakers, or the DA. They send 3 troublemakes and Six of Hearts to do a job, fully expecting Six of Hearts to betray the team and eliminate the the troublemakers (and if not then at least maybe the DA problem will be taken care of).

The Meet

Six of Hearts is approached by a Red Vory contact, Shooting Star, in order to assassinate the DA, and is offered half a million nuyen to complete the job. Her teammates will be Gh0$t, Ch3ckmat3, and Miss Direction.

The Plan

Six of Hearts heads over to the location in Redmond to meet with the rest of "her" team. When she arrives, she notes that Ch3ckmat3 is remote-only (appearing as a Queen chess piece over a holoprojector). Ch3ckmat3 searches the matrix and does some hacking while the rest of the group makes some small talk. Six of Hearts attempts to get some information out of "her" team, about their rifles and such. Gh0$t uses a Terracotta, and Ch3ckmat3 seems to be unable to leave their residence. Miss Direction doesn't want to answer any questions. Six of Hearts calls Alice Kane who puts her in touch with Emelie, which takes an 8 hour search. Emelie is offered a favor to look into Ch3ckmat3 for Six of Hearts. After a few hours, Six of Hearts is given a location for Ch3ckmat3 (in Touristville). Meanwhile, Koschei does some alchemy to make some new preps.

The Run

Koschei drives by the outside of the apartment Ch3ckmat3 is in just before 6am (when the meet back with the team will be). She sees a spirit on the astral, but doesn't manage to determine it is a fire spirit. She does manage to sneak into the building and get up to the third floor, but sees a Watcher outside the apartment standing guard.

Meanwhile, Six of Hearts is heading to the meet with the team. After arriving, she cleans and preps her gun, which Ch3ckmat3, Gh0$t, and Miss Direction think is normal with a composure check from Six. At the appropriate time, she pulls a gun on Gh0$t and Miss Direction, and combat starts in both locations! After a tense fight, Koschei and Six of Hearts talk about whether to kill the decker while Six kills the sniper and the mage. Koschei then kills the decker. They both escape.


Shooting Star then calls Six of Hearts and congratulates her on a job well done, as she did exactly what he expected. He promises her and her team rewards for the job. When asked if he is really Red Vory, he says yes and then hangs up.



  • 22k nuyen - 11 RVP
  • 2 CDP
  • +10 Red Vory Rep

Six of Hearts:


  • 5 karma - 5 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well... if they had just been upfront about it I would have accepted anyway. No need for the behind the back drama. But I got to do my first run with Koschei! So that was nice... though we will likely have to talk later about this... she did not seem terribly happy with my executing Ms. Direction in the manner I did.