Reconnaissance Step 1: Seattle

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Reconnaissance Step 1: Seattle
Part of Enemy within
LocationSeattle, Tacoma
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Katrin Morgentau
Red Vory Red Sonya
La Rapide
Red Sonya
some Red Vory
Casualties and losses
there where no fighting


The Runners investigate the assassination of Mr. Cromwell on behalf of Katrin Morgentau and are able to follow the trail in Seattle to Red Sonya, a contract killer and ex-UGB agent who also works for the Red Vory. The team is able to negotiate a meeting with Red Sonya and convince her to give them the information about who hired her.


After the attack on Mr. Cromwell in this run: Irish Wolfhound has fallen Katrin Morgentau has had enough of the traitors in her own row. It looks like Mr. Cromwell was on a good track and scared the frenemy. But Katrin needs more information to be able to classify the data correctly. So she decides to find out who gave the order for the attack on Mr. Cromwell. She sends a short video message to Shadow Haven and prepares for a meeting at the Harrington Hotel:

The picture shows a woman inside a fighter plane she wears a S-K Full Body Armor the golden dragon shines on her chest. The roar of powerful thrusters can be heard in the background. The detail shows the wing of a fighter jet and in a short distance two Saeder-Krupp Blitz in parallel flight. "I'm on my way to Seattle. Any Runner willing to find out who is behind the assassination of Cromwell may appear at the Harrington Hotel in two hours. I will put an end to this." The woman is interrupted by the pilot's announcement "Mam we are now accelerating to maximum speed. Are you ready?" The woman responds irritably. "Damn it I was born ready, speed up already, I don't have all day." The transmission breaks off.

The Meet

The Runners show up for the meeting that takes place in the conference room where Mr. Cromwell normally holds his appointments. This time, however, Katrin Morgentau and some heavily armed S-K Guards are waiting for the Runners. Katrin explains the task, emphasizes that it is not about revenge and she only wants to have the information who was the client for the attack. She also provides the Runners with a video recording of the attack inside the club (see run: ) However, she has no record of the sniper shot that took place outside the club and incapacitated Mr. Cromwell. The Runners briefly negotiate with Katrin and are able to strike a deal that allows them access to high-value armor from S-K. The Runners accept and all but Shy are allowed to leave the room. Katrin makes it clear to Shy that she knows about N-51's activities and wants to have a meeting with the leaders. For her taste, the operation is taking too long. It looks like N51 is going to do the dirty work for S-K. Presumably the plan was to simply take the Blood Hawk off N-51's hands after the operation was completed. But since N-51 is taking too long for Katrin's taste to finally complete the operation, she is willing to support N-51 in exchange for all the data on the Blood Hawk. Katrin sets an ultimatum of 2 months.

The Plan

The team retreats to a save house in Redmond. Chipset searches for information in Katrin's video and is able to locate the disco in Touristvill. Marionette contacts some Vory contacts but only gets some information from Bumble the next day. So the team decides to go to the disco to see the situation on the spot. The staff is already there but there is no entry yet. La Rapide is able to get a meeting with the club owner, a dwarf, by bribing the bouncer. He agrees to give her recordings of the incident from outside the club if La Rapid can get him a waitress at short notice. La Rapid uses her contacts and a little later a talented waitress is standing in the disco. Raps receives a copy of the incident outside the disco. Using Sky's experience, they are able to determine the position from which the sniper fired. Marionette uses psychometrics to get an impression of the sniper. While Chipset taps into an offline camera and obtains footage from the day of the incident, which only shows a shadow. It becomes clear that the assassin is very talented, an adept, has high magic and knows how to remain unseen.

The Run

Shy seeks out Commander and asks for potential assassins who might match the talents they have discovered. She receives three names. She also tells Commander that Katrin Morgentau wants to meet. La Rapid calls Danny Hoffman and learns that the assassin is most likely Red Sonya. She is potentially working for the Vory and is an ex-UGB agent. Danny wants to have her number to give her orders but he doesn't want to go through the Vory. Marionette has a meeting with Bumble who advises him to stay away from Red Sonya as she is extremely dangerous. Ignoring the advice, Marionette contacts Artur Czechlaw and, for a fee of 4000 Nuyen, is able to arrange a meeting with Red Sonya the next evening at 11pm. The Runners make their way to the rendezvous point, masking themselves as best they can. The meeting place is the parking lot of a hotel in a seedy corner of Tacoma controlled by the Red Vory. The runners arrive at the designated meeting place only to find 4 rounds and a burner commlink waiting for them. Chipset is able to locate some grenades in the immediate vicinity and tries to hack the LAN that is connected to them. Red Sonya answers the commlink and La Rapide and Marionette negotiate with her. They offer her to arrange orders from Ares and S-K through two high-ranking contacts in the respective companies and provide their services should she need them in exchange for the information who her client was. Sonya agrees and informs the Runners that the order was placed through a white vory middlewoman in Hamburg named Yellena Tukov. Apparently, Yellena did not receive full payment from her client and Sonya was only fully compensated by Yellena because of her reputation.


  • The Runners will pass on all information to Katrin Morgentau.
  • There was a meeting between N-51 leadership and Katrin - it is still unclear how N-51 will react.
  • Katrin leaves further investigation to Joshua Calvert.


  • 30.000 Nuyen (15 RVP) or double for armour (you can pick up FBA up to AV 27)
  • 5 Karma (5 RVP)
  • Red Sonya (5/2) (6 RVP) you owe her 2 favors
  • 6 CDP (2 RVP)
  • Optional (out of Karma first): Closer (4 RVP)
  • Optional (out of Karma first): Katrin Morgentau (10/1) (10 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So the Vory is after Mr.Cromwell, well that's a shame, had to do this job he gave quite a number of weapon to the N-51... Thought now S-K is on our back it seems, preparation for our whole operation need to be accelerated. It's going to be a wild ride...