Hotline Seattle 1 - No Good Deed Goes Unmurdered

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Hotline Seattle 1 - No Good Deed Goes Unmurdered
Part of 24_Karat_Magic
LocationCampton, Redmond & the Plastic Jungle
Factions Involved
Phantom Drifter
Red Vory
The 24 Karat Crew


Kost, Silver, and the Phantom Drifter are hired to find a way to keep a kid and his little sister safe from a child predator ganger looking to steal a kid. The team infiltrates a club the gang leader owns and turns his second in command against him, which leads to his death in a hail of bullets on the side of the street.


A gang leader by the name of Rex the Wrecker. He runs a gang known as the 24 Karat gang. They boost cars currently for the Red Vory, and have actually started forming their own low level syndicate underneath the Vory. A shame that they're ruining their business over Rex's tastes in kiddies. One specifically, being one kid from a school in Redmond, Campton. Thankfully, her brother was up to the task of keeping her safe, and now he's got a target on his head from all of the 24K gang. The brother, Leon, has an amazing coach to look out after him, and sent them to his home while he hired runners to deal with this problem.

The Meet

The team showed up to a building in Campton, and when they entered at the designated time they entered and were de-armed by a orc. They met with a troll with tattoos of the Red Vory crossed out. He was running the middle man for the client, giving the terms to the party of the job. Simply put, they want the gang stalking one of the students of the client to back off. To ensure the runners get this done, they paid in advance. Afterwards, the runners met the client personally. The local coach of the Redmond Campton school's football team. Used to be a sports star, thinks the kid being hunted has the same potential. He gives the runners the info on the 24 Karat gang, and their pedo ringleader. He also gives the runners the place where he hid the kids out at, in downtown.

Getting there to get more info from the kid himself, they found three members from the 24K already there. The team intercepted them, and tried to convince them to leave, until Silver threatened them and a fight broke out. The team non-lethally took them out and Leon Ladash opened the door to let them in. Soon, the cops arrived and arrested the gang members. From there, the team asked why Rex was after him and learned that Rex was after his sister. From there, the crew had most of what they needed to do the run.

The Plan

The runners weighed their options and decided a subversive tactic could work. They had initially planned to go to a club they know is frequented and guarded by the 24K and gather intel on the crew, and destroy their cars. After scouting it out a bit, they decide to have PD and Kost go it and determine the location of the garage. When they enter, Kost and PD end up finding the second in command to the 24K. Kost goes and seduces him, and get him to come to a hotel later. The squad hides out there, and ambushes him to get the intelligence they need. When they find he's second in command, and that he doesn't like the boss being a child predator, the party convinced him to turn on their boss and give up the boss' meeting place.

The party knows where it's supposed to happen and when, and get there early to set up. Kost up top with a sniper rifle, Silver and PD on the ground to stop the cars with their own.

The Run

The run at this point went smoothly, with the ambush going along the lines of Silver almost stopping the car, before PD hits the engine block and stops it. After that, a gunfight ensues, with Rex an his team biting the bullet after a quick and dirty assault from PD and Kost's crack shooting and Silver's commanding voice to stop them from doing anything. The 2nd in command pulls up firing at our group, but isn't actually trying to hit the team so they make their escape clean.


Afterwards, the 2nd in command switched up their priorities to make more money and left Leon and his sister alone with no threat of revenge. After that they returned to the troll who had the Vory tattoos crossed out and were given tickets to the Campton Coach's old team.


  • 10k nY
  • 6 karma
  • Season Mariners Tickets

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I am glad the world is rid of that bastard. There are a thousand ways I could have gone about this, but, in the end, removing him seemed to be the best option for everyone. I worry about leaving the 24 karat gang running, especially while dealing with the Vory. But, working with Marcus seemed to be the best option to be sure that Rex got his comeuppance.

Phantom Drifter

Gotta say that was a mighty interestin' run! Got to test out my quickdraw, fight off some gangers and play the part of an ol' highwayman. Not to mention we put a real rat bastard in the dirt. If all goes well, I might have to link back up with the 24K, and see if I can get a car on the cheap.