The 24 Karat Crew

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The 24 Karat Crew
24 Karat Crew Logo 1.jpeg
Barrens Gang
"Boosting cars and getting paid"
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationTouristville (Redmond)

Faction Information


The 24 Karat Crew (aka The Golden Boys) is based in the Seattle sprawl and specialized in boosting cars and sub-contracting work from syndicates.


  • Make that nuyen
  • Control the Seattle car theft racket.
  • Garner the support of all major syndicates in Seattle
  • Eliminate all bunraku parlors in Seattle and outlaw the practice
  • Enlist more Awakened and Emerged into their ranks

Major Locations

  • The Pride, a nightclub in Touristville managed by Smiling Samuel.


  • Marcus "The King" Cole


This group of gangers grew up out of the Barrens of Seattle into one of the most formidable crews of car and drone boosters in the entire sprawl. Originally led by a piece of scum named Rex "The Wrecker" Renfield, this gang is now under new management and has one goal: Nuyen.

Under the leadership of King Cole, the 24 Karat Crew has transformed themselves into a solid and reliable asset for the syndicates to use, a sort of sub-contractor for criminal endeavors. This came around under the realization that their metahuman and racial neutrality (that is, them not caring about the metatype or nationality of who enters their ranks) allows them to take up work from as many syndicates (and even some corporations, as their reliability grows) as their capacity allows. They intentionally downplay their strength and play the role of support rather than chasing ambitions of ruling Seattle under a shadowy fist; After all, there's more room to spread out in the back seat.

Their specialties are in the theft and resale of vehicles and drones. As such, their numbers feature quite a few riggers and deckers.

Run Rewards

They often offer runners gear (mostly vehicles, drones, weapons, and armor) in lieu of payment for most jobs. Untraceable credsticks are also a favored payment of theirs. In return for extraordinary jobs they are willing to pull in some weight with their business partners and get whatever the runners desire.



Current Status

Health Summary

After several shadowruns of their own devising, The 24 Karat Crew is in good health. They have acquired unique means of stealing vehicles of all kinds and are slowly becoming more than an organization local to only Seattle.



Bookworm Barry3LegworkInformation Broker
Geared Up Garry3GearSmuggler
Hotrod Henry3ServiceMercenary Mechanic
Smiling Samuel5FixerNefarious Networker



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
From Lead to GoldTorq!24 Karat Magic6 June 2081
The Great Dodge ScooteningTorq!24 Karat Magic23 May 2081
Hotline Seattle 1 - No Good Deed Goes UnmurderedTorq24 Karat Magic20 April 2081

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