The Great Dodge Scootening

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The Great Dodge Scootening
Part of 24 Karat Magic
LocationThe Barrens
Factions Involved
Janitor Dan
The 24 Karat Crew


Crone, Janitor Dan, Monica, and Scarlett were hired to steal back some Dodge cargo containers - little did they know they were stealing nothing but Dodge Scoots!


The 24 Karat Crew was looking to steal some merchandise from a rival gang. They decided to hire runners to minimize casualties.

The Meet

The Johnson set the meet at the top of an abandoned building in the Barrens. Of course he had to pick the one with fourteen floors and no working elevator, especially when one of the runners was well...advanced in wisdom. But through the power of friendship magic! JD and Crone managed to get the elevator working mechanically - Scarlett managed to get the interface working to get them up to the roof. Once the trio had stepped off, however, the cabling for the elevator snapped and went tumbling down. Well at least going down was a little easier than up.

The Johnson broke down, telling them that some gangers had stolen his cargo. He pointed out the warehouse it was being held at, telling the trio that he just had to have it back. He claimed there were 6 cargo containers full of Dodge vehicles - but did not explicitly state what they were getting in to. The Johnson stated he had truckers ready to retrieve the cargo once they got a hold of it. The team agreed on a price - 24,000 nuyen in merchandise from the containers - and set off, friends forever now.

The Plan

A quick Matrix search and peak at the warehouse in question by a friendly neighborhood spirit showed that there was likely to meet little resistance with a direct approach. The decision was made to ram their way in and deal with the consequences after.

The Run

A quick ram later and they were made it to where the ganger thieves were just hanging out. Janitor Dan and Monica laid down suppressing fire while Crone's spirit decided to napalm wall the group of gangers. A few grenades, machine gun bursts, and an upset spirit later, the gangers were all either unconscious or knocked out. The gang's decker was having a very bad day as an eleven inch unicorn horn had just bricked his deck. Scarlett got into the warehouse's host and got the door open, revealing the cargo crates just as the Johnson had described. The trio made the call to the Johnson, and soon several trucks arrived to pick up the merchandise.


It became apparent when the 24 Karat Crew showed up that not was all as it had been laid out to be. This wasn't a recovery of property at all, but a heist! The Johnson went to the first container, then the next, frantic now - every single one held nothing but Dodge Scoots! So many Scoots!

Pursuant to the arrangements made before, the trio were offered 24,000 nuyen . . .in Dodge Scoots. They could either take base models or the gang would do upgrades if they wanted - and if they wanted nothing to do with the Scoots, the Johnson offered them the resale value of the Scoots.


3 Karma

12,000 nuyen or 24,000 nuyen worth of dodge scoots (modified or in bulk)


Player After Action Reports (AARs)


". . . Why on earth would someone need that many Dodge Scoots?"


That liar didn't even pay well. >:-(