Back With A Vengeance

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Back With A Vengeance
Part of Sweet Sweet Revenge
LocationKingsgate, Redmond
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Red Vory
Hot Mess
Yegor Drugov
Vory Mooks


Russian(?) man who is fond of frozen yogurt and crime hires local shadowrunners to get revenge on an old "friend" by burning all his stuff and making him run from the mob that he owes a debt to.


The runners were contacted by their associated fixers over a job for some guy who wanted revenge and was willing to pay. That guy was Vlad, a slavic man in a black-and-white tracksuit who was supposedly wronged by one Yegor Drugov, a Vory fence and bruiser. He asked the runners to meet him at a small fast food kiosk called "Mr. Freezy's" to discuss details.

The Meet

The three runners drove up separately to the blue and white "Mr. Freezy's" establishment to find that the outside tables were barren aside from a man in a tracksuit with a messenger bag enjoying a bowl of frozen yogurt. Upon seeing the runners he greeted them each in turn while jotting down something in a small leather journal before putting it in his bag and retrieving a manila envelope. He explained to the runners that he needed them to steal from a shop called "Ivan's Fine Jewels" in retaliation for something that had happened between him and the proprietor of the establishment, a Yegor Drugov. The Johnson explained that the man was a fence for the Russian mob and that he owed them a great debt. If he were to lose all of their illicit goods and all of his regular merchandise, he'd have to run for a while to avoid eating a bullet.

He handed the runners the manila envelope (which contained pictures of the mark and a commlink to contact him with) and asked if anyone had any questions.

Roadie then asked if the Johnson had any special requests or procedures for the team, to which, after a tense moment of thought, that, if the team were to record themselves taking the contents of the establishment and burning them in front of Yegor after telling him that "Vlad was back in town," he would be 4,000 nuyen more grateful to the runners.

The Plan

The runners first took the time to case the joint during the daytime, with Hot Mess and Roadie sitting across the street in a cafe they had seen in the pictures, trying to blend in with the crowd while keeping an eye on two muscly Russians that seemed to be enjoying their coffee for a bit too long, and Sinister walking around the building with a radar sensor to get a closer look inside before the team breached the building. After the initial lookover, it was determined that the two Russians were probably guards and the team should avoid alerting them if they planned to break in. The team also used a pair of fly-spy drones to get a better look at the roof, where they found a strange black box with piping that was hooked up to the building's HVAC unit.

Once the legwork was completed, the team dispersed to acquire some more easily-accessed gear that they felt would be useful for the break-in and waited for nightfall.

The Run

The three runners began the break-in by first breaching the chain link fence behind the property using a miniwelder, before Roadie used a looper round to disable the camera covering the backdoor and the other two runners climbed their way to the roof, where they tampered with the strange black box until it became unresponsive, seemingly disabled. Hoping that whatever gas trap that was on the roof was disabled, the three then made their way through the back door, taping a magnet to the contact alarm to prevent the alarm from going off. Using Sinister's radar sensor, the trio were able to determine that the only person in the building was at an old computer terminal of some kind upstairs, so they hurried upwards, making their way through a transponder-key locked door using Sinister's hardware skills and a swift set of lockpicks.

Despite successfully making their way through the door, the team noticed that the man inside the next room was somehow alerted and got into breaching formation before busting in to find him wielding an ancient Russian ASh 12.7 battle rifle, which he plucked from a closet. The ensuing firefight was short but sweet, with Yegor ducking behind his terminal and the three runners dousing the room in flames and stick-n-shock. The team was able to subdue him with only minor injuries before putting out the flames and dragging him downstairs.

Seeing the variety of goods in both the storage and display rooms, the runners stuffed as much as they could into a set of duffel bags and dragged Yegor out into the alley behind the store, when they heard the squealing of tires in front of the store. At this point, the runners slapped a stim patch on Yegor and let him watch as the three of them set the duffel bags ablaze and ran, but not before telling him who was responsible.


Upon hearing the angry shouts of Russians coming from the front of the store, the three booked it back to the car while the Russians discovered their boss, barely conscious and in front of a pile of flaming junk.

Once informed of the group's success, Vlad ecstatically told the runners that he was happy to have hired them and gave them the location where they might pick up their payment. The team arrived on site to find three credsticks in a small cardboard container taped to the bottom of a dumpster in the backalley behind a condemned bar.

Once the adrenaline wore off, Roadie reexamined the ASh he took from the unconscious man to find that while it was certainly a genuine Russian-made rifle, the flames had damaged the relatively old construction, making it only really useful as a conversation-starter until he could find the parts to replace what was lost or distorted.


14,000 nuyen (+ an additional 4,000 nuyen for completing Vlad's bonus objective)

3 karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Got shot with a frag-you sized gun, and barely felt it. On another note: Hot Mess? Does he really just work with a flamethrower? I could feel the heat from that thing when we were taking the target down. A little short for an elf, too. All together we were a pretty professional team this time, didn't leave much of trace for the Vory, though I really should have waited on triggering that frag grenade.


A good run overall, took out the target, delivered the message, our J was happy with the rusults, the team was also very competent, professional and people that I would like to run with again if possible.