Sweet Sweet Revenge

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The Red and White Vorys have never really gotten along. Maybe it was the whole exile-you-from-the-country-by-killing-everybody-who-isn't-on-our-side thing. In any case, the Reds own Seattle and have held it with an iron fist since the Whites were pushed out back in the 2060s and 2070s. The way in which they took power was notably brutal, ruthlessly smashing White Vory businesses and lives in an ever-growing conquest for dominion over Seattle's Russian underworld, and because of their ferocity, the Whites were forced to withdraw or join the Reds and among the ones forced out was Vladimir "Vlad" Volkov, a merciless Sovetnik who had to watch as the organization he built was dashed on the rocks of the Red Vory. Vlad spend some time in London, gathering resources and allies to aid him in a good ol' quest for some red hot vengeance against the ones who had disgraced him and the ones who had betrayed him. Now he's back and he wants nothing more than to tear the Reds down. Brick. By. Brick.


Red Vory

The Reds are a formidable network of Eastern European criminals with ties directly to Moscow and the Russian Republic. Today, they have seized Seattle's Russian underworld and lay claim to businesses and territory in Auburn, Downtown, Renton, and Tacoma. They're known for their strict code of conduct, ruthlessness, and unscrupulousness that evolved from the icy gulags of Russia and are the main reasons that the organization is able to have such an strong reach, even on the other side of the world.

Important Members

Yegor Drugov- a former White Bojevik that flipped during the Red takeover of Seattle.


Stay Alive

Keep Business Going Smoothly

Kill Vlad and Anybody Messing With Their Profits

White Vory

The western exiles of the Vory. These criminals refused to swear fealty to the Russian government and, as a result, were pushed out of Russia, forcing them to go abroad with more western ideals and a hunger for nuyen. Currently the Whites are headquartered in London, UK, and their influence is less potent than their Red brothers, being mostly limited to northwestern Europe and North America. Out of the two, the whites are more pragmatic and less traditional, opting to place their profits above an adherence to the old ways, but make no mistake, they are still one of the more traditional criminal organizations.

Important Members

Vladimir "Vlad" Volkov- the angry financier and mastermind behind the recent attacks on Red businesses on behalf of the vengeful White Vory.


Tear Down The Reds


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