Like Taking Candy From A Baby

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Like Taking Candy From A Baby
Part of Sweet Sweet Revenge
LocationEverett, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Red Vory
A warehouse of thugs
A boat full of thugs
One wagemage bystander
Casualties and losses
None A whole lot of thugs


The gang gets asked to raid a waterside warehouse. A waterside warehouse gets raided. Chocolates are handed out. Everyone goes home happy, except the dozen dead thugs and the kidnapped wagemage.


The gang all receive an odd job offer from their fixers, involving fish, guns and chocolates.

The Meet

The group meets up at the agreed-upon meeting place and encounter a strange, shifty guy. A strange shifty guy who is decidedly not Vlad, the man they agreed to meet there. He hands off a package, which has a letter tied to it. The gang considers the bomb disposal squad, but decide to read the letter first. Turns out, the package is Vlad's, and the letter contains the details of the run; raid a particular warehouse before 1 AM tomorrow night. There's also chocolates, and underneath the layer of chocolates, a trio of photos of the target site.

The Plan

The group starts by scoping out the warehouse in question. Nita, the only Awakened member of the group, Shapeshifts into a street cat and takes a stroll near the warehouse. Her Assensing soon picks up the presence of at least two Watchers, indicating the presence of a mage. Not wanting to get spotted in her shapeshifted form, Nita heads back to the group. This time it's Roadie and Poppet who do their part. Roadie makes use of a drone to get a look at the insides of the building, while Poppet chats up the doorman and learns bits and bobs of the operations in the warehouse. The two also discover the power box for the warehouse security systems, and a mana barrier surrounding the warehouse on 3 out of 4 sides - except the part facing the water.

Nita summons a lower-force Fire spirit and orders it to keep watch if the warehouse while the three return to Roadie's apartment to plan. Eventually a plan of assault is made - the group will drive Roadie's armored vehicle up to the warehouse, then Poppet and Roadie will perform a pincer maneuver, breaching from each side of the building. Nita will summon a powerful air spirit and take out the security box, entering the building from over the water. With their plan made, the trio attack.

The Run

The original breach-and-clear is almost spotless. The three aren't spotted by the Watchers, and Roadie and Poppet break into the building from both sides. Roadie also opens the garage door, allowing Nita line-of-sight into the building for her spellcasting. Grenades, bullets and magic make quick work of the thugs inside. Security appears to be so light the decision is made for the spirit to instead join in the attack, and its stormy demeanor only adds to the damage. 1 AM arrives; the deadline given by Vlad. A boat rolls in with glaring lights on the front; Roadie is convinced it's Vlad and steps into the open. Nita and Poppet are less convinced and stay in their cover.

The thugs in the boat pull firearms. The runners pull grenades and ball lightning. The runners are faster, and the boat lights up the room like a cigarette at midnight. An awkward moment is had over Roadie's eagerness to welcome the gunmen with open arms. The wagemage is alive; she's a bystander, hired help. Rather than finish her off, the runners cuff her and throw her in the back of the vehicle, ready to make off as pair of black sedans pull up. For a moment the runners wait with bated breath, ready to continue the firefight... Only for Vlad to step out and get recognized by Roadie.


Vlad is satisfied with the runners and orders his men to take care of things. They also take the wagemage; Vlad promises he'll handle it. No promises about the degree of lethality that will be applied. The group receives a complementary box of chocolates, and after some haggling, a monetary reward is decided on as well.


14000 Nuyen

5 Karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Not quite glamorous. More danger than the B&H job, though. Kinda exciting. Not my first firefight, but the first one with that big a spirit throwing punches! It's kind of intoxicating. I'm kind of looking forward for another run by Vlad; maybe I can let loose properly again.


A simple job, things could get bad but solid legwork and planning stacked the deck in our favor, our team was clever, very competent and had a wide array of skills to deal with any eventuality, it would be a pleasure to run with both of them again. I will admit that I dropped the ball when their reinforcements rolled up on the boat, but I´d rather do it than shoot the J by mistake.


Good work. No scratches on us. Not quite happy about this Vlad fellow, he does not make our job as easy as it could be. Still, the quality of the opposition was not at a level that I would concern.