Remnants of an Omen

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Remnants of an Omen
Part of Contre-Révolution
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Edouard Napoléon Bonaparte
The french! Red Vory
Cleaner Cleaner
Casualties and losses


Edouard Napoléon Bonaparte and the other nobles need some assistance!


The French have been booted and are trying to get back, and shadowhaven runners are just the folks to take money and help them!

The Meet

The team gathered at Bonaparte's fancy mansion to discuss the job. Security was tight and some of the team decided to bring weapons. They were promptly taken. Edouard Napoléon Bonaparte requested the team locate and recover seers to aid in their resistance. He provided a list of possibilities based on earlier records and set the team upon their task.

The Plan

Try and narrow down the list as much as they could and then track any remaining suspects until the correct one is located..

The Run

The team narrowed down the list with an assortment of knowledge skills, also noticing that the provided information came from the Direction Générale du Service Extérieur. 4NG3L located a Vory host, which she believed held some additional information related to the targets. She began to hack the host and see if she can locate the information. After breaching the host, she located a file relevant to the teams search. While doing this she noticed that host was strangely empty. Shortly after disarming the databomb and decrypting the file 4NG3L was attacked by another persona, which was determined not to be Vory, but likely another shadowrunner after the same thing. A fight ensued resulting in 4NG3L being being forced to back off after her deck was damaged (though thankfully NOT bricked). In response to this Throwback summoned a crack sprite and told it to retrieve the file.

The team investigated the contents of the newly recovered file, personal data, information matching one of suspected targets. While 4ng3l fixed her deck Throwback performed a detailed matrix search to locate the target. He located the man hiding out in Renton, posing as a private detective. The team quickly moved out, only to find Knight Errant present at the site. Ez-Azael, posing as a detective, talked with the officer outside. The target had been abducted from the apartment. The police forensics team discovered evidence of Rocurium, a paralytic agent was used in the abduction. Ez-Azael also found a ledger, this seemed to be a dead end. The team began to suspect another runner team was responsible. Reaching out to shadow community the team located a possible safehouse near by where the other team may have fled to. Ez-Azael contacted Madam Butterfly for assistance in tracking the team, this paid off and the team got a location. They prepped for a fight and moved into position.

Ez-Azael and 4NG3L approached the guard at the door while Throwback and Cleaner took aim. Initial diplomacy didn't seem promising and Throwback spotted others moving into attack position. Throwback opened fire and the combat began. 4NG3L and Ez-Azael fell to automatic fire quickly. CC and Throwback put up a fight until the Op-for trained weapons on the 2 fallen runners and threatened to kill them if CC and Throwback didn't surrender. Throwback seized the initiative and with hit shotgun blasted 3 of the guards knocking them to the ground. CC finished one off and then took volleys of grenades and automatic weapons. CC and Throwback finished off the remaining mooks, forcing their commander to surrender.

Throwback revived the two downed runners and a negotiation commenced with the teams leader. Ez-Azael conversed some and the man mentioned that they were working for the Direction Générale du Service Extérieur. Diplomacy failing, Ez-Azael provided the go command and the team opened fire on the remaining guards.


The team met back up with the J. With the information recovered that the Direction Générale du Service Extérieur was involved. Ez-Azael attempted to negotiate more money, coupled with the information they provided about the op-for hacker Edouard relented and payed out an extra bit of nooj.

The data acquired by 4NG3L and Throwback's sprite also contained a considerable amount of info on Red Vory activity. Cleaner Cleaner, being a member of one of the few White Vory cells in Seattle, copied this info and sent it to her superiors.


Run reward "Remnants of an Omen" (8 hours, 1.3 RVP bonus 39 RVP)

44k nuyens of payments (22 RVP)

15 Karma (15 RVP)

10 CDP (4 RVP)

Optionnal reward:

Edouard Napoléon Bonaparte (6/1) Heir of french Empire (6 RVP)

For Ez-Azael :

Can get WIll to live up to max rank (3 to 9 RVP)

For Throwback :

Brilliant Heuristics (5RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Throwback "French CIA hu? This probably doesn't bode well for us or the city. If we aren't careful this French resistance is going to turn into a civil war, and we are all getting caught in the middle. Atleast they pay well."

Cleaner Cleaner: "Wow. That was almost scary for a little bit. I'm a little confused what this is all about, but I'm sure Akilina will know. I should go tell her what's happening..."

4NG3L: "A bit late writing this, considering I just got out of surgery yesterday for bullet wounds and a new cyberarm. That was definitely not my best day. But, a couple deckers from the bacon brigade are nursing dumpshock thanks to Yours Truly. I'd run with these three again any day of the week. The presence of French CIA in Seattle, though, makes me a bit edgy. I'll be reporting this to my superiors, to be sure. Now, I need to take my pain meds and pass the fuck out."

Ez-Azael: "Can't believe we were inches from the French spy-agency. I'm just lucky I had Cleaner and Angel on hand for hacking them apart and gunning them down. Still, definitely one of the more hair-raising jobs. Inches from death definitely gave me a new perspective on my work."