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Current Appearance of 4NG3L as of 28th January, 2084
"The Deck-Jockey Yakuza Princess with daddy-issues"
Discord@Lady Regina Jane#1079
Street Cred10
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.14th October, 2055
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

4NG3L is the name used by a Decker who lurks in the shadows of the Matrix. She is tied both by blood and by birth to the Umezawa-gumi Yakuza Clan and is a Komon (specialist) who mainly works as a shadowrunner and a cybersecurity spider for the syndicate. Her loyalty to the clan is absolute and, even if she has chivalrous tendencies which manifest in somewhat unusual displays of what appears to be honour, she can be just as absolutely ruthless in the pursuit of the job's completion and the clan's interests. In short, she a is a Yakuza Princess in every sense of the term, being the daughter of her clan's Oyabun, but is somewhat estranged from her father, sticking close to her older brother who, himself, is a ranking lieutenant of the syndicate.

Character Information



Not necessarily in the following order, her goals are:

1. Obtain a hidden Matrix host and make it the only one in any area the Umezawa-gumi operates where underground cybercombat (including the occasional deathmatch) are held for profit.

2. Prove to her father that she is an asset to the Umezawa-gumi as a decker and/or as a Shadowrunner, despite being a woman.

3. Survive.


Born and raised in Neo-Tokyo in the Minato Ward area to Reiko Mizuno and Kenji Umezawa, Sasori Umezawa was brought up in the typical manner in Japanese culture, and above average education, and with no shortage of tech at her disposal. By the time she reached the age of 16, she was breaking into corporate Matrix mainframes. At age 24, however, she hacked into the Renraku's corporate mainframe with two other deckers in an effort to steal paydata. However, Corporate deckers caught Sasori and her accomplices, engaging them in cybercombat.

Link-locked and facing data-slaves who knew exactly what they were doing, Sasori fought back, fully intending to fry her enemies’ brains, succeeding in derezzing one of the opposing personas. However, the remaining corp-deckers made a point to make sure she and her accomplices didn’t stroke out from biofeedback when they finally outmaneuvered them. She managed to put up a fight for a bit longer than the white-hats had anticipated, but ultimately Sasori and the others were derezzed and found by the Neo-Tokyo Municipal Police Force, stunned from a very painful bout of dumpshock. Sasori woke up in jail with no bond and awaiting trial.

Renraku’s lawyers prosecuted with an aim for the maximum of five years for Sasori and her accomplices, although the Umezawa clan’s defense attorneys managed to get them only two years. Renraku, however, happened to own and operate Chiba Prison at which Sasori was remanded and made sure her two years of incarceration were as uncomfortable and hellish as they legally could make them. Sasori had even been locked in solitary a few times for fighting other inmates when the corporate suits running the prison had set both other female inmates and even male inmates against her (once), just so that they could have an excuse to punish her; she survived intact mainly because she has aikido and karate training, which the prison’s administration found out after the first two times they tried to have her roughed up. They then used her martial arts training as an excuse to shackle her wrists and ankles anytime she left her cell; clearly, they meant to make her suffer.

Once she got out of prison, her father and older brother began making arrangements to move her to Seattle in a part of the Japanese enclave controlled by the Umezawa-gumi. The moment she got to Seattle, Ryuichi made living arrangements in a comfortable condo, living amidst both gangsters and non-gangsters with a day-job running Matrix security for the local syndicate host, the pay of which would help take care of her as well as a forged SIN which she personalized herself via her hacking skills. It is the “Molly Millions” SIN that she has everything registered to and broadcasts, complete with a not-dishonest nor inaccurate occupation as a Matrix security professional.

She had also gotten retractable hand-razors and a cyberarm implanted (the latter to replace her right arm, which was badly damage in a street fight in Neo-Tokyo), new LED additions to the Yakuza tattoos she had gotten in Japan before her arrest, and got herself a new customized motorcycle made to look suspiciously like the lightcycles from Tron: Legacy. Whether Oyabun Kenji Umezawa liked it or not, Sasori was a Yakuza princess and the best he could do to keep her out of the gangster life was to, ironically, let her be independent and simply have the members of his Clan watch over her. Yakuza clans were notoriously patriarchal, so what few places women could find themselves in the crime syndicate’s management were always subordinate positions to male leadership, usually running legitimate front-businesses and managing organized prostitution rings, the former Kenji wanted for his daughter; however, the Oyabun knew that his daughter’s decking skills were an asset, whether he cared to entertain the fact or not.

Now, after being in Seattle for six months and only a few months away from her twenty-eighth birthday, Sasori had begun looking for a way to burn the SIN she was born with and the criminal record attached to it. She began making connections outside of Yakuza circles, particularly with SINless shadowrunner deckers on the local Matrix networks and in meatspace through people who visit the tech shop she frequents for decker gear and the body shop she takes her crotch-rocket, Murasaki-hime, to. New to the world of shadowrunning, but not ignorant of the concept, she has returned to dabbling in the seedy underbelly of the Matrix and meatspace, realizing that if she wanted to do things for the benefit of her family, her clan, and herself, she would need to return to the darkside of the Sixth World.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Biocompatibility (Cyberware): Sasori has always had a natural affinity for cyberware, which runs on her mother's side of the family.
Impenetrable Logic: Sasori has a quick mind and a smartass wit, deriving amusement from outsmarting other people and abusing her intelligence for nefarious ends.
Instinctive Hack: Having an affinity for Matrix work, hacking, cracking, and coding comes naturally to her and she has enough practice to have a system by which she operates as second nature.
Made (Wo)Man: Sasori is the daughter of a Yakuza oyabun, granting her some degree of pull with her clan through her connection to her older brother, Ryuichi, who is a ranking lieutenant in the Umezawa-gumi.
Overclocker: As an experienced decker, Sasori knows a few tricks by which she can capitalize on her gear's potential and is not afraid to push a deck or even a commlink to it's limits.
Trust Data, Not Lore: Sasori has learned the hard way to trust only what the data itself before her says and not to second guess it. While she can instinctively react to stimuli and it is an asset, especially in cybercombat, trusting her gut has caused more rookie mistakes (and the subsequent dumpshock) than not.
Quick Config: Sasori has taken up the practice of "flicker decking", so she has learned to configure quickly.
Perfect Time: Sasori has harnessed her quick reaction time and no small amount of tactical foresight to make herself capable of switching between offense and defense as quickly as she can change her deck's settings.
Ninja Vanish: Sasori has gotten tired of dealing with marks on her while she is up to her hacking shenanigans. She's learned how to shake them off with relative ease quickly.


Creature of Comfort (Middle): Having been born and raised into appreciable wealth, she is uncomfortable in any living situation lesser than middle-class.
SINner (Criminal): Umezawa, Sasori; JIS. She has a criminal record which can be a liability and she has a mind to get that SIN burned, having determined that using a fake SIN deliberately kept squeaky-clean and sufficiently backed by the right data can more than replace the one she was born with.
Addiction; Mild (Hot Sim): Having learned to live with and accept metahumans other than the Human standard, her excessive activity on the Matrix in Hot Sim has resulted in a mild addiction to the visceral sensations of Hot Sim and to the neurotransmitter surge, especially serotonin and dopamine.
Addiction; Mild (Cereprax): Cereprax has become Sasori's drug of choice and, sooner or later, it was bound to have her hooked. That time has come.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Activating My AlucardAsmodeus26 January 2084
Let's Maintain IntegrityKaigen8724 January 2084
Beneath the Silver MoonSarcarian23 January 2084
Remnants of an OmenZerreContre-Révolution22 January 2084
Derezzing the Dead ZoneAsmodeus15 January 2084
Charge Headfirst to FreedomFuraidopoteto23 November 2083
Denial of Service AttackAsmodeusThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes22 November 2083
Scripted to be this WayFuraidopoteto19 November 2083
Incorrect OwnersToaster Tech18 November 2083
The Quest for the GrailFuraidopoteto12 November 2083
The Womb of DemonsZerre5 November 2083
Knives out, Its Dinner TimeFuraidopoteto28 October 2083
Investigate quickly, stay aliveKaterSalem12 October 2083
Gasoline GuzzlersAsmodeus11 October 2083
This is 2083AsmodeusHail to the Pumpking4 October 2083


Umezawa-gumi Yakuza clan


Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Ryuichi Umezawa 6 5 Fixer Gang Leader Armorer services, Fake SIN, Drugs, Cyberdecks, Equipment brand: Shiawase, Blackmail, Vehicles Even
Umezawa-gumi Yakuza clan 3 4 Crime Syndicate Even



Umezawa-gumi Yakuza Clan


Enemies of the Umezawa-gumi

In Character Information

-Wearing “Gothic Kabuki-style” make-up in black and purple
-Wearing “Neo-Tokyo Street-Goth” and ‘funereal-elegant’ outfits
-Listening to both English and Japanese language synthwave, darkwave, and gothic rock music, mainly; noteworthy that she also has a guilty-pleasure for old classic rock, pop music, dance music, and metal, too.
-Playing Matrix VR games which involve practicing swordsmanship, gunplay, and actual cybercombat rather aggressively
-Is a notoriously clean person with an almost OCD penchant for neatness
-Tends to purchase or customize most of her belongings in her signature black-and-purple colour scheme with rosegold accents
-Speaks English with a Japanese accent and tends to swear in Japanese about as much as she does in English.

Temperament: Generally reasonable, but has very little patience for people she determines to have a significantly lower IQ than her own (which is a large swath of people, since she possesses above-average intelligence). Has a code of honour owing to her Yakuza family background with loyalty to family/the clan (in her mind, same thing) being paramount. However, this honourbound loyalty extends to ‘found-family’ as well, should someone manage to befriend her that closely. Has certain geeky tendencies and fandoms as well as stereotypical ‘girly habits’, but also will not hesitate to cut down or gun down anyone who threatens her or someone close to her.

Father: Kenji Umezawa (Oyabun of the Minato Ward of Neo-Tokyo)
Mother: “Mama-San” Reiko Umezawa (owner of the Angel’s Heaven club, the main front for the Umezawa-gumi)
Older Brother: Ryuichi Umezawa (Kobun Underboss of the Umezawa-gumi’s interests in Seattle).
Uncle: Nobuyuki Umezawa (Kobun Underboss of Umezawa-gumi territories in California Free State)

Image theme (click me!): Neo-Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix) by Scandroid

Symbols and Signatures

4NG3L has a thing for Angels, Japanese Dragons, Samurai, Katana, and hexagonal geometry motifs.

The Umezawa Kamon is incorporated into her tabori-tattoos, specifically located over her left breast where her heart is; she personally claims it as one of the most painful sessions she had endured during her tabori.

Umezawa kamon crest

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 No data other than she exists, evidenced by a few innocuous posts she'd made in various Japanese message boards and decker communities.
3 You find some posts left by someone using the username "4NG3L" which frequently are written partially or completely in Japanese, but most content is in rather good English. The occasional .gif file seems to tease at the Human woman behind the username all of which lack any useful metadata, which has been stripped prior to posting. You never see a face, but the peeks you get at her body indicate you are dealing with a cyborg female who has a cyberarm painted to match the high-quality tattoos (embellished in some placed with subdermal LEDs) which cover almost every square centimetre of the still-organic majority of the body you see. The tattoos look too good to have been applied by a typical mechanical needle and the ukiyo-e styled artwork depicting Japanese dragons, water waves, wispy clouds, and Western-style angels reimagined as Shinto kami armed with katana and naginata as well as part of what looks like a hexagonal Kamon (crest) with three diamonds meeting in an upside-down triangle at an apex over the left breast strongly indicate affiliation with the Yakuza.
6 Deep research indicates this individual is indeed Umezawa-gumi Yakuza. What role she plays is not entirely clear, but the fact she is obviously a decker hints that she probably acts as a cyber-warfare, cyber-security, and cyber-crime specialist. Hints from her own posted content indicate that she apparently has formal training with the traditional art of kenjutsu swordsmanship and therefore should be considered dangerous in melee combat. Her Matrix Persona looks like it is covered in black bike-racing armour with a full helmet with glowing, geometrically styled, circuit-like racer-lines in a cold, dark purple colour. Those who have met her in meatspace have noted that her actual body-armour worn in the field is very similar. She is known to be a bit of a Matrix-troll on occasion and frequently uses old music of the synthwave, darkwave, gothic, industrial and heavy metal variety (both in English and Japanese languages) to either entertain or irritate other people, depending on her audience and the context of her mood-related content associated with each occurrence.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 4NG3L is an established member of ShadowhHaven and a member of the Umezawa-gumi Yakuza.
3 4NG3L is a combat decker with a specialization in kenjutsu martial arts (specifically iaido and uses a katana named Ryu-Oh), cybercbombat, and file hacking. She has a reputation of competence and has been known to rather ruthless in these regards. Appeals to morals or emotion are unlikely to succeed, but responds to talk of honour and talk of payment.
5 4NG3L has been formally shadowrunning for nearly the last six months, mainly as Matrix support. She has a day-job as a Matrix Security spider for the Umezawa Clan's host. She's got a bodycount, having killed people before, and is alleged to have a criminal SIN, although her true name and identity remains hidden from the greater community. She is known to have a tendency to lace her data-spikes with biofeedback when she engages in cybercombat. She is also known for her absolute loyalty to her Yakuza clan.


Sasori Umezawa [JIS, Neo-Tokyo]- Real; criminal record (Breaking and entering into the secure Matrix host of an extraterritorial corporation. Penalty: 2 years in prison. Time Served. No Parole Granted).

"Molly Millions" [UCAS, Seattle]- fake SIN; Clean


Ethnicity: Yamato Japanese
Racial Metatype: Human (cyborg)
Eyes: Blacklight-purple (originally dark brown)
Hair: Purple (Naturally black)
Skin: Pasty-olive
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs

Identifying features:
-Datajack located behind the right ear at the base of the skull;
-Tabori-style Yakuza tattoos done in the traditional Irezumi method all over her body which stop only at the wrists, ankles, and neck (These tattoos have motifs of dragons, the sea, Western angels reimagined as Shinto kami, and subtle hints of technological themes such as hexagonal particles, implanted LEDS, and circuit board-style line patterns interspersed among the more traditional ukiyo-e art-style);
-Both arms are obviously a cybernetic prosthetics which have been casemodded to replace the original tattoos lost.

Sasori's tabori (Image taken before her left arm was replaced with a cyberarm to match her right arm)


4NG3L tends to dress in modern Neo-Tokyo cybergoth-style streetwear mostly; special occasions may call for a formal kimono and her best one is a royal purple silken furisode hard-painted with feminine motifs associated with the Umezawa clan while the obi is black with violet and gold overlapping hexagons;

Murasaki-Hime as seen on the Matrix. The Motorcycle is the same in meatspace, sans the light-ribbon (without a holo-projector add-on, anyway)

Matrix Persona

On the Matrix (and to most people on the streets of meatspace), she goes by the moniker "4NG3L" (pronounced "Angel"). See the picture provided for how the persona appears on the Matrix. Her look was inspired in no small way by the denizens of the Gird in the Pre-Wakening film "Tron: Legacy"

4NG3L's Matrix Persona. Similar look exists in meatspace, since her racing armour and helmet looks similar to this.

Media Mentions

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