The Quest for the Grail

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The Quest for the Grail
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Styyles Flamingo
Melissa Weathers
Ares Corp The City of Seattle
Ares Security Museum Security
Casualties and losses
Not a damn thing Not a damn thing


The Mysterious Johnson, puts up a request on shadowhaven in order to locate a gift for its master. Seemingly already having a target in mind " within there purview of interest". They learn the snake wants to steal what he believes is the holy grail. Through good planning, skilled decking, and no small amount of luck, the team managed to complete a smooth heist, and Ares was left scratching there heads for days to come.


Gorgon, an Ally spirit and master of snake-kind, had been with his master for a long time now, and decided to express gratitude to her. Deciding to give her a gift befitting his superior nature, he located what he decided was a gift of suitable stature to his image, the holy grail. He spoke to several spirits in Seattle, learning of individuals that he believed would be ideal for his cause.

The Meet

The team met at a recreation center in a nice part of town. Everyone was reasonably inconspicuous, except for 4NG3L, who showed up in full body armor. They met the Johnson, an over 5 meter long metal plated snake. He was brief and simply wanted them to go do what he asked, however the team negotiated back with him, and he finally conceded to offer a little more money, give some up front, and give them access to a few street doctors in the area, so they could spend it on discount medical gear, but they had to wrap the gift and pick up a birthday card in exchange for the extra services. After the Johnson left, a Police officer came to question them about the woman wearing full body armor, and asked her nicely to be more thoughtful in the future after confirming she had the licenses. Snowman decided to hit on her and actually ended up with her number, after eliciting thorough groans of displeasure from his jokes and flirting.

The Plan

Legwork, legwork, legwork.

a painstaking amount of planning went into this run. They went to the Daze, ordered food, and started to plan. The Grail was apart of an exhibit of items Ares Corp had collected over the years. It was not the main exhibit in the hall, but it didn't change the fact Ares had agreed to put the items up for display only if the security was beefed up. Laser Tripwires, pressure plates, cameras, and scanners at the entry littered the building. They started some research, hacking the host to copy all kinds of files. They stole information on when items were being shipped and when they were going, worker records, and a particularly spicy file that told them about contract professionals who came in to do maintenance on exhibits. Using that information, they spoofed there names into the workers for one of those companies, abusing the fact it was a small company so they rarely check there own personal files. The team assembled fake IDs, Synthskin masks, Ares Industries uniforms, and made a new friend in one Styyles Flamingo, a Flamboyant Troll and Master counterfeit specialist to create a Fake grail.

The Run

After all that time planning, the work began. 4NG3L got back into the host and prepared to manipulate the building as the team moved in, guising as scheduled maintenance for the Grail. Trying to usher them through the front door, Snowman tried to convince them to use the service entrance(there was less security there). Failing, he injured himself, pretending to have a nasty fall on the concrete stairs to stall long enough for 4NG3L to spoof the Security sensors. They got in just fine, but instead of being lead to the grail on display, they were brought to the basement, behind multiple security doors. They knew this was a possibility, but it made the room for error MUCH smaller. they got into the room, and 4NG3L began to doctor the video-feed as Snowman pretended to get to work on the grail under the watchful eyes of Ares Security. Elaine distracted the guards by pulling out a sickly looking burger, biting into it and grossing out the guards long enough for snowman to swap the fake for the real. 4NG3L kept a low profile, hiding from the Patrol IC in the form of Uncanny Valley George Washington until he was done faking his "restoration work". The guards inspected the grail, then proceeded to buy the forgery, and return it to storage as the team bailed out, the Grail safely stuffed away in there Carryon.


Upon inspection of the Grail, they determined it was not THE holy grail, just A holy grail with a chaotic magical healing power that was just as likely to bite you in the ass as help you. It was quickly Wrapped up, and passed to the Johnson, who payed them and left with his prize immediately.


16000 nuyen (8rvp)

2000 bonus nuyen for negotiations

Gear Rewards: may spend Above Nuyen at Gear Rates for medical supplies, Drugs, or Drams

6 Karma

+1 street cred for a Smooth AF job.

a pile of Museum Souvenirs


Optional contacts:

All Players: Styyles Flamingo (Connection 3/ 1 loyalty) 3RVP

Snowman only: Melissa Weathers , Beat Cop for Knight Errant (Connection 2/ 1 Loyalty) 2 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

M3chan1c: "That right there was a damn fine job, smooth, well-planned, just like somethin' outta' an old trid show. Felt damn good the whole while, had to chip in some cash along the way, but the rewards after it all? More than worth it, people're gonna be gushin' over it at the Days for a bit, especially when Ares starts throwin' a shit fit about their little art project going missin'. Maybe I'll put that souvenir grail on my mantle for memories."


Well that was interesting. These Shadowrunners are very interesting. They have some unorthodox, but effective methods. Especially that Snowman. The whole "fall and distract them" tactic was sound. I'll have to visit The Daze more often too. Those "special" burgers are great!

Snowman: "I absolutely ate shit twice during this and it was worth it cause we got a hell of a payday and I have a date. Anyway yeah we stole the Holy Grail. They might as well have just served it to us on a silver platter."

4NG3L "I am beyond impressed with how this team executed the plan and saw it through with not one single glitch. Not one! I am firmly, due to experience, of the mind that the best laid plans never survive first contact, but this run has been the exception to the rule. I would run with any one of these people again in a heartbeat! The grail shot-glass brought back for me will occupy a special place on one my shelves in remembrance of this run."