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Elaine 2.jpg
The Pride of Azania
Bow Wielding Berserker Red Magic Adept
Hear me roar!
MetatypeLeonine Shapeshifter (Elf)
Awakened or EmergedAwakened
Street Cred6
Public Awareness0
Wild Rep0
Career Karma61
GMP Karma55
Career Nuyen66,485
D.O.B.July 31, 2069

Character Information


Red Magic Berserker Adept

She uses a bow and her claws. She is a predator out on the plains and those skills cross over well into Shadowrunning.

She has no reservations about transforming or letting people know she is a shifter.

Elaine doesn't care for metahuman agendas. She is a warrior and a protector. She will protect anyone who is innocent regardless of their faction, metatype, or personal views.

Elaine has a taste for meat. The redder and the more raw the better. Her guilty pleasure is metahuman flesh, as such she often hangs out where infected tend to congregate.

Elaine's pelt is promised to Bellerophon upon her death. He'd offer a reward for whoever returns it to him.

Next IG: IG2

Current IG Timer: IG6 - 28 JUN 23

Languages Spoken: Bantu, English, French, Sperethiel, Salish, Sioux, Apsáalooke.

Elaine was Resubmitted after the Éclaire la Nuit run.


We need friends in this city.

We also need more skills. You gotta learn to interface with society, and Elaine needs to get better at it.

The Way of Unified Mana is something Solarian told us we need to get, but never took time to learn. Basic skills and Metamagics are on the list first, though.

Equipment of Note

Custom Compound Bow

Elaine carries a customized Junxing M120 Elite Compound Bow. It is a special issue weapon created on contract by Wuxing. This is the standard combat bow used by the Azania Special Forces.

Vault of Ages

Elaine has a Vault of Ages that Bellerophon made her in the form of a leather quiver. It's R3, and was made by an Enchanter of Magic 6.


"Every scar I have makes me who I am."

Elaine was once matriarch of her pride. Her mate had died several years before and through her awakened abilities she claimed the mantle of leadership. Long had she been a terror among the plains of northern Azania. A chance encounter with Shadowrunners attempting to poach lion pelts caused her to reveal her secret, and she could no longer hide her abilities. She offered herself to Azania in exchange for the safety of her pride. She served with distinction and pride in the Azania Special Forces becoming a legendary fighter. Her devotion to Azania was unmatched. So long as they provided protection for her pride she would give them her service. This earned her a famous reputation for protecting the downtrodden, and the weak. She is a kind matriarch to her friends and people. But she is death to her enemies.

After many years she desired to travel. Her pride was safe under Azania's protection and she had the freedom to do as she pleased. Leaving the Army she set out West. She started in America, settling down in Seattle for now. She wants to test the waters. She moved from the open plains of Azania, to the steel caverns and concrete jungles of Seattle.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Agile Defender - In the wild you have to depend on your instincts more to survive.

Exceptional Attribute(Magic) - Magic flows through her easily. It could be that as a shifter she is more easily empowered.

Hawk Eye - Elaine has a predator's sharp eyes.

Jack of all Trades - You gotta learn the ropes.

Mentor Spirit (Lion) - The Pride of Azania follows the Great Lion Spirit.

Mentor's Mask - For the Lion's pride!

SFDA - A hunter's natural instincts

The Invisible Way - Metahuman tactics and magic has made her even more deadly.

Broadened Auditory System, Balance Receptor, and Low-light Vision are traits of her race.


Allergy: Gold, Severe - Just as in legends, she is vulnerable to the precious metal.

Code of Honor: Paladin's Code - Elaine has no use for metahuman politics and agendas. She is more than a warrior. She is her pride's matriarch. She is a mother, and a protector.

Distinctive Style - Lion ears are not so easy to hide. She often doesn't try to.

SINner: Azani - Issued for her military service.

Uneducated - No public schooling for lions, sadly.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Motel MonstersAsmodeus18 June 2084
Top of the Totem PoleAsmodeusFestering Infestation5 June 2084
A Scythe To SeeAsmodeus7 January 2084
Éclaire la NuitSarcarian13 December 2083
Incorrect OwnersToaster Tech18 November 2083
Slow And Insidious KillerAsmodeusThe Crow of Seattle
The Arrival
15 November 2083
Of Dames and CultsEdward13 November 2083
The Quest for the GrailFuraidopoteto12 November 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Solarian 5 2 Custom(N,G,A,K) Fixer Worldwide Operatives, Cape Town Imports, Magical Creations, Jackpoint Contributor, Golden Lion Heavy Lift and Transport, Ltd., Silver-Tongued Devil, Talia, the Technomancer, The King of the Jungle Even
Lamashtu 6 1 Generalist Ex-Prison Warden Drake Security Expert, Interrogator, Milspec Gear, Tactical Gear, Armor Accessories, Weapon Accessories, Rigger Gear, Bravo Six, Going Dark, Medical Expert, Drill Instructor, Highly Flammable, Hard To Approach, Any Means Necessary Even
Bellerophon 4 2 Generalist Professional Paracritter Hunter Artificer, Fantastic Beasts (and Where to Find Them), Pegasus, Reagent Hunter, The Most Dangerous Game Even
Ameline Laurent 4 1 Custom(A,N,K,G) Docwagon HTR Pilot HTR, Solid Reputation, Mercenary Connections, Angel of Mercy, Flight Clearance Even
Enigma The Boggart 4 2 Legwork
Enjoyer Of Entropy, Enigmatic Exposition, Native Polyglot, Riddlemaster, Analytical Mind, Linguist, Magician, Ancient Knowledge, Spirit Attunement Even
Erik Steiner 3 1 Custom(A,K,N,G) Mercenary Technomancer Technomancer, Propensity for Violence, MET2000 Contacts, Matrix Savvy Even



Organization Reputation
Wild Index +6
Wild Rep +0


Organization Reputation

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 An Awakened member of the Azania Special Forces.
3 Elaine had a somewhat short, but very productive and prestigious career. She was well received by her superiors and subordinates alike.
6 Numerous pictures without her helmet on peg her as some sort of SURGE or Shifter. One also finds references linking her personally to a protected lion pride in Northern Azania.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 An Awakened Street Sam. Specializes in the use of her bow and claws.
3 A Physical Adept that uses a bow and her natural claws, which are distinctly different from the normal Bioware. She is often seen without her helmet and there are many pictures of her animalistic features.
5 Lion Shifter from Azania. She is the same Elaine that famously served in their Special Forces. She is very professional and very ruthless. She is a savage predator and isn't afraid to show it.

Assensing Results

Hits Information Gained
1 Generally healthy. Is awakened. Leonine Shifter.
2 No ware.
3 Magic 7. Essence 6.
4 No ware.
5+ No ware. Not a Technomancer.


Real - Azania


Shifter Features

Her metahuman form is an Elf, with some changes. As a lion she keeps certain features even in that form. Instead of knife ears she has furry lion ones on her head. She has pronounced claws on her hands and feet. She is very muscular for her form. Her teeth are sharp and very much lion-like. Her eyes have regular iris's, but they almost glow as deep golden pools. Her distinctly silver hair has a lot of volume and is very long.


Elaine has numerous tribal tattoos in her metahuman form. They are across her back, upper and lower arms, and upper thighs.


Elaine has many. Nearly every single one is from some sort of combat. Claw marks, bullet holes, sword cuts. Every one left a mark, and every one has a story.


Elaine has none, but Bellerophon has given her ideas for some in the future.


Casually Elaine wears boots, loose pants, and almost always has her favorite Cape Town Stormers hoodie.

In armor Elaine wears a white and red knee length high collar coat with loose pants and boots. Her FBA is distinct as it's a design similar to what is found in her homeland. She wears a Voidblack cloak as well.

Her Leonine features in metahuman form are her ears, pronounced canines and pointed teeth, and her natural claws. They can't be mistaken for bioware claws either.

In her real form she is a giant silver lion. The coloration is owing to her awakened abilities. She stands 5 feet tall at her shoulders, with an overall body length of 100 inches counting her tail. She weighs 600 pounds. She is slightly larger than the biggest big male lions of her subspecies.

Matrix Persona

A little silver lion.

Media Mentions