Éclaire la Nuit

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Éclaire la Nuit
LocationMontreal, Rebublic of Quebec
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Fear the Dark


A group of runners find themselves dealing with the dangerous and deadly streets of Quebec. The looming threat of those that reign above, and those that lurk below. (Also Roll 20 is a bitch.)


Mysterious events had been taking place in the underground city of Montreal, thanks to estranged infected hunters Sharon Howlett and Bellerophon, it turns out that a small group of powerful infected have been taking refuge in an abandoned portion of the Montreal mall. Having learnt of this and doing some recon, Bellerophon reaches out to the Haven for assistance with this looming threat.

The Meet

Bellerophon sends a request to all the runners to meet up with him in his own dedicated room in the matrix, taking the avatar visage of Gaston from the 90's Disney (now owned by Horizon) movie "Beauty and the Beast." Informing the runners of the events going on in Montreal. Stating he would relinquish more information in person as opposed to over the digital space and that they would meet one of his compatriots in the sewrs of the Auburn area. With various levels of difficulties the runners all meet there, where they were confronted with not one, but two individuals. One being a mysterious figure invisible to all but Pain Girl who sighted them amongst the shadows. Illuminated faintly by the glint of a knife. Telling the runners to keep to themselves as a friendly Train Cart named [Corf]. Giving the runners a rather speedy ride to Quebec. Only taking an hour or 2 as opposed to a day or 2 travel via any other means. Once in Quebec, they did manage to meet up in Bellerophon's blimp, the Pegasus. Where he went more in depth on the infected that lurked below. One of whom being a vampiric physical adept, one also being a burnout werewolf Loup-Garou, a vampiric mage, and 2 other vampires also located in the same general area. During said initial meet up, Bellerophon sent a secret ping to Elaine, informing her that if Blackhawk did not make it out alive. She would be paid double for her efforts. Once being informed of this the runners set off too lay out their ground work.

The Plan

The group was split. On one hand they could go during the daylight and deal with the regular security detail out and about. Or go at night and deal with the target wide eyed and awake. Though the influence of Blackhawk made the issue much les a concern, choosing to go at night due not to just his affliction with the sun but also due to what Elaine is. Neither infected nor Shifter really welcome in the lands of Quebec. Ice taking the opportunity of daylight to investigate through the matrix what lie in store for our runners ahead. Learning the layout and position of security and security measures throughout the building. A door locked in both the physical and astral being her final obstacle before vanishing back to her body and rushing out the mall. Once the sun had set, Blackhawk as stealthfully as he could made his way across the sewers. The faint pattering and scouting of a Harvester as it prowled the cealing. His ruthernium coating likely being all that seperated him from death as he continued to scout ahead. Finding an underground entrance to an abandoned part of the mall, most likely where the infected were taking refuge. After sneaking out again, the runners reconveined. Regaining their wits and strength to take on the task ahead. Choosing to head over the following night as to be ready. And once the night appeared once again, they were ready.

The Run

Taking advantage of the daylight they had and using Wychking and her reputation as an influence, Ice was able to slip by security with nearly all of her equipment as she puroused the mall till sunset. Investigating the abandoned section located by Blackhawk during the scouting mission. As night time approached Ice readied herself in the location marked by Blackhawk, sneaking her way around the area before the sound of echoing footsteps caused her to hide in one of the cheaply made and rusted metal lockers. Barely able to see the faint sight of a tall figure covered in fur. Meanwhile Elaine and Blackhawk managed to sneak their way across the sewer tunnels, using Blackhawk's already established directions as their guide as the Harvester lurked overhead. Arriving at their destination, Elaine and Blackhawk noticed a lone Ghoul feasting on the body of a recently deceased woman. Taking this moment to strike, Elaine fell the Ghoul with but two arrows. Moving forward however, the two found themselves in the midst of an ambush. A tense fight breaking between the lioness and the cowboy versus the two vampires trying their damnest to put them down. A spectral threat weakening Blackhawk even further as it forced him out of his dual-natured state. But yet through broken bones, gritted teeth, and sheer determiantion the two pulled through. The help of Ice connecting via a physical cable left in the care of Blackhawk not unappreciated. But... the dangers were still prevalent as the Loup-Garou lurked outside her hiding spot and in the matrix lurked yet another dangrous threat, a decker lurking in an unknown spot attacked her and after an intense round of dataspiking back and forth eventually... Ice had lost the battle. Falling unconious aspart of her mind changed... likely forever. The cowboy and Lioness did however eventually find the room she was staying in as a slightly tense back and forth played amidst the two. Not wanting to leave their companion there to become food for the furry beast. Through the efforts of bait, arrows, and shotgun bullets, the two prevailed and slayed the beast. Elaine knocking it out with her arrows, and Jebediah delivering the killing blow to its chest. Noticing the spectral threat following Blackhawk had fled, the two quickly grabbed the bodies, letting Pain Girl carry them away as Elaine moved the unconcious body of their runner compatriot. Careful to once more avoid the gaze of the Harvester by mere inches. The moonlight being strangely soothing as they managed to escape the depths below.


Some infected managing to escape the commotion, a battle for another time, and maybe for other people as well. However, doing as Bellerophon had asked, the runners recieved their pay as Ice was rushed to the care she needed. As to how well she recovers... only time and fate may tell.


  • 20,000 nuyen (7500 base, 12500 from bounties) (10 RVP)
  • 5 karma (5 RVP)
  • 14 CDP (6 RVP + 2 base)
  • Optional Contact: Bellerophon (C4/L2 Paracritter Hunter) for 5 RVP/10 CDP (Elaine may spend RVP or CDP to raise to loyalty 3)
  • Optional Contact: Corf (C1/L1 Happy Little Minecart) for 1 RVP/2 CDP
  • Optional Gear Rewards: Alchemical compounds, magical gear, reagents, foci (>18 availability - will contain at least one animal part)
  • Optional Quality: Toughness @ Chargen price
  • For Ice:

Mechanical consequences for burning edge TBD, thematically she has a cyberwerewolf infesting her simrig & influencing her behavior.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Blackhawk: "Thank god we made it outta there as intact as we did. That was way too close for my liking but then again it is Fear the Dark we were dealin with... it'll never be easy with those bastards roaming about. As for Ice... I can only hope she pulls through okay."