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Gunslinger Adept/B&E specialist
An infected Gunslinger making amends for what he has done
I am the monster you made me
Street Cred3
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.July 24th, 2057
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - B
Resources - E
Number of Runs:10
Runs Since Rent:2
# Initiations3

Character Information


A Vampire gunslinger doing all he can to make amends for what he has done. Using the powers he was cursed with to hunt those that use their powers to feed on and exploit the weak.


  • Hunt down and kill as many Fear the Dark members he can.
  • Protect the weak from the monsters that feed on them.
  • Be able to utilize his family gift. (Get Deltaware Bioware aka make it to semi prime to get it.)


Jebediah Morison was once a simple kid growing up in the Florida state of the CAS. The only thing abstract or special about him and his family was they had natural genetics that made them more resistant and adaptable to bioware. Though sadly his family was poor and never had the funds to take advantage of this inante gift. Despite this Jebediah got into the work force at a very young age to help out his struggling family. Feeling guilty for not only their poverty, but also the fact he was allergic to Soy. Making food ridiculously more expensive to put on the plate. Due to this common alergy, constant bullying, and just overall not being fit to learn in the way schools taught, his school life was a living hell. Though, he did have a faint glimmer of hope and happiness in the form of a girl named Lumina. The two becoming close and near inseperable friends. Bonding over the difficulties of their lives and dreaming of one day becoming paracritter hunters. After graduating by the skin of his teeth Jebediah was desperate to do anything that would get food on the plate. The military sadly rejecting him due to the mentioned allergy to soy. He began browsing the matrix where he found a posting bny EVO, offering vast amounts of Nuyen to those willing to recieve experimental new bioware upgrades. Knowing they had little to no other opportunities he accepted.

A back and forth spewed between Jebediah and his parents once they were informed of his decision. The argument ending in bad blood and a promise, that when he returned they would never need to worry about money ever again. Tears filling his eyes as he also hugged and bid farewell to the friend he held so dear, sorrow in his mind and heart as he departed his family and psuedo-sister. Eventually the EVO transport arrived at his front door to pick up Jebediah as he parted from his family. The ride over seemed normal for the first mile or so till the entire convoy was attacked by unknown assailants that managed to knock over the vehicles and slaughter all of the armed personalle present. The door of the vehicle Jebediah was in ripped open before his eyes as he beheld a terrifying creature he would later come to recognize as a Vampire. The blood sucker then offered him an ultimatum, consume or be consumed. Jebediah seeing no way out accepted the strangers offer. A bite on the neck being the last thing he felt as he slowly lost conciousness in a haze of red and an unquenchable hunger.

All he can recall from that night afterwards is being covered in blood with an unfamiliar yet intoxicating taste lingering in his mouth. Though, what he does know is that same night his parents were murdered by an unkown assailant. Fear the Dark in the midst of his grief offered him a home. To work for them and have place to stay and become strong, to never need to live on the streets again. To potentially even avenge the death of his mother and father. Being scared with nowhere to go he accepted the vampire's offer and became a member. Internally bidding farewell to Lumina as to not put her in danger as well. FInding a natural knack for stealth and admiring the simple yet effective power of a shotgun, especially in close-quarters. He felt reviled and disgusted every time he had to consume in order to survive. Often pondering his loyalty and if there really was no other avenue for him to go down. This all changed when one day due to a heated argument and a slip of the tongue, it was revealed to him that the very killer he had wanted to seek vengeance upon for killing his parents was himself. He was turned and sent after his own family and cosumed them in the carnage of his transformation.

Fueled with rage from this realization Jebediah point blank shot the man in front of him with his gun. Before long the entire compound was on him, ready to go out in a blaze of glory, a friendly spirit in the visage of a Rat offered him a different way, gesturing him over to an oppened air vent. Jebediah took the spirit up on its offer and with its help escaped the clutches of Fear the Dark. With his newly found freedom he bacame a wanderer. Deeply reflecting and regretting nearly every action he had performed while working under them. But with the guidance of his newly found Rat spirit friend, he chose the hard route, he would make ammends for all he had done while under Fear the Dark's influence. Becoming the monster they wanted him to be, but not aimed towards the general public, but towards the ones that made him that way. And after hearing of their providence and ties to Seattle, Jebediah has decided to make a new home there, where he now waits for the right moments to strike.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Infected: Vampire "I will use what they forced upon me to make them pay for what they have done."
  • Mentor Spirit (Rat) "The bastard won't leave me alone when I work. I often just take cover when I can to shut em' up."


  • Big Regret (Working for Fear the Dark) "They forced my gun and my fangs onto innocent people that deserved way better..."
  • Prejudice Common, Biased (Infected) "Nearly every one of them bastards I met prey on the weak and drink em' dry. Maybe there are others out there like me. But they are a dime in a dozen."
  • Vendetta (Fear the Dark) "They stole my life from me and made me feel responsible. Now I'm gonna take theirs to make things square."

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Activating My AlucardAsmodeus26 January 2084
Don't Fear The YokaiAsmodeus1 January 2084
Tale of Blood and OakAsmodeus26 December 2083
Crusading on ToxicsEdward22 December 2083
Éclaire la NuitSarcarian13 December 2083
Nome Run RewindKeeper MIt's a Small Underworld After All11 December 2083
Caroling Through a Steel WallFuraidopotetoChristmas Special, With a Vengeance9 December 2083
Beetle Thief BustedBulldogc6 December 2083
High Moon ShowdownKeeper M6 December 2083
Pests for ProgenyAurora29 November 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Antonio "Vice" Vecce 3 2 Gear Gianelli Caporegime Medical Supplies, Automatic Weapons, Explosives, High Fashion Armor Even
Asahiro Kunitoshi 6 2 Fixer Vice-President of Imperial Kami Services For The Corporation, Blademaster, Scholar, Vashionable, Authorization, Spywork, Corpo Gear, Shintoist Even
Beatrice Veronica 6 1 Gear Weapons World Seattle R&D Executive Officer Company Woman, At Arm's Length, Working Hours, Weapons World, Heavy Ordnance, Assault on (Every) Keep, Longarms Love, Snip(e) It for Me!, Automatically Available, Pretty Pistol, Ares Insider, Wheeling and Dealing, Armed and Fabulous Even
Bellerophon 4 3 Generalist Professional Paracritter Hunter Artificer, Fantastic Beasts (and Where to Find Them), Pegasus, Reagent Hunter, The Most Dangerous Game Even
Lisa Cutty 6 2 Fixer Chicago State Hospital Administrator & Fixer A Woman of Principle, Fixer Family, Hospital Administrator, A Tale of Two Cities, Shrewd Negotiator, Syndicate Neutral Party, Places High, Places Low, What's in a Name? Even
Taxi Sandra 1 4 Fixer(A,G,N,K) Taxi Driver Big Van with Smuggeling Compartment, Sidelines Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Faction Reputation
Faction Reputation
Threshold Result
1 The name of either a sports team or an old model of military helicoper.
3 Rumors exist of a gunslinger that hunts infected under the cover of night in the streets of Seattle.
6 The gunslinger is known to use shotguns and often prowel's Snohomish and Redmond frequently.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 A gunslinger with a heavy cowboy aesthetic. Known for prioritizing jobs that deal with infected.
3 Blackhawk is an ironic tale, an infected hunting infected under the vale of night.
5 Rumors exist of a cowboy styled member once working for Fear the Dark.


(All licenses have a matching rating unless noted otherwise)

SIN Issuer Rating Licenses
Albert Williams UCAS R4 Adept, Bounty Hunter, Drivers, Firearms, Hunting


A decently tall figure standing 6'4" in height. Next to none of his skin or body visible due to his armor, cloak, and cowboy style hat. All of which seemingly nicely embroidered and detailed. Two sashes of ammunition rest atop his chestplate. Underneath said armor lies a button up dark purple shirt. Ankle length brown pants covering his legs. Spurs hanging off of the back of his boots. A set of nicely made armor rests atop all of it. His face covered by a ballistic mask with the visage of teeth and a skull's nose painted atop it. His eyes seeming to glow atop it. He carries around more weapons that he should. A Mossberg AM-CMDT often resting on his shoulder with a strap. A Colt Future Frontier and a Sapphire knife sheathed on his left hip and a Ruger Super warhawk holstered on his right.

Matrix Persona

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