Don't Fear The Yokai

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Don't Fear The Yokai
LocationYomi Island
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Asahiro Kunitoshi
New Yomi Wardens
Katherine Tyler
Casualties and losses
None Several Wardens died slowing the runners down.
Ascension & Initiation for both characters.


Asahiro's wayward sister is kidnapped and he gets her back.


Katherine Tyler and Asahiro Kunitoshi have a long-lasting rivalry, although it's pretty one-sided from Kate.

The Meet

Blackhawk and Kate arrive in Auburn on Shiawase extraterritorial grounds. Asahiro offers them ample payment to go to Yomi Island and acquire a kidnapped Yakuza spy. Apparently she'd fed Shiawase useful intel about the criminal organization's movements, but now she's there for some reason. They're unsure who's behind this act, but Asahiro insists that she be returned safe and sound. Kate agrees, considering Asahiro is honorable, keeps his word and the Yakuza are considerably more bigoted and sexist than Shiawase on average.

The Plan

Asahiro has a flight that gives the two runners parachutes to skydive onto Yomi Island - getting out will be the hard part.

The Run

Getting bearings and shelter is priority, since they arrive at the very early dawn as the sun begins to rise. The two find shelter in a shantytown but enter a building occupied by a peculiar critter with crawling, humanoid shape. During the day, Kate does scouting in the area and Blackhawk discreetly sniffs around at night. The local Infected populations are rampant, Essence-starved and hungry after the Huk took over the island, so Kate is far too tasty-looking as an uninfected human for her to go around freely. They do manage to talk to local dog shifters and kappa spirits who elaborate that some kind of captive is in the wardens' barracks.

Sneaking in is relatively easy and a receptionist that the two suspect to be an insect spirit offers to help them. In exchange for beinging him the wardens' conjurer to eat, he'll let them slip around unseen. The two runners sneak in during the day and assassinate an ally spirit, knock out the conjurer and bring his body to a discreet location for the insect to devour. In return, he gives them information on where to find the captive woman, Yomiko Kunitoshi. He warns them that the basement solitary confinement cells have Grim Reapers locked in them, however; phantoms that were driven mad by the inmates' bestial Infected hunger.

Thankfully, Kate's experience with spirits and persuasiveness that Asahiro truly wants Yomiko to be safe convinces the woman to come with them. Having been shoved into a cell with a mad spirit, her only way to survive was to form a spirit pact with it and share some of its madness. The grim reaper possesses Yomiko for the escape and she tags along with them just until the insect spirit appears at the solitary confinement wing's security door and slams it shut, apologizing to the runners and offering a flimsy excuse that he's watching after his own ass.

Enraged, the runners bust the door down and break out despite fierce opposition from grendels, a vampire and several ghouls. Escaping with the help of a Nibiinaabe smuggler at the coastline, the three reach the coast of China by allowing the vampiric merrow to Essence Drain one point from Blackhawk. The poor sukuyan had almost been driven mad by the scent of viscera from Kate already, so he's had nothing short of a bad day.


Asahiro doesn't elaborate what happens once Yomiko is safe and sound, but Kate can assume the grim reaper is slain by his artifact blade.


Note: Run Rewards are 20 RVP, multiplied by a 1.33 runtime multiplier to 27.

  • Blackhawk acquires:
    1. R3 Power Focus & 1,000 Nuyen (14 RVP)
    2. 4 Karma (4 RVP)
    3. 8 CDP (3 RVP)
    4. Asahiro Kunitoshi as a 6/1 Fixer (6 RVP)
    5. Initiation Discount for Blackhawk due to Asahiro offering some tips and tricks
  • Kate Acquires:
    1. 40,000 Nuyen (20 RVP)
    2. 2 Karma
    3. 2 CDP
    4. Asahiro Kunitoshi as a 6/1 Fixer (Must spend RVP to acquire) (This is Optional)
    5. Ascension for Katherine Tyler due to Asahiro offering her ample rewards (5 RVP)
  • Kate's gear rate options include:
    1. Yomiko's Reaper Scythe, Collapsible Scythe w/ Ceramic (bone) components R6, Custom Look, Personalized Grip, Vintage, Melee Hardening (Cost: 32,350 Nuyen, half due to Gear Rates)
    2. Inugami Blade from Yomi Island, Katana w/ Plasteel Components R1, Custom Look, Vintage, Melee Hardening (Cost: 2,800 Nuyen, half due to Gear Rates)
    3. Shiawase Uminyudo; mechanically an Aztechnology Nightrunner w/ Morphing License Plate, Spoof Chips, Anti-Theft System R3 (Cost: 60,000 Nuyen, half due to Gear Rates)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Blackhawk: "This... may be the start of somethin good. I don't know what, but somethin. At least better than the route I was goin down. I look forward to workin with him in the future."