Nome Run Rewind

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Nome Run Rewind
Part of It's a Small Underworld After All
GMKeeper M
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Ashley Davis
Lisa Cutty
The CZ more than Shiawase Arimaspi Non-Feral Infected
Winter Survival
Chicago Gangs
Bobby Roger et al.
Casualties and losses
None None


The ignorance and cruelty of the Megacorps knows no bounds. And ignorance while bliss, also leads to just more suffering.


A hospital located in the run down near post-apocalypse city of Seattle is short on medical supplies. And as a result, Lisa Cutty cantacts runners in the pending crisis as noone else will offer a helping hand.

The Meet

The runners are given the coordinates of a cargo plane where their equipment can be safely stored for transport. Upon arriving in the cold and snowing land of Chicago, the runners met up with Lisa in an abandoned snowy graveyard. Where the tired woman informed them of the hospital's current situation. Barely scraping by as medical supplies become more and more scarce. But there was hope as she pointed out a nearby long abandoned medical research lab that may contain supplies the hospital can use. With the promise of a limited pay the runners still went anyways, hoping to bring a little bit of hope to the people currently residing the hellhole of a city.

The Plan

Research intot he surrounding area revealed strangely enough the research lab was located next to a theme park named "Neil's Domain." Long since abandoned as well. After Nu11 was finished with his matrix recon and giving Blackhawk the thumbs up. But not before Plaguemaster doused the cowboy in a strange green concotion. Confused and feeling slightly better... somehow, the vampiric Gunslinger managing to sneak his way through the snowy amusment park. Traversing ride after ride before using his Gecko Grip gloves to assail the side of the lab towards the roof. Having to disable his vampiric side in order to slip past the wards surrounding the building. Finding a window on top to head inside, leaving it unlocked for the others to enter once he gave the all clear. Using his perception in both the physical and astral, he was able to detect the lingering presence of watcher/guardian spirits as well as a collection of... Lysol cans. Not even covered in dust. Also a ton of rats... like... a shit ton of rats. The production of the lysol cans indicating they were bought... recently. Now more on their guard the runners traversed the building, ready to confront whoever lingered here.

The Run

Blackhawk was able to detect the pressence of 4 individuals behind a locked door as well as a watcher spirit that noticed his and the others pressence as the other runners entered the building with him. A brief pick of the lock later our runners were ready to open fire before a room full of infected personal that had taken up residence in the abandoned building. Pleading the runners not to fire, Chatterbox took the lead in communicating with them, informing they had no intentions of harming the people in the room. Simply inquiring as to who they are and what had transpired here. A dwarf named Bobby took the lead and informed the runners the building had been turned into a home for him and other fellow infected amidst the city. After informing the small group why they were there, the infected present had a counter offer in exchange for their safety. They would assist the local hospital however they could with treatments and research in exchange for their safety. But their mission was not yet over. After learning of a secret chamber in the building where the previous tennets lived, Null and Blackhawk went to investigate. With only a lighter to light their way, Blackhawk and one of Null's drone's descended into the darkness below. Where they found several long abandoned cryo chambers and a room in dissaray. After finding a sticky note on a desk and using some basic puzzle solving skills, the pair was able to figure out a password to access a terminal, illuminating the room. Blackhawk then through the dust and debree was able to find a long since abandonded chip containing a diary of the late doctor who lived here before. A brief data copy by Nu11 later, the two read [the haunting message left behind by the doctor.] Wtih anger in his eyes Blackhawk was set on burning this entire building to the ground, infection and ignorance rampant before Nu11 and Chatter managed to calm him down and talk him out of it. Where he then remained silent for the rest of their adventure.


Amidst the aftermath, the group and an elven figure met back up at the neighboring amusement park where further details of the arrangement and tales were discussed. Chatterbox being far more... conversational than his vampiric companion. While this was going on Nu11 managed to contact Ashley and inform her of the intel the runners were able to find on the mysterious circumstances of her brother's disapearance all those years ago. Through clearly tear stained eyes she offered the runners her thanks and eternal gratitude for bringing her closure after all this time. Though Ironwood still looms out there, and whether or not he will face the consequences of his actions has yet to be seen.


  • 2 CDP
  • 16 RVP times two (please thank Tekomandor), please take your choices
  • 8 large crates of medical supplies can be redeemed for 500¥ each (up to 4000¥, so 2 RVP, unless you forfeit it and take karma instead)

You can purchase one of the following qualities at chargen prices:

  • Grease Monkey (8)
  • First Impression (11)
  • Empathic Listener (10)
  • Perceptive (5)
  • Juryrigger (10)
  • Profiler (3)
  • Dual-Natured Defender (5) <= provided you're dual-natured and have Astral Combat 3+
  • Lisa Cutty at 6/2 (7 RVP): (those who take her can use own karma etc. to improve Loyalty to 3, which will give access to a Comforts 3 Low lifestyle for no more than a week for free when in Chicago on runs)
  • IF you take her, her Matrix Security Head is available at 5/1 for (5 RVP):
  • After giving her the information on her deceased brother, Ashley Davis at 5/2 (6 RVP):
  • The remaining individual balance, if any, is karma.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Blackhawk: "It's done... that's all I can say... too much for me to consider in one night. I need a drink and... some time to clear my head."
  • Nu11st@ck: "Another day, another job. This one felt good, we got to help out some people, still turn a profit, and gave some closure to a grieving sister who by all accounts seems like a genuinely nice person."