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The Wandering Pox
Die young and leave a purulent corpse.
MetatypeKoborokuru Goblin
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - E
Resources - E


A traveller back from decades past, Plaguemaster's origins much like everything else about him are lost. He has a foreigner's Japanese accent but speaks on a native level and finds a deep fascination in medicine and pathology. He wanders Seattle's underground network in search of peculiar diseases, on occasion providing treatment to strangers from disinfection to diagnosing symptoms and writing prescriptions of cheap drugs the person can go buy for their ailment. In other cases, he intentionally coats his scythe in phlegm and sinks it into the flesh of those that threaten him, spreading viral contagions by wielding them as a weapon. He cures and inflicts, spreading plagues and promoting health according to whatever byzantine code he believes in.

On occasion, fixers in need of more manpower call upon him to help out with shadowruns involving capture and delivery due to his ability to both harm and heal. Few truly like him or even try to understand him, but this suits Plaguemaster just fine. He staves off the influence of toxic magic by providing treatment as much as he provides ailments; he doesn't want to watch the whole world burn in rampant contagions. Then again, he's also not going to stop it from happening. Those who are in the delirium of aggressive pathogens are blessed in his eyes, suffering the true struggle of living beings. He aims to spread fever dreams, shortness of breath and constant sleepiness since in his eyes they are an euphoric experience no drug can match.

Plaguemaster is a self-taught doctor and a pathologist. He fuels his continuing travels in the Ork Underground with the life essence of those who try to stop him, himself becoming a cancer on Seattle. What else could be more tempting than for him to become a pox-marked blight on his enemies with his very existence? Toxic whispers echo in his mind from time to time, but he pays them no need. The cure and the disease are not opposites. They are symbiotic and both are required for the true experience in life.


  • Learn more about medicine and pathogens
  • Understand HMHVV and its strains in particular
  • Grow in power to be capable of healing and treating any ailment
  • Resist toxic taint of any kind


Plaguemaster is a hooded, robed figure with nylon and kevlar intervowen into his dirtied, old clothes. He walks around with a cane that doubles as a scythe, but behind the mask he's a hairless, skin-and-bones husk of a dwarf with vaguely Asian features and pale skin. He has a pox-scarred back, implying he may have had a severe viral infection in early childhood.


Plaguemaster adores the art of medicine as much as he adores the tenacity and raw power of various diseases. He wants to master both sides, the crafting of illnesses and improving their vectors as well as how to cure them. The people that he inflicts his plague upon are a secondary concern; after all, he can just treat them later if it's important for whatever reason. He has a detached sense towards the sanctity of life, yet at the same time he views all life as sacred and worth admiring, if not preserving.

Positive & Negative Qualities

  • Infected: Goblin - I burn, yet do not burn. I spread, yet stand still. I am the fever. I am the pox.
    1. Celerity - Moving at the speed of plague.
    2. PSC: Sadistic - Burn your desire to live into my retina. Allow me to witness your final moments.
    3. Superhuman Psychosis - Every year, up to 500,000 people die from influenza. You are unique - and fuel for the fire.
  • Wanderer - The pox doesn't stand still. It must consume and move or risk burning out of fuel - and hosts.
    1. Disheveled - Appearances are deceiving. Don't get stuck on such petty details.
    2. Hobo With A Shotgun - Living amongst the dirt and the unclean is how the immune system learns.
  • Hippocratic Suggestion - I am the Wandering Pox. I am salvation. I am both, and neither.
    1. Quick Healer - Your wounds care not for your wellbeing. I shall care not for their existence. All will knit together, from skin to bone.
    2. Gifted Healer - Dirt is only good for you. Live too clean and the pox will truly dig its claws into you. Fret not, I will cure you nonetheless.
  • Great Mother - The Poxmother whispers to me. Her words keep the ill effects of tempting disease at bay and hone my focus.
    1. Mentor Spirit - She arrived to me in a fever dream. I remember the muscle aches so vividly...
    2. Sensei: Biotech - Concerns of the body open to me like a book. The Poxmother's blessing grants me celerity.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Of Bears and Burny BirdsEdward25 November 2083
Old is Good... Old is Reliable...Zerre17 November 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Dane 1 2 Fixer Fixer Made Man, Syndicates Even

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