Caroling Through a Steel Wall

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Caroling Through a Steel Wall
Part of Christmas Special, With a Vengeance
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
The United Front Against Corperate Christmas
Unknown Rigger
a FUCK ton of Drones
5 Gremlins
Casualties and losses
8133D3R's Punctuality Everyone but the rigger.
Scrouge was built different.


Due to an outrageous theft against Toys for Tots, a large number of people came together and had a team of runners investigate. Meeting at a Mchues, they quickly assembled a plan and investigated the theft site, found a source, broke into the owners house, and proceeded to raid the site where all the toys were, ending in a massive drone firefight and one Cybered out old man attempting to escape and failing.


In a bizarre twist. Someone decided it would be a bright idea to rob a toys for tots facility... The public outrage of such an act was immediate and swift, and seeing an opportunity, Aniela organized a meet, planning to collect all the crowdfunding she could to pay the runners. The culprit was one CODENAME: Ebenezer from the United Front Against Corporate Christmas or UFACC. They had stolen all the animatronic toys in order to repurpose the hardware for more nefarious purposes.

The Meet

The runners met at a McHues, noticing each other easily by the fact they were the only ones there and not looking like the destitute in the building. After some light chatter, Aniela came out from the back room and explained the situation a little bit more. Some monster had chosen to hit multiple Toys for Tots buildings thorough the city. Unfortunately Aniela didn't have much to go on, just the most recent hit location. They decide to do some research and get started from there. 8133D3R shows up ten minutes after they leave, and Aniela has to call M3chan1c to direct him to where they all were going to meet and plan.

The Plan

Once everyone had assembled at the Daze, they began to talk about there plan. They tried to hack into the building that was robbed, but Toys for Tots had virtually no security, so they decided to take a shot in the dark and try and find some feed from an Electronic Witness. By sheer luck, they found one nearby when the robbery happened. A Yertzed out Ares Roadmaster drove up, the sound of hundreds of squeakers hidden from view, then the Roadmaster driving off almost immediately after. Doing a thorough search, they found that the Vehicle was just excessively gaudy and had no taste, finding all the mechanics that installed random crap on it and eventually narrowing down whos vehicle it was, a Rich business owner living up in Snohomish. They broke into his house going through his PAPER files, finding out he had had THE WORKS done to him cybernetically, and all his businesses. Seeing one Machining plant seeming off, they headed there to investigate.

The Run

The team headed to the machining plant after determining the host was set up in a way one might construe as nefarious. They arrive and look through the cameras to find an unassuming factory floor and the office camera disabled by a piece of paper. they went to the hidden car out front and found 5 gremlins playing poker, which they flashbang in a confined space and killed all of them. they moved around back to cut a hole in the office, but started to get shot through the wall, so they quickly had to disable exterior hidden drones to hide there entry. they broke in, and found the factory alight with activity, the drones all having come online and all the animatronic toys on the floor having got up and armed themselves. Blackhawk snuck onto the main floor and engaged Scrouge, who ended up being a MASSIVLY Cybered out old man, while the rest of the team slowely worked there way through the 30+ drones on the factory floor. Once the numbers started to weign and Scrouge started to get beat up by taking six repeated bullseye bursts to center mass, he attempted to escape on a Nodachi by driving through a steel wall of the factory and onward to freedom. However M3chan1c's drones on the outside finally picked him off enough that he was brought down by a shotgun to the back.


the threat neutralized, the runner team looted to there hearts content, and headed back, promptly getting paid by the crowdfunding method Aniela had worked on for them. The money of the Ebenezer estate was nowhere to be seen however...


  • 10k Nuyen (5 RVP)
  • 15 Karma (15 RVP)
  • 2 CDP


  • Gear rate for drones (must be furby theme'd.)
  • Gear rates for a Yamaha Nodachi.
  • Gear rates for an Ares Roadmaster.
  • Aniela (C3/L1) (3 RVP)
  • For 01-4: Drug Tolerant (6 RVP)
  • For 81EEDER: Brilliant Heuristics (5 RVP)
  • For Blackhawk: Tough as Nails (Physical) at chargen rates. (5 RVP)
  • For Mechanic: Strive for perfection at chargen rates. (12 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Blackhawk: "Well, I'm glad to have been of help to everyone there. Hopefully those kids have a good holliday now that the rich bastard is outta the picture. I will give him one thing. He had a good taste in rides."

01-4: "This was, truthfully, a very weird holiday special of reality. The fact that I was shot by that many toys turned into murder drones, and then witnessing a Scrooge stand-in drive through a wall on a nodachi -- it is.. illogical. Senseless. But it strikes merriment in me. As did concussing a van of troublemakers."