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Once I understood the weakness
of my flesh, it disgusted me.
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Character's Date of Birth
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Former KE SWAT borg, burgeoning cyberpsycho, and trained muscle.


Survive, overcome, free myself from the limits of my flesh


Born in raised in the streets of Tacoma, Susarein Cook was the daughter of two adoring elven parents, brought low by shifting economics and a desire for new blood in middle management over at MCT. Her childhood was honestly charmed, she was a bookish sort and tried really hard for her folks - and they in turn for her. It was when she was 8 that she decided she wanted to be a cop for KE. Which was going well for her for a while - until the accident.

It's all fun and games for kids until the moment two tons of steel and plastic screech into you at highway speeds. Drunk driving, kids. Not even once. She was only 11.

In the hospital, she was given cybernetic limbs as her meat ones were heavily damaged, and even then she was in a body cast for six months. And the lack of movement killed her. She yearned to be back outside playing football (soccer) with her friends again, and when she finally was let back outside, she found that she was a touch better than she was before. Faster. Stronger. And she pursued her dreams with a new passion.

It was 2070, she was 19 and fresh out of the academy. Her limbs were requisitioned to be upgraded by her work, and while the upgrade was a nice boost, Susarein found herself loving the feeling of her newfound quickness. She found herself pouring her nuyen into her body - not because it helped apprehend criminals, but because she loved the feeling of freedom.

Promotions came quick to the fastest gal on the force, and she knew what she was doing when gang busts went sideways. Before long she found herself as KE SWAT. Money was good. The limbs were better. She was on top of the world, but nothing good lasted for Cook. The errant gang mages went nuts with magic and caused problems on a bigger scale. She and her team would get called in to put down incidents like these before HTR proper could put them down, but even then they had orders to suppress and contain - apprehend if possible.

Her mage felt it first, and Cook only noticed it by the blood pouring from her nose. Her biomon flatlined moments later - and then a fireball lit up the entire interior of the truck. A fire spirit had cooked them before HTR could do a damn thing.

Spiralling, the trauma of it all cost her her job, her life, and even tacked on some heavy meds. But it was all she could to keep living. Her pension at least held her up for a while.

Five years later, Susarein is now Hazumi Kyoshi. And even then, prefers to go by '01.' It was her AR Game, Mercury Rain, that got her into the shadows, and it all started with a little retrieval bounty.

Narrative Significant Qualities



[Dependant (Nuisance)] - her meds aint doin much for her anymore, but it's still easier with them than without.

[Mages Ruined My Life and Now My Chrome is Killing Me] - PTSD on one hand, blossoming cyberpsychosis on the other (Sadistic, Prejudiced [bias] Mages/Adepts, Antipathy)

[Cop in a Past Life] - Records on file with KE. She used to work there.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Caroling Through a Steel WallFuraidopotetoChristmas Special, With a Vengeance9 December 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Overlord 5 2 Fixer AR LARP Game Master. Game Master AI, Real Guns - Fake Bullets, Newbie package!, Deep 'Trix Connections, Officer, I swear this is just a game. Even
Lacy, the Worst Employee Ever 1 1 Gear Stop Quick Cashier I'm on my break, Doesn't Check IDs, That's not mine!, Not like--TOO ambitious Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Her clan tag in Mercury Rain is a skull with a cog-shaped crosshair locked onto it's forehead.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 A very borged out woman posing for an AR pic of her in Mecury Rain - alongside some 'bounties' who were having a blast.
3 01-4 in old police gear, another screenshot for Mercury Rain
6 Photos of 01-4 in old augs, back when she was on the force. She looked happier then.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Some kind of former enforcement who's thrown herself into AR games to escape it all.
3 Former cop let go after losing it on some gang goons. There are pictures too, but they're messy.
5 Some old guild posts from the AR game, commenting about how she's losing it and the meds don't do it much anymore.


Hazumi Kyoshi (R4)


Six foot eight, or 203cm, 01-4 is on the slightly taller side of elf life. With pale white skin, white hair, and [heterochromic cybereyes], it's easy to tell that she is albino. And, due to her heavily mechanized body, also easy to tell how little of her is organic.

Her limbs are all reinforced carbon fibre, with gunmetal grey plasteel structure work visible where it must be, and her arms even bare a bit more than just the base plasteel - now extended for armor plating. Her fingers end in pointed claws, not enough to hurt, but enough for the aesthetic.


Casual wear being jeans and a keyhole sweater, 01 do be rocking retired HTR mom vibes.

Matrix Persona

It's her in her old cop augs, more plastic than carbon fibre, and 01-4 plastered on both biceps as identifying numbers.

Media Mentions

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