West Coast Monolith

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West Coast Monolith
Paramilitary organization founded by Vichnozeleny
TypeParamilitary Gang
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationDevil Lake, Redmond

Faction Information


A stealth and marksmanship-oriented paramilitary organization aimed at protecting civilians in more lawless security zones and tracking down dangerous paracritters. As hunters and vigilantes, they aim to make sure criminals don't get away with their misdeeds even in slums.


  • Protect the average Joe
  • Hinder and exterminate organized crime hustlers
  • Acquire more defensible headquarters
  • Upgrade armor and armaments
  • Establish neighborhood militias capable of defending themselves from gangs

Rules of Engagement

  • Do not assist criminal groups in harassing civilians. Working with organized crime is fine so long as your actions are aimed at other criminals, such as gang-to-gang warfare.
  • Do not get caught or spotted while working. Stealth and subterfuge are key to remaining operational. Going loud only as a last resort is recommended. Failing direct action, setting traps or even outsourcing work is preferable.
  • Avoid legal authorities such as Lone Star and Knight-Errant if possible. If your work intersects with one of their operations, retreat. If engaged by authorities, withdraw with as few casualties as possible.
  • Minimize civilian casualties. Only risk collateral damage in metahuman life in life-and-death situations. Collaborators with criminal organizations may be terminated only with approval from high-ranking officers.
  • Torture is not allowed.
  • Avoid security zones rated higher than E if possible.

Rules of the Faction

  • Follow protocol. Occasionally a lower rank may have situational authority, but by default a corporal will obey the orders of a sergeant unless said orders violate faction rules.
  • Any metahuman and metatype may join. Infected that drain essence or must otherwise consume the living are not allowed to be a part of WCM. Ghouls and gnawers, as they can eat the deceased, may join.
  • No metaracism allowed. If the initiate is capable and abide by the rules, they are allowed to join. Elves, trolls, dwarves, orks, centaurs, you name it. Even shifters and SURGE metatypes enjoy this same equality.
  • Membership is assumed to be for life. Exceptions can be made if the member petitioning for leave is deemed trustworthy enough to not leak information. Deserters will be tracked down and executed as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  • Money only after completing jobs, never before. This applies when members offer work or accept it. Those in need without money to pay can pay back with service (for example, anonymously taking supplies to Devil Lake).
  • All jobs completed as a member of the faction will take 10% of the money gained as tax. This will be returned in various ways, such as a place to sleep, train, faction equipment and receiving protection as part of the faction.

Rules of Discipline

  • Punishment for minor offenses can be forced march, added guard duties or physical training to the point of exhaustion. Punitive acts are best when they're both exhausting, wear the soldier down and achieve a net positive for the camp.
  • Punishment for moderate offenses such as intentional negligence, disregarding chain of command or breaching faction rules in other ways will include rehabilitative meetings with senior officers as well as physical training and suspension from operations until completed.
  • Punishment for major offenses such as treason, selling out, robbing or intimidating civilians or causing unnecessary destruction may be punishable by death. Remorseful soldiers may instead face suspension and rehabilitation for an extended period of time.
  • Disciplinary action must be aimed at negative as well as positive feedback in the correct areas. Behavioural problems must be fixed with strict punitive action and mentoring, but irredeemable cases are grounds for execution. Desire to improve is key.

Major Locations

  • Devil Lake Camp - Initial lodgings making use of a set of abandoned 1990-built wooden cabins. The perimeter is rigged with cheap motion sensors and two guards patrol the area around the clock. Security is discreet instead of overt to avoid detection.


  • Vichnozeleny - Founder, but mostly consults and participates in training as well as acting as the closest thing the faction has to a moral compass. She doesn't assume a direct hierarchical position of command. Deceased.
  • Bolt - Previously known as Bolt "McBigflank" McMuscle, the Johnson of Me And The Bad Boys who provided Evergreen with the initial influx of troops acts as the faction's de facto leader. He's meatheaded, but boasts plenty of combat experience. After Vic's passing, he's become the de facto leader of the gang.


Having been transported across the globe to save her from a brainwashing toxic cult, Vichnozeleny, known to most as Evergreen, has struggled to find a place in society. Having done plenty of border patrolling for Warboss in the Ork Underground, Vic saw the same need for neighborhood patrols as what Duty had done within Ukraine's Exclusion Zone. To put her past experiences to practice and for the good of everyone is the closest she can get to making her skills useful. Ever since Me And The Bad Boys she's had forty recruits straight out of Knight Errant's HTR pipeline at her disposal. Clearing a temporary camp by Devil Lake in Redmond, she taught them basic survival and began drilling small unit tactics posthaste. With their already hard physical conditioning supporting them, Vic could teach them the harsh, cold and emotionless lessons of the Zone. These once Ares-owned future cops were slowly turned into stealthy, shadowy exterminators aiming to execute petty criminals and organized criminal activity aimed at protection money quotas and harassing the general populace.


  • None, since they're mostly a negligible force in the region.


  • WCM considers itself fundamentally hostile to most gangs and organizations that demand protection money from neighborhoods. This will include the likes of Crimson Crush, Cutters and most Yakuza such as Kenran-Kai and Shotozumi-gumi.

Current Status

2082 - Having barely gotten up to its feet, the faction is primarily concentrating on reinforcing its camp and consolidating its forces as well as acquiring the necessary armaments to wage its shadowy war against organized crime. It's small and has to struggle with the most basic of logistics. Their limited numbers were hit by organ harvesting kidnappings. Platoon Gamma and Beta have suffered casualties.

2083 - Currently Hextech's various shadowruns have helped them gain more funding. Co-operation with the N-51 has netted them more connections and eyes on the streets. The two factions are in an understanding. Hextech secured several gauss rifles for the faction during an Ares cargo raid and helped recruit maximum security terrorist prisoners to the gang. They're keeping eyes on Sophocles as scouts and observers but play a delicate balance between fighting organized crime and pissing off gangs too much.


Formerly known as Lion Company of Knight Errant's Police Academy's HTR pipeline, over 40 recruits have become the initial members of WCM. After that, a few of Vic's acquaintances from the Ork Underground joined in as well, having been vetted for and vouched by her. Metatypes among members are mostly human, elf and ork. A few dryads and trolls have also squeezed in. They've all received single word callsigns as was tradition among the initial cult Evergreen was once a part of. Most of these are surprisingly mundane, albeit fringe terms such as Twig, Friar, Scarecrow, Murk or Skinflint. Members are organized in squads of five; four corporals, one sergeant acting as squad leader. Four squads form a platoon, headed by a lieutenant. Currently there are only three platoons.

  • Platoon Alpha, led by Lieutenant Theory:
    1. Sgt. Chunk, CPLs Deadlift, Trunk and Chester.
    2. Sgt. Slaughter, CPLs Stag, Runner and Drunk.
    3. Sgt. Spear, CPLs Murk, Twig and Lampshade.
    4. Sgt. Salt, CPLs Oak, Dirk and Butch.
  • Platoon Beta, led by Lieutenant Bulk:
    1. Sgt. Grit, CPLs Lesion, Twitch and Candle.
    2. Sgt. Sparrow, CPLs Smartgun, Twitchy and Bonfire.
    3. Sgt. Thorn, CPLs Tone, Poker and Screw.
    4. Sgt. Buck, CPLs Sunrise, Bear and Svarog.
  • Platoon Gamma, led by Lieutenant Seva:
    1. Sgt. Wrench, CPLs Ridge,
    2. Squad KIA
    3. Sgt. Nickel, CPLs Tuna, Crab and Owl.
    4. Sgt. Wing, CPLs Demon, Ember and Nimble.
  • Platoon Delta, led by Captain Hextech:
    1. Sgt. Horatio, CPLs Bane and Gambit.
    2. Sgt. Pigshield, CPLs Harrow and Vermin.
  • Armsmaster: Specialist Flashlight, in charge of logistics and armoury.
  • Communications: Specialist Painkiller, in charge of decker and rigger duties.
  • Infrastructure: Specialist Border, the closest thing they have to a chef, but mostly the reason everyone eats pre-cooked meals. His food is absolute garbage. Also a border guard whose SIN got burned since he ran off with his brother.
  • Deceased Members: King, Fanatic, Doc, Walrus, Hook, Fang, Knuckle, Loki, Mace

Awakened Members

  • Corporal Twitch - Magic 6 Null Wizard, Hermetic Tradition
  • Corporal Lesion - Magic 2 Aware, Chaos Tradition
  • Sergeant Chunk - Magic 4 Summoner, Elder God Tradition
Bolt2FixerGang Leader
Black Stalker

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
The Call of the MonolithSarcarianThe Arrival31 January 2084
Scale And ProphetAsmodeusThe Arrival27 January 2084
Activating My AlucardAsmodeus26 January 2084
Remaining StrangersAsmodeus3 August 2083
Me And The Bad BoysBloodLibrarianHail to the Pumpking10 April 2082

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