Crusading on Toxics

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Crusading on Toxics
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Lord Emberrage
Major Corp
Cleaner Cleaner


Toxic Bitches need Stitches.


A group of Toxic Mages had taken refuge in a building in the Redmond Barrens, and Sir Boris wishes for them to be dispossed of.

The Meet

The runners met in the maskeshift castle/mansion of Sir Boris in the early hours of the night. Where upon he informed them of a "rising corruption that must be vanquished." After some translation and research, it was revealed that what he was referring to was Toxic Mages. With a pay of 10,000 Nuyen on the line the runenrs agreed and began their hunt.

The Plan

While the searches on the matrix were warranted, sadly not much information was gathered from the digital grapevine so to speak. However two contacts did prove very useful in their hunt. A well renown paracritter hunter named Bellerophon and a fire spirit named Lord Emberrage who was a very... extensive history with toxic mages in general. Whiel Bellerophon managed to find an entryway via to the sewers to where the Mages resided. The runners approached Mr Rage with the simple offer for assisting them. The prospect of killing Toxic Mages being more than enough to warrant his help in this circumstance, possesing Cleaner Cleaner's body so he may activerly help in the fight with the powers at his disposal. With the location data provided by Bellerophon, another brief search via the matrix, and with the aid of Lord Emberrage, the runners headed towards the hideout of the deadly mages ready for whatever lie ahead.

The Run

After managing to sneak around the defenses the group of runners managed to spot the mages hiding out in an abandoned building. Readying themselves for battle they snuck inside the building, readied their weapons, and the battle commenced. And... despite the innate deadly nature of radiation and toxicity in general. Witht he combined might of Scarecrows Magic and her ally spirit, blackhawk's AA-16, and Lord Emberrage himself possessing the maid girl... the battle was all but decided when they attacked.


With the city once again spared from the wrath of toxic mages the runners enjoyed their pay and went their seperate ways.


  • 16k Nuyen (8 RVP)
  • 12 Karma (12 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Optional, taking from the above rewards:

  • Sir Boris (C3/L2) (4 RVP)
  • Lord Emberrage L1->2 for CC (2 RVP)
  • Perfect Time for Bumble (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Blackhawk: "Another day, another dollar. Even though they aint infected it still feels good getting rid of people with nothin but trouble and bad intentions. Especially of the toxic kind."

Bumble: "Well, these toxic mages don't seem all that good for Seattle, not sure I've seen them doing anything particularly bad but a job is a job."