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Combat MysAd
I cast Fist
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.9th June, 2062
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - E
Resources - E

Character Information


Warrior mage from Tír na nÓg running from her past, fighting back against the corporations, and delving into things best left buried.


  • Establish herself in Seattle
  • Find a teacher to help her understand her powers
  • Fight back against the ever encroaching dark... or at least delay it for a time


Emily was born Experiment #104 in a blacker-than-black lab operated by one of Tír na nÓg's great families. She was raised as a new kind of warrior - one who could be mass produced at will with superhuman speed. Suffice it to say that the program did not meet expectations. Emily, however, awakened and was deemed valuable enough to be taught magic in the ways of the Path of the Wheel. She was, after all, capable of being a Follower. During her brief formal education, she found herself drawn to following the Path of the Warrior. This held little surprise for her tutors, though her secret connection with a mentor spirit would have shocked them. Dragonslayer whispered to her, igniting a desire for freedom.

At the tender age of fourteen, she managed to slip away during a training trip near the coast. Stowing away on a fishing boat, she soon found herself alone on the Scottish coast. Making her way south, she traded her magical skills for meagre pay, food, and shelter. Her creators dogged her steps at every turn, but she managed to stay one step ahead of them at every turn. Still, they managed to ensure she never stayed in one place for too long. Soon enough she was running across the channel to France. She hopes that being on the other side of the Atlantic might give her a little breathing room. All she has from her time in Europe is a nickname - Scarecrow -, a nice suit, and her gloves.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer): Dragonslayer began to talk to Scarecrow not long after she awakened, and he's the one she reaches to for guidance first.
  • Test Tube Warrior (Prototype Transhuman, Combat Monster, Wanted, Allergy Common (Seafood)): Scarecrow is one of the few success stories from a failed supersolider program, and her creators back in Tír na nÓg want her back.
  • Troubled Mystic (Mystic Adept, Dependant (Nuisance- Drinking Problem): Scarecrow has been running from her past for a long time, and it's left her soul visibly worn. Still, her powers are as strong as ever - even if she drinks more than she should.
  • Striking White Hair (Distinctive Style, Astral Beacon, Exceptional Attribute (Charisma)): Scarecrow is distinctive, as is her aura.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Crusading on ToxicsEdward22 December 2083
Irish Wolfcat ride a horseKaterSalemEnemy within13 November 2083
Stream SnipingAsmodeus4 August 2083
Was that just a coincidence?KaterSalemArtifact hunt2 August 2083
FAB 2 CheeseAuroraBaker Wars15 July 2083
Paris Deep InsideKaterSalem5 July 2083
Up High and Down LowKaterSalem28 June 2083
Implement reclamationKaterSalemEnemy within18 May 2083
Here Comes the SunEdward24 April 2083
We Have You Now, YataAurora8 February 2083
An O'Toole From Tir Na NogAurora12 November 2082
Unethical UCAS Army ExperimentsAurora3 November 2082
But Where Has All The Gold Gone?AuroraOrichalcum Traitors24 October 2082
Arms to the PeopleArchtmag14 August 2082
Hard DriveCutierThanThou28 July 2082
KRIMINAL GiftsAurora4 July 2082
Clinic Over BudgetAuroraHail to the Pumpking28 June 2082
Scarecrow In TransitAurora18 June 2082
"Well, Frag."Isaac18 June 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Annar le Mael 6 1 Service Doctor Modus Operadi, Talismonger, Court Healers, Alchemy, Maintained Rituals, House Calls, Medical Experimentation Even
Beatrix 6 1 Networking Embassy Worker Awakened, Tir Tairngire, Foreign Relations, Fey, Tir National, Path of the Wheel, Law Even
Adowa "Moria" Webster 4 3 Fixer DIMR Scientist Hermetic Mage, Decker, Nerd, Draco Foundation Fixer, Arcane-Archaeologist Even
Jet Set 6 3 Custom(A,G,K,N) C-5 Galaxy Owner/Operator Time/Distance, Island Hopper, SAR Squad, JP-5 for Blood, Mister Missile, Aircraft Sensei, Fulton Extraction???, Care Package Inbound, Heavy Lift💪 Even
Al Green 5 1 Legwork FBI agent Federal Investigator, Baseball Fan, Skeptical, FBI Rising Star, Stakeout Duty, Anti-Terrorism Task Force Even
Joseph A. Halberstien 5 2 Service Criminal Defence Attorney Criminal Law Expert, Real, Actual Lawyer, Spirits of Distinction, Maverick Private Detective on Retainer, Yeah, I know a guy., Cost of Doing Business Even
Czech Up 2 4 Service Street Doc Hermetic Mage, Surgeon, Healing Spell Adept Even
Jacqueline Grant 1 3 Networking Bartender Elven Blood, Pointy Ears to the Ground Even
Sir Boris Aldrich Karl Von Altdorf of the Order of the Silver Torch 3 6 Fixer(K,A,N,G) Knight Dragonslayer, Warden, Vampire Hunter, Cult Expert Even
Jake "The Captain" Elliot 2 3 (Blackmailed) Custom(G,A,K,N) Ship Captain On The Far Side, Ship Needs Repairs/Greedy, Sea Smuggler, NYC to France and Back, Loose Lips Sink Ships Even



Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
Rise Up Member 1 15 AnarchoCommunist Group Growing Seattle

Badb Catha, F8 Ally Spirit. Usual form: large crow with silver eyes. Can also take the form of a dark-haired elf with similar eyes.

+2 Knight Errant Rep


- 20 Tir na nOg Rep

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 A primitive farming tool used to scare away birds.
3 Posts on various European runner hosts under the name 'Scarecrow'
6 Footage of a white-haired teen sending an armoured merc flying with a punch

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 What, like the creepy farm things?
3 Mysad from the Tir - no, the other Tir. Good in a fight.
5 Rumour is that she's on the run from someone.


Jessica O'Connor, Rating 4 UCAS Fake with Mage, Adept, Firearms, and Restricted Augmentations licences.


A tall, athletic Elf with stark white hair and distinctive facial scaring. She usually wears an armoured suit, as that's the only decent piece of clothing she owns. She has a pair of intricately decorated gloves - for channelling her magic. She also has a necklace with an amulet, inscribed with words relating to her path in Sperethiel. Her magic tends to manifest as silvery energy.


Matrix Persona

Media Mentions

ShadowGrid Profile Comments


Chummer has bugged out and is insisting I deserve both the magician and adept bonuses for Mentor's mask. That's what the unspent powerpoint is from.