We Have You Now, Yata

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We Have You Now, Yata
LocationSeward, AK
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Evo
Master Morty
Frag Face
Travnikov Matvei Nikolayevich
Ulanova Selinka Olegovna
Casualties and losses
None 029 captured, 2 grunts, 2 deckers, mage and explorer slain, 3 spirits disrupted, 4 grunts wounded.


Evo hatched a plan to capture Yata and Frag Face by kidnapping Yata's family. It worked, but not quite how they expected.


Evo, in an attempt to capture two particularly prevalent thorns in their side, captured Yata's family and gave her 24 hours to surrender herself, or terrible things would happen to them. So Yata called in backup.

The Meet

Master Morty, Frag Face, Scarecrow, and Yata met at a safehouse that Frag Face secured from Warboss, where Master Morty worked his Matrix magic to determine where Yata's family were being held.

The Plan

Fly to Seward, do some scouting, attempt to interrogate a researcher, then get 'em.

The Run

Frag Face used his connection with Warboss to line up a round trip flight to Seward, as well as a safehouse for a week on their return. While they were prepping for the trip, Scarecrow summoned a spirit in order to do some preliminary scouting, and determined a more exact location of the building. The flight allowed Master Morty to do some research on their target location, an ostensibly abandoned building near an Evo physics research facility. The proximity to the research facility perked Morty's interest, and he found that they were researching into graphene, a single molecule thick sheet of carbon that's one of the strongest materials known. Shortly after landing, they went looking for a researcher, and found that they were looking into folding graphene into cubes, and every time they completed one, it was whisked away, but not shown to the world, other than the prototype they found. Which... Happened to be the only thing that Frag Face has not yet been able to punch a hole in.

After that, they rented a van, and used it to drill a hole in the parking lot to attempt to access the fiber optic cables that ran from the building to another one nearby. They were able to, and Morty was able to get a bit of intel, but he was discovered by a pair of Deckers. After trading a few dataspikes, the Deckers retreated, and the three fire spirits started the fight, setting fire to the van, and surrounding the party. They were swiftly dealt with, the enemy mage chiming in with spells, and the explorer chiming in with a monowhip foci on the Astral, though between Scarecrow and Frag Face's Harmonious Defense and Counterspelling, neither managed to deal any damage. After the spirits were dealt with, the party headed inside, where the mage had set up loads of alchemical preps. Frag Face set one off with a Horizon Flying Eye, which destroyed the drone, and damaged a lot of the other preps, which was followed by Scarecrow blasting more with lightning bolts.

They made their way into the basement, where they met 029, another subject that was part of the same program who made Frag Face, who seemed to be somewhat upset that they hadn't both managed to escape. He wound up being very nearly a match for Frag Face, particularly with the 6 grunts taking shots at him. Master Morty provided very effective matrix coverage, using I am the Firewall to provide the team with extra defense, while Scarecrow tanked the enemy initiative with lightning bolts and other spells. Yata, meanwhile, did some damage with her ARs, but was clearly being carried through. The Deckers made another appearance and tried to take Master Morty out, but were quickly rebuffed.

Eventually, through skilled use of Nerve Strike, Frag Face disabled 029, but not without taking a few hits of his own, and when 029 went down, the grunts started getting second thoughts. After Yata dropped one of them, they retreated, followed by another of the grunts dropping. Scarecrow eventually dropped the enemy mage, which led to the Explorer attempting to drag them out, though both were eventually finished off. With the opfor defeated, that left only finding Yata's family. Which happened to be behind a wall composed of graphene. It took Frag Face 4 hits to break a hole large enough to walk through, and inside, they found Yata's family, unconscious. They extracted her family, and 029, and after assembling a few discreet taxis, made their way back to the airport, and Seattle.


Evo's out several million nuyen and a few employees, Yata's family is safe but in need of therapy. 029 is in need of therapy... Let's be honest, everyone involved probably needs therapy. >.>


  • 20k nuyen - 10 RVP
  • 25 karma - 25 RVP
  • 10 CDP - 4 RVP
  • +1 Street Cred - 1 RVP
  • -50 Evo Rep
  • Yata and Frag Face: Wanted level goes up by 300k nuyen
  • Frag Face: Dependents (Nuisance) as 029 gets therapy

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