FAB 2 Cheese

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FAB 2 Cheese
Part of Baker Wars
LocationDowntown Seattle
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Saul Goodman
Reach Fuileach Hermetic Sciences Department of the University of Seattle
Red Flower
Payton Mcpherson
F8 Fire Spirit
F6 Water Spiritx3
Casualties and losses
None Total loss Total


Saul Goodman is back, and he wants more cheese for his creations. FAB cheese, to be precise. He's got a special order from someone high up the food chain in S&K, and he definitely doesn't want to disappoint.


Saul Goodman has ordered this cheese before, through the ever reliable Shadowhaven resources. This time though, he needs a lot of it, and he needs it tomorrow. There's just something about the mood altering, mind altering, and aura altering substance that Saul loves, and he wants to impress his most draconic of customers...

The Meet

The crew meets at the Underground Bakery, finding Saul working happily away in the back. As always, Saul offers them all samples of his goodies, to which all but Scarecrow's ally spirit Babh Cath decline. The spirit is wildly impressed, but addicted. The pastry chef explains that a Renraku facility just outside the University of Seattle has a FAB Cheese that he needs to impress his latest client. He's willing to pay 24k a head, provided the cheese is delivered by the next day. The team agrees, and heads off to the local (Not)Denny's, and begins to gather information for the run.

The Plan

Heading into the Matrix, Canis easily finds the facility, and begins to hack into it's Host. Skimmer meanwhile scouts the physical location for spirit activity, while Scarecrow and Red Flower get in touch with some of their contacts. Canis learns that the Renraku Bacterial Research Center has discovered a fluorescing astral bacteria, with the peculiar properties of retaining its astrally sensitive properties without being harmful, glowing magically, and an ever-changing flavor pallet. Right next door is a Knight Errant station, who are not directly contracted as security, but can be expected to react if any alarms go off. Skimmer notes several water spirits and a fire spirit lingering around the facility, suggesting a fairly formidable magic defense force. Canis also notes that there is always at least one mage on site from the Hermetic Science Department of the University of Seattle, sometimes more. Finally, Skimmer notes that there are charged wards over the doors, sensitive to magic.

While Canis continues to dodge detection within the Host, she manages to also collect the floor plan and personnel roster for the facility. Having overstayed her welcome with an Overwatch Score of 58, Canis slips out the matrix unharmed. Armed with the knowledge of the personnel files, the team decides that Red Flower is a close enough body type to one of the Assistants by the name of Kate Callahan. With a little ingenuity and a programmable synthmask, Red Flower is able to assume the guise of the unsuspecting assistant. Scarecrow calls Jake Elliot, to arrange for two fake SIN's for herself and Red Flower, while Red Flower calls up Frank Grover, a corrupt cop with just the right ties to Knight Errant. After a promise of many donuts from the Underground Bakery, Frank agrees to provide a distraction for Knight Errant, so that they will be unable to respond in any reasonable fashion. Thus prepared, the team dons their respective disguises and heads to the facility.

The Run

As the team pulls up to the facility and begin their approach, they are suddenly interrupted by the lights and sounds of alarms going off. Maintaining their calm, they sit quietly as Knight Errant patrol cars go speeding by, hot to respond to some distant issue. Sighing in relief, The team continues, with Red Flower and Scarecrow making the approach, Skimmer and Canis in the waiting cargo van, suited up in full kit just in case something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

After a bit of chit chat, the guard scans their SIN's, noting an irregularity with Scarecrow. While Canis feeds the information to Scarecrow through DNI, Scarecrow successfully answers all the security questions, and manages to pass a second scan. Waving them on their way, the security guard returns to viewing his Most Urban Brawl episode. The two fake scientists move down to the cheese room, and with a bit of help from Canis and a data tap, manage to get through the security door and locate the cheese. Loading it all onto a handily available wooden cart, they begin to wheel the prize out the door.

Meanwhile Skimmer notes the glint of something shiny on a nearby rooftop, and also notes two heavily armed and armored metahumans making a move on the facility. Suspecting a rival team is after the cheese, the team prepares to defend it's prize at all costs. Inside the facility, Scarecrow encounters to more assault types and immediately responds with a massive punch spell, nearly crippling one of the opfor. Scarecrow notes the badges on the enemy, which declare them to be Tir na Nog Republican Corps, elite security forces apparently sent to hunt her down. Keeping this information to herself, She and her ally spirit go to work taking them out, while Red Flower pushes the cheese cart up to the waiting van and starts loading.

Skimmer manages to avoid direct fire from the assault troops on the van, and manages to lean out the window with his Barret 122 to suddenly explode the Sniper's head with a Bullseye Burst. With the cheese loaded and Canis desperately using I Am The Firewall, despite the enemy decker's attempt to fry her brain, Skimmer peels out of the yard. Not willing to just leave the Tir assassins alone, Scarecrow and her ally spirit blast them with dual Ball Lightnings, eliminating the Tir forces, the Spirit forces, and anything else left standing.


Skimmer calmly drives away, avoiding all suspicious activities, and garnering no attention from local security forces. Payton Mcpherson and the Fire Spirit make themselves known one last time, if only to let the runners know that they have seen their faces, and will make sure they pay for stealing his research material. Skimmer takes a shot and misses, but the spirits have done what they came for and dissipate. The runners make arrangements for Saul to get his cheese, are paid, and leave satisfied with their efforts.


20k Nuyen (10 RVP)

7 Karma (7 RVP)

-4k total to Lifestyle costs (can be spread out over multiple months from pastry coupons) (1 RVP)

6 CDP (2RVP)

-20 Tir Na Nog Rep for all except Skimmer

+2 Knight Errant Rep, for donuts


Saul Goodman (Connection 5 Pastry Chef) Loyalty 2 (6 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Well, that was fun! Working for Saul is always a blast, and this time it was for cheese! I got a big bag of pastries for Saint Nick as well, so job security is secured. I've been itching to use my new Barrett, and it didn't disappoint. Teach those guys to run around in Mil-Spec Armor that I can't afford or get my hands on... The Professor spirit guy seemed awful angry, but Saul was extremely pleased. All in all it went really well, and I would be happy to work with this team again in the future. Now to head home and make breakfast for the family."

Red Flower

Oh yes, so many new things to discover. Underground bakery really interesting. The pastries are a must. I wonder if we shouldn't let Saul work for the cartel, I'd be interested to see what he can do with our drugs in his baked goods. I'll keep that in mind as a side project. The run was going well until those crazies showed up in Mil spec Armor. What were they after? Not the cheese, that's for sure.


Well, that was a fragging drek-show when those mil-spec guys showed up. Still, the job went well before that. Also, awakened cheese? More likely than you'd think in the 6th World.