Implement reclamation

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Implement reclamation
Part of Enemy within
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Mr. Cromwell
Octagon Triade
Max Pain
La Rapide
1xAugmented Basilisk
7xRoto Drones
1xCombat Mage
1xFire Spirit
1xAugmented Guard
Casualties and losses
Fire Spirit, all Drones


The runners are given the task to find out where some stolen goods from GDI have disappeared to and to retrieve them.


In the run (Breathe Into Your Lung, Breathe Out Slowly), some valuable goods were stolen from GDI. While Mr. Cromwell had to make sure they didn't get into trouble with the authorities, the goods were searched for in secret. Through targeted bribery and threats, Mr. Cromwell was able to obtain an Octagon Triad schedule. After some research work, GDI was also able to find out that their weapons were being stored in a secret location. However, they could not find out where this location is. There are also indications that the goods are to be loaded onto the ship Wave Breaker, which sails under the flag of Wuxing. Since the Wave Breaker arrives in 3 days at the latest, Mr. Cromwell has to speed up the whole process. Unfortunately he can't find a contact who knows or can assign the secret location. However, the calendar shows that Li Fong, a member of the Triad on the middle hierarchy level, has already visited the place once. Li Fong is the manager of the Disco Asia Dragon in Tacoma Little Asia.

The Meet

The Runners are contacted by their fixers and sent to the Harrington Hotel where they are led by Alexis to Mr. Cromwell. After a good cup of coffee or tea and some cookies, Mr. Cromwell explains the situation (see Background). He offers the runners 20,000 Nuyen and a discount on GDI goods. The Runners accept and are given the Octagon Triad calendar.

The Plan

The team tries to find out some information about their target Li Fong through the matrix and are able to get some information but nothing that will help them in the context of the safe house. Therefore, they decide to go on site to confront Li Fong directly, hack his commlink or kidnap him.

The Run

The runners go to Asia Dragon which is a mixture of disco and Asian restaurant. In order not to attract attention they behave like paying guests until 8133D3R goes to the toilet and dives into the matrix to find Li Fong's persona. Of course, the whole thing turns out to be difficult because he has no idea what the persona should look like. However, thanks to physical observation, he is able to determine that one of the bartenders is a Tiraden member. After hacking his commlink, the group finds out that Li Fong is quite paranoid with his commlink and has it off most of the time. They also find a map of the building on the commlink and can determine where Li Fong's office is. Max Pain, La Rapide and Scarecrow go to the back entrance which is opened by Scarecrow with a car picker. Thanks to magic and ghost support they can sneak undetected to Li Fong's office. Li Fong is present and is quickly knocked out. After a brief investigation of the office, Li Fong's deactivated commlink can also be discovered. They grab Li Fong and the commlink, cast an invisibility spell on Li Fong and sneak out of the club to leave for Redmond together with 8133D3R. In an abandoned building, Scarecrow dives into Li Fong's mind and is able to determine the coordinates of the secret lair. She also becomes aware of two security measures. The compound is protected by a larger number of basilisks and a drone swarm is also deployed.

The group researches and together they find out that basilisks can be distracted by chicken meat and can be incapacitated with the right addition of Nacojet. The runners organize the meat and Narcojet through contacts. Thus prepared, they set off for the safe house on the Snohomish River in Everett. The basilisks can be taken out with the help of the chicken meat but it attracts the attention of the drones and the guards. A fight ensues between the runners and some drones, two guards and a fire spirit that the runners manage to win. The guards are taken out (not murdered) and taken outside. Mr. Cromwell sends a transporter and the Runners load the military goods. Afterwards the hideout is torched.


Mr. Cromwell recovered much of his losses and GDI is better off than before.


  • 20.000 Nuyen (10 RVP) or double of this as Forbiden or Restricted Armor, Weapons, Cyberware or Bioware up to AV 19
  • 7 Karma (7 RVP)
  • 8 CDP (3 RVP)

Optional (for RVP above):

  • Mr. Cromwall (6/3) for 8 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  ● Max Pain

Max decided to leave the scene after finishing off the rest of the mercs. He was disappointed the fact his team has already stormed into the warehouse, probably should've done more to help them out a surprise attack. He managed to take out many of the drones before they could do more harm than done. After the initial attack he packed his guns to load in the trunk of his Honda Artemis, went to Mr.Cromwell for his payment, and went back to his old life. His girlfriend didn't suspect a thing when he came home with some roses. Max didn't want to come home empty handed so he brought roses N' pancakes for her. He's a cold-blooded outlaw, but still has a small heart.