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Dunkelzahn's legacy contained some clues to lost artifacts from times past. Dunkelzahn had distributed these clues in his legacy in such a way that neither party alone was able to find these artifacts. His calculation worked for decades because the parties were not willing to share their knowledge. However, in secret it was worked on by espionage to get the necessary information from the other parties. Today, three parties are able to find some of the lost artifacts and are on the hunt for these and other clues.


The Sea Dragon

Inherited some clues and put together more pieces of the puzzle through clever espionage. She works largely in secret, as is her nature, and uses other groups for her own purposes.

Important Members

  • Sphinx is an elf and drake from the brood of Dunkelzahn. His Drake nature awoke late when he was already an accomplished mage and shadowrunner. In search of his roots, he landed in a indirect way at Sea Dragon, which took care of him.


The book is an anchor for a high level (F>20) Master Shedim. When you open the book you see nothing at first, then letters and pictures appear and your mind is pulled into the book (you don't die right away but over time). The Master Shedim then takes over your body. Dragons can control the Shedim with the artifact. If the Shedim is displaced or its host body dies, it ends up back in the book and is not destroyed.

  • Crystal spear of eternal wide
  • Water that belongs to no one


Lofwyr has also inherited some clues. However, he is not as careful in trying to put the pieces together as Sea Dragon is. If he suspects he can get more clues somewhere, he hires active runners to get them, no matter the costs.

Important Members

  • Nebelherr


  • The red shield - Lofwyr gets his claws on the red shield, as a result of the run Danzing with a Dragon - the Movie
  • Crystal spear of eternal wide
  • Gem of beautiful things

Frankfurter Bankenverein

Nachtmeister was also in possession of some clues and as Nachtmeisters sole heir Monika Stüeler-Waffenschmidt is in possession of these clues. She already possesses some artifacts from Nachtmeister's hoard that allow her to stand up to Lofwyr. Monika wants to secure this further and in particular get hold of artifacts that can be dangerous to dragons.

Important Members

  • Monika Stüeler-Waffenschmidt once Nachtmeister's protégée and foster daughter, is CEO and majority shareholder of the Frankfurter Bankenverein.


  • The red shield
  • Crystal spear of eternal wide
  • ring of dimensions


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