Danzing with a Dragon - the Movie

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Danzing with a Dragon - the Movie
Part of Artifact hunt
LocationHamburg, Munich
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Amélia Bezerra
Black Lodge Frankfurter Bankenverein
Triple Trouble Gustav Kurz
8xhired Guns
Sir Richard Salburg
Air Spirit
Casualties and losses
all eaten by Nebelherr


TT travels to Hamburg for the shooting of her new film. In the course of this she comes into contact with a dragon fan club and is supposed to steal an artifact for Nebelherr. She succeeds in recovering the artifact and eliminating the agent of the Frankfurt banking association. However, she incurs the eternal wrath of a Black Lodge member.


Gustav Kurz a member of a Black Lodge cell in Munich uses a local noble dragon fan club (people who think dragons are cool and collect artifacts from dragons but don't want to give any of them away) to get information for real artifacts (most of the stuff from the fan club is junk like the first office chair Lofwyr sat on). In the course of the Fan Club's information, however, he managed to get on the trail of the Red Shield artifact and recovered it. He currently keeps it hidden in a safe deposit box in Munich. Gustav Kurz appears in the Dragon Fan Club as Count Albert von Tannendorf and he has managed to disguise this cover identity very well. However, when he had one too many glasses of whisky, he lost control a bit and showed off to Baron Kasper von Zeutsch with the red shield. He couldn't keep his mouth shut and the rumor spread that a member of the noble Dragon Fan Club is in possession of the artifact. Monika Stüeler-Waffenschmidt CEO of the Frankfurter Bankenverein heard these rumors and managed to hire the young and aspiring member of the club Sir Richard Salburg to search for the red shield and get it for her. At the same time Lofwyr got the information and since the club is located in Munich the old worm thought it was time to make Nebelherr realize that he is in his debt. So he makes it clear to Nebelherr that he has to get the artifact for him - mistakes are unacceptable. Nebelherr nibbles on this nut for a while now and has already hinted in the run The book of a dragon that he wants to do a movie project with TT. Of course only with the ulterior motive to "use" TT to attract the attention of the dragon fan club with them so that TT can track down the artifact for him. So Nebelherr and his spokeswoman Amélia Bezerra start a film project ("Danzing with a Dragon") over the DeMeKo with Nebelherr as the main attraction.

The Meet

TT is called directly by Amélia Bezerra and it is made clear to her that she is in debt to Amélia and therefore must participate in a DeMeKo film. Flights are already booked for next Monday and she has to take care of the trouble with Ace Powers herself. TT calls Ace, but he is not very enthusiastic. TT feigns connection problems and hangs up. However it knocks one hour later on the door and some Horizon thugs stand before TTs door around them into the office of Ace to accompany. After some back and forth Ace agrees to let TT go if she makes a deal with Amélia that he can have an aging starlet of DeMeKo in exchange for TT. After some negotiation with TT, Amélia agrees to let Ace have the starlet who is currently just getting fat and partying. She has forgotten, however, that decades ago she once made a bet with young Ace that this starlet would never work for him. Let's see who has to pay for that later. After all this is clarified and TT has organized a transport for her illegal equipment threw Alias it goes off to Hamburg. Where TT is introduced by Amélia the film crew in particular the director Tim Lang and her assistant Simone Bauer assigned for the film.

The Plan

It is planned to carry out some shooting to promote the film with generous advertising budget and then some time later to give a ball that should allow TT to get in touch with the dragon fans.

The Run

The first relevant scene goes ok for TT, but the stuntmen who are left are so bad that Tim fires them all afterwards. Before the second relevant scene, TT makes a detour to the DeMeKo marketing department, where she can intimidate the guard at the entrance and is thus allowed to see the boss. She can convince the elf to focus the ads outside of the German mark on her and not on Nebelherr. Then comes the second relevant scene of the film in which TT and a Nebelherr double have a romantic kiss scene at the port of Hamburg. This scene works very well. Then it comes to the ball where TT makes contact with Sir Richard Salburg, who puts out his feelers for information about dragons. She manages to get an invitation to a meeting of the Dragon Fan Club, which is about to have a party near Munich. After a short conversation with Nebelherr, the evening was over.

Before visiting the Dragon Fan Club Party, there is still the third decisive scene. Lofwyr explicitly insisted on this scene where TT has to say: "I would never hang up on a conversation with Lofwyr." On this occasion, Lofwyr and Nebelherr also appear in their dragon form in Hamburg and observe whether TT conveys this in a credible way. This scene is a full success. Then it's off to the party accompanied by a DeMeKo bodyguard. The property is well protected and TT is greeted curiously by the nobles, who pester them with questions about the film and Nebelherr. When TT asks about dragon artifacts, she is presented with the first office chair Lofwyr sat on. When they explicitly asks for the Red Shield (with the door falling into the house) the mood becomes icy and then heated as the nobles insult each other. Gustav Kurz uses a good opportunity to disappear and TT follows him into the underground car park but, despite a spell, cannot stop him from flying. Sir Richard follows her and confronts her. After some back and forth, he admits that he's also after the Red Shield. He also has pretty much all the information together to steal the red shield from a bank safe deposit box in Munich. Unfortunately, he still needs someone who could play the Count and TT would be just right for that. She agrees and talks him into getting the DNA samples. However, he does not want to hand over the fake SIN right away. They agree to strike together in three days. Richard does not trust TT and use the opportunity to place a bug and has put TT under surveillance.

TT gets a fake SIN for the count via alias and goes to the bank in Munich the day before meeting Richard. Nebelherr follows her unobtrusively and places some of his black Scherrifs at the entrance to the bank. TT manages to comprehensively deceive the bank director and is taken to the safe deposit boxes. Stupid white the count owns five of them. Them is left alone but is under camera surveillance. Them manages to secretly open two of the boxes with her burglary tools, but the other three refuse. TT casts an obvious physical spell and she can open the other crates as well, albeit triggering the bank's grand alarm. Them grabs the artifact and runs into the reception area, nearly colliding with the Count and eight of his bodyguards. The Count was automatically informed about the activities and therefore immediately left for the bank (he lives not far from the bank). TT manages to disappear unobtrusively via a side exit, but then them stumbles into the next surprise - Sir Richard. He was waiting for TT because he hadn't left TT unobserved and is now demanding that the shield be handed over. TT doesn't agree with this and Sir Richard, a hired mercenary, and an air spirit exchange blows. The whole thing is observed by Nebelherr, who is not far away in a side alley and is already starting to take off his good suit so that he can show himself in his dragon form. When TT gets into serious trouble, Nebelherr steps in and eats Sir Richard and the mercenary. He grabs TT and the artefact and flies with her to Herreninsel on Chimsee.

After this part of the run has been successfully completed, the film still has to be finished. TT pulls off a perfect drama scene with the Nebelherr double, but manages to look better than him in the process. The final scene is the fall from a high-rise where TT is caught by Nebelherr and Tim is able to persuade TT to actually let himself be kicked off the high-rise. Luckily, Nebelherr is a true master of aerial acrobatics and all goes well.


  • At the party a few weeks after release, TT meets Lofwyr again in his human form and is ordered to his table by him. Lofwyr questions TT and when asked whether TT regrets having hung up the call at the time, TT lies to Lofwyr. However, Lofwyr doesn't see through this lie, but makes it clear to TT that she's not off the hook and that her new liaison officer is Amrei Veidt.
  • The movie is a 5 star blockbuster that will make TT big around the world. Of course, working with kites in public and getting a lot of attention has its downsides.
  • Ace is pretty pissed with TT right now.


  • Fame Local to Fame Global (12 RVP) for this badass Movie with a Dragon
  • Buy off Wanted FBI (10 RVP) pulling some strings
  • Amelia L3 (3RVP)
  • Amrei Veidt C6L1 (5RVP + 2 CDP)

  • + 1 Chip for Amélia Bezerra
  • - 2 Chip for Ace Powers
  • +1 Notority
  • +5 Public Awarenes

  • + 20 DeMeKo Rep
  • + 5 S-K Rep
  • - 20 Black Lodge Rep

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