Unethical UCAS Army Experiments

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Unethical UCAS Army Experiments
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven UCAS Army Modified Ghouls
7 Modified Ghouls
Casualties and losses
Scrappenny's drone Red 1 Modified Ghoul (Sunbeam)
Scrappenny suffers the effects of Flashbacks 1 (Unethical Medical Experiments) during this run due to a critical glitch on composure.


The UCAS Army hires Scrappenny, and by extension Tanuki and Scarecrow, to clean up a mess of their own creation. The runners 'complete' the job by saving 6 of the 7 ghouls instead of killing them (and also trashing the facility that created them).


The UCAS Army experimented on some ghouls who were former Army members, implanting them with cybernetic and biological enhancements, in a small facility to the East of Hell's Kitchen in Puyallup. Unfortunately for the Army, these ghouls managed to kill the researchers and take over the facility.

The Meet

When told that she's going to work for the UCAS Army, Scrappenny has a panic attack and freaks out. Her brother doses her with Zen to get her to calm down right before her meet with the UCAS Army Johnson, on the matrix, so she's high on a hallucinogen during the meeting. The Johnson offers her 24k nuyen, double that in discretionary funds for other runners, and access to the UCAS Army Motor Pool. Scrappenny agrees.

Scrappenny puts out a call for help, urgent, over the ShadowHaven app and Scarecrow and Tanuki apply in and agree to the terms.

The Plan

The team calls Doctor O+ for some information, and he tells the them that there was a gang in the area of the base that disappeared. He's asked about if he knows anything about ghouls in the area, and he doesn't really. He says if there are ghouls in the area they've been very careful, which indicates intelligence.

The team decides to scout out the building with a microskimmer. They manage to sneak in through a small crack in the wall and determine that inside there's many modern cameras and a Faraday cage inside a small room inside this decrepit building. They decide that since the lower levels are Faraday caged from the surface they're going to use Improved Invisibility and Concealment to sneak into the building.

They pick the locks to get inside the building, and then again to get into the small room, which contains an elevator. They all pile in, though the ghouls below spot one of the drones via the interior cameras.

The Run

As soon as the doors open, one of the ghouls fires at the drone they spotted. Scarecrow responds with a Sunbeam killing that ghoul, and the rest of the ghouls attempt to take out as many of the runners as possible using grenades, retractable claws, and Yamaha Raidens. During the fight it comes out the ghouls are terrified of the UCAS Army experimenting on them again, and eventually they surrender. Scrappenny is having a panic attack at the end as well due to the revelations.

The team explorers the interior of the facility and finds several cages the ghouls were being kept in along with several computers and operating tables. This horrifies the team, who purposely destroys everything expensive-looking inside the facility. They also take the 6 surviving ghouls and transport them to Doctor O+'s place to keep them safe.


Scarecrow calls the Johnson and says the ghouls were all murdered and that the facility was destroyed during the fight. With some help from Tanuki and Scrappenny the Johnson believes her. The 6 surviving ghouls are safe as well... for now.


  • 24k nuyen or double that of items up to 19 availability that count as military gear, also Rating 6 Pilot Programs for Drones - 12 RVP
  • 4 karma - 4 RVP
  • 2 CDP
  • +1 UCAS Army Rep
  • +5 Ghoul Liberation League Rep


  • Initiation 2 Discount

Scrappenny and Tanuki:

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Scrappenny Honestly killing goals is something easy and it's something I'm part of doing every once in a while for my community out in the barrens. The smart ones know to keep their head down and the ones who have lost everything are easier to pick off it's the best way to keep the community safe… it's even more difficult when dealing with those who have a reason to fight and just trying to keep on going which each in the passing day it's not pretty it's just life.