Paris Deep Inside

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Paris Deep Inside
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
Elizabeth Babbage
Esprit Industries Bloodmage Cult
La Rapide
Voice of the Whirlwind
7xSurveillance command F11 Free Greater Blood Shade Spirit, 3xBloodmages, 2xBloodspirits, 1xFirespirit
Casualties and losses
IG Run for La Rapide, Scarecrow, Pell; Mundane Ascension for Whirlwind


The Runners tear off to Paris to search for the missing Louis Richaud. The search ends in the Paris catacombs and in a deadly battle with a Bloodmage cult led by a free Blood Shade Spirit.


Aztechnology and Saeda-Krupp engaged in a battle for control of Esprite Industries in the past. Aztechnology used blood magic in this fight and killed Chuck Volle a friend of the vampire Louis Richaud (who in turn is the best friend of Rap's lover Charles Bonsoir). The mission was a success but S-K was able to track down and disable the blood mages and spirit responsible. However, the Greater Blood Shade was able to gain his freedom in this move and since then hunted down all the family members of Chuck Volle in Paris to feed his power. At the time of the run, the free spirit is now very powerful and has begun building a blood mage cult in the Parisian underground by corrupting some Aztechnology mages. Lois Richaud a decker and hobby journalist investigates for years in the case of disappeared partygoers in Paris (in connection with the Paris catacombs) and comes after some research behind that also meanwhile all family members of his disappeared friend counts to the victims. During his investigation, he has several encounters with his old friend, who always withdrew when he saw Lois Richaud and became more and more of a game. Recently, Lois decided to get to the bottom of the matter with Charles and he was able to capture information from S-K and Aztechnology in several hacks. Equipped with this knowledge, he sets off into the catacombs, convinced that he knows where to find his old "friend" and stop him. But he underestimates the situation and is overwhelmed by the blood mages. At the same time, Esprite Industries becomes aware of the hack in their system (which was used to access Aztech data) and sends a surveillance team to the place where the hack originated.

Shortly before his disappearance, Louis was in contact with Elisabeth and told her that he would try a dangerous hack. Louis has not contacted Elisabeth since then or responded to her attempts to contact him. Therefore, she is in great concern.

The mentor spirit Wolf is aware of a wolf pack, which is very dear to him, that accidentally got into the Paris catacombs and is now threatened by the blood mages there. Wolf was able to hide the pack, but its escape is blocked by the Blood Mages' base. Therefore, Wolf decides to send La Rapide, who knows Paris, to Paris and asks for help from other mentors.

Dragonslayer responds to Wolf's call because he has known for some time the hiding place of a Spirit formula in the catacombs. This formula is also threatened by the blood mages. He decides to send Scarcrow, who he thinks is a bit lonely and could use a battle buddy.

Bear has been trying to teach Pell how to better ward off spells for a long time. Unfortunately, Pell doesn't seem to understand that very well. When Wolf asks for help it is natural for Bear to offer his help and since Bear thinks that Pell learns best in practice he sends her to help the others as a bear should.

The Meet

The magic gifted La Rapide, Pell and Scarecrow are sent to Paris by their mentor spirits. The exact task is, however, mentor-typically vague and the Runners decide to make a little vacation out of it.

Voice of the Whirlwind is contacted by Elizabeth Babbage because her old friend the vampire Lois Richaud (whom she knows from a semester abroad) had contact with her shortly before his disappearance and hinted at doing something dangerous. Elizabeth is very worried and sends Whirlwind to Paris to look for Lois, starting with his apartment.

While Whirlwind arrives a little later in Paris and then leaves with a cab driver directly to the apartment of Loui, the other runners spend a little sight seeing under the guidance of their mentors which ends in a bar "le petit croissant". There they meet the vampire Alice Flamant who knows Raps from her time in Paris. However, Raps can't remember her at all. Alice informs Raps that her old friend Louis has been missing for three days and sets the Runners to find out what happened. She tells them about a conspiratorial theory that Louis has been pursuing. The Runners also decide to go to Louis' apatment.

They break into his apartment and investigate. A little later Whirlwind arrives there and after a short "halo" the Runners find some documents with the research results of Louis to the disappeared people and a map of the Paris catacombs with valuable hints which areas are better to avoid and where Louis suspects the blood mages. As the Runners relax and look at the map, the Esprit Industies surveillance team attacks with non-lethal weapons. The team quickly realizes that they are outnumbered by the Runners and retreats.

The Plan

After the small incident with the surveillance team, the runners quickly retreat to a prepared save house. The team takes a closer look at the documents and the map and finds out some details about the backstory. They look for an entrance to the catacombs near the place where Louis suspects the blood mages and set out there. Unfortunately, the place is very busy and they have to go to a more distant but better hidden entrance.

The Run

The runners make good progress at the beginning, but after a while they get lost in the catacombs and need some time to find their way back. Shortly before the end of two hours they manage to find the lair of the blood mages, which is secured with a strong ward. The smell of corpses, blood and organs is in the air. The soft moans of many prisoners who are abused by the blood mages for their magic can be heard. Raps and Whirlwind can pass through the Ward, but are immediately detected by the spirits present inside. The alarmed blood mages use their combat drugs and then attack after they have unfolded their effect. The Runners are hit by powerful blood magic. Whirlwind is temporarily controlled by the spell Blood Doll and a corpse explodes near him. Scarcrow and La Rapid pounce on one of the Blood Mages while Pell has to deal with a Fire Spirit. Scarecrow soon breaks away and attacks the Blood Shade Spirit pretending to be Chuck Volle. She is hit hard by his magic, but the Spirit assesses the situation correctly and assumes that they will lose the fight, so he wants to retreat. He uses his hiding power, but Scarcrow, who is under Gut's influence and suffering from nausea, uses all her luck (Burning Edge) to find the Spirit again. She takes more drugs to catch up with him and continue attacking. In the meantime, Whirlwind and Pell are able to take out the other blood mages and Pell has summoned a powerful spirit. La Rapide has been badly beaten up by two blood spirits in the astral room and lies bleeding on the ground. Using all her skills, Scarecrow finally manages to take out the Blood Shade Spirit.


The mentor spirits of Raps, Pell and Scarecrow reappear. While Bear finally teaches Pell the new metamagic, Scarecrow is led by Dragonslayer to a hidden spirit formula and La Rapide is led by Wolf to the hidden wolf pack which leads them out of the catacombs to safety. Whirlwind, meanwhile, takes care of all the surviving victims of the Blood Mages and leads them to safety on the surface. Louis is alive and Elisabeth is happy about it.


(Semi Prime 40 RVP x1.25 Time Reward)
For Raps, Scarecrow and Pell (Initiation run for all of them):

  • 10.000 Nuyen (5 RVP) from the Vampires
  • 40 Karma (40 RVP)
  • 12 CDP (5 RVP)

For Whirlwind (Mundane Ascension):

  • 80.000 Nuyen (40 RVP) or double for Weapons or Vehicles related to UCAS Military (can buy MITSUBISHI YAKUSOKU MRL)
  • 10 Karma (10 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Optional from above:

  • Sense of Direction (3 RVP)


  • Elizabeth Babbage L5 for (5 RVP)

Scarecrow gets access on a ally spirit spell formular

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, that certainly was intense. We all got good vibes from our mentors, at least, those that have them, I think. Paris was nice, too.

Also, godsdammit, Bear!