Irish Wolfcat ride a horse

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Irish Wolfcat ride a horse
Part of Enemy within
LocationTír na nÓg, Dublin
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Joshua Calvert
Mr. Cromwell
Tír Republican Corps
some TRC Agents
Scarecrow IG Run


The Runners travel to Dublin to help Mr. Cromwell leave the city. The escape succeeds on the back of a horse. Mr. Cromwell gets to enjoy it all transformed into a cat.


As a result of Run Irish Wolfhound has fallen, Mr. Cromwell was taken by his wife to Tir Na Nog where he has been under friendly house arrest until, in his wife's opinion, he is fully recovered (though his wife's and Mr. Cromwell's opinions of what fully recovered means differ significantly). Since he secretly still had a commlink with him, he was able to do some of his work there while recovering from the gunshot wound. However, the security guards, who had his wife with them, discovered his commlink and confiscated it. Joshua Calvert decides to hire some runners to help Mr. Cromwell finish his vacation and get back to Seattle.

The Meet

Scarecrow and Heracles meet with Joshua Calvert at the Harrington Hotel. Joshua asks the Runners to help Mr. Cromwell leave the country using the most subtle methods possible and without using violence. He has already found a way to get the runners in and out of Tir Na Nog. However, he does not trust the smugglers 100%. Therefore he offers to pay for it if the runners find another way. Scarecrow and Heracles agree to the conditions and start preparing.

The Plan

Scarecrow contacts Jet Set to get an alternate route to and from Dublin. However, Jet Set is unable to provide this as it does not have permission to fly over Tir Na Nog. He can, however, provide a contact - Amelia Earhart - who has permission to fly over the Tir. Amelia agrees to fly the Runners to Dublin and back, but makes it clear that she needs 1.5 days notice to fly, as she has to sign up for an official flight plan. Heracles is able to establish a contact for the creation of Fake Sins valid in Tir Na Nog via Handraniel and acquire a Citizen Fake Sin for Scarecrow and a Visitor Fake Sin for him.

The Run

Through Amelia, the two runners gain access to a save house outside Dublin where they can prepare. Heracles dives into the Dublin Matrix and, thanks to the information from Joshua, is able to follow Mr. Cromwell's morning activities. He goes to a hotel for breakfast every morning. There, he sits down at the bar. Joshua has also given the runners a password to make sure that Mr. Cromwell trusts them. Together with Scarecrow's Allyspirit, they also discover that Mr. Cromwell is being continuously tailed. Scarecrow sends her Ally out to investigate Mr. Cromwell's apartment and the hotel. The apartment is protected by a ward, but the hotel has many areas that are unprotected. The Runners therefore decide to try to get through the hotel. The plan is to give the bartender a message for Mr. Cromwell to go to the bathroom where the Runners are waiting for him. Scarecrow then wants to turn Mr. Cromwell into an animal so that they can secretly leave the hotel and go to the airport. Scarecrow visits the hotel and convinces the bartender to deliver the message in two days. Amelia, meanwhile, is informed of the departure plan. However, Scarecrow is recognized by a secret service agent who is monitoring the hotel and follows him for a short time. However, Scarecrow is able to shake him off. The Runners decide that Heracles will go to the hotel in two days and smuggle in Scarecrow transformed into a mouse. The Runners organize two more vehicles for the day of the escape. The plan works Mr. Cromwell gets the message and comes into the toilet. Scarecrow turns Mr. Cromwell into a cat and thanks to an intervention by the Edge, Heracles manages to smuggle a mouse and a cat out of the hotel. However, the watchers quickly become aware of the disappearance and Heracles has forgotten that he installed a tracking chip as a visitor. He only notices this when the TRC team is already chasing them in a van. Amelia contacts them and informs them that their SINs are wanted but gives them a hint on how to get to the airport. With a combined effort in the Matrix and while driving, the runners can shake off the pursuers. They decide to get rid of their car and Scarecrow turns their Allyspirit into a horse. Together with Heracles and Mr. Cromwell (still as a cat) they ride across the highway to the airport. Once there, the horse turns into a raven and the runner turns into a mouse. The raven flies all three straight into the plane. After all this activity Mr. Cromwell needs a whiskey. The runners arrive in Seattle unharmed.


Mr. Cromwell is back in Seattle.


  • 20.000 Nuyen (10 RVP) or double for Armor, Weapons, Cyberware and Bioware (including Genware)
  • 9 Karma (9 RVP)
  • 4 CDP (1 RVP)
  • Scarecrow IG Reward


  • Mr. Cromwell (C6L3) (8 RVP)
  • Joshua Calvert (C6L2) (7 RVP)


  • Blandness (8 RVP)


  • Catlike (7 RVP)

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