But Where Has All The Gold Gone?

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But Where Has All The Gold Gone?
Part of Orichalcum Traitors
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Astrid's New Team
Hatano Mori
Astrid Fox
April Lloyd
Averie Garrett
Alisha Dodson
Casualties and losses
April Lloyd, Averie Garret, Alisha Dodson


Sharog had a new shipment of Radical Refined Gold stolen from her by a previous employee, Astrid Fox, who worked for her on Aggasou's Blessing. She hires a new team of runners to retrieve it.


Radical Refined Gold is one of the three ingredients needed to make Orichalcum, and is thus very valuable.

The Meet

The meet is held at a McDonald's in Bellevue with an extremely large play-place. Sharog shows up several minutes late due to her three children causing a delay. At the meet, she sets up a white noise generator and tells the team that some Radical Refined Gold was stolen from her by a former employee, but if they can track it down with her information she'll split the pile evenly among everyone (including herself). The gold was being hidden in a shipment of Tilsit cheese.

The Plan

The team head's to Grasshopper's place in Tacoma to plan, since the shipment was stolen from Tacoma. Scarecrow calls Al Green who promises to deliver the criminals if he gives her information on the team Astrid is running with now. He agrees, and provides some information. Grasshopper then finds some footage on the matrix that goes over the attack, showing four people who assault the cargo container and stealing the gold (but leaving the cheese behind), piling it into a truck and driving off. They also quickly realize that it's likely not in Tacoma anymore due to the DA's crackdown and the proximity to the crime. However, Dandy also realizes that due to the value of the shipment they're likely still on the waterfront so they can quickly move it.

Hatano Mori and a spirit summoned by Scarecrow attempt to search Everett near Snohomish, but are unable to find anything. Eventually, Dandy calls Max Malini who promises to look into the team for him IF Dandy agrees to perform in his Circus Of Crime with his pet Cougar. Dandy reluctantly agrees, and Scarecrow and Hatano Mori go to cheer him on. He does well, though Max Malini is only somewhat impressed. He does however hold up his end of the bargain: April Lloyd has poor matrix security practices despite being a technomancer, and a geo-tagged photo appeared briefly on the matrix that he was able to track down.

The Run

Hatano Mori heads to the location on the astral to scout it out, and finds a ward around the warehouse they're hiding out in. She isn't able to get much information though. Grasshopper sends some drones to scout it out after the team arrives a couple blocks away, and is able to confirm that Astrid's new team is inside (playing Terraforming Mars). However, he is discovered by April who starts trying to data spike him. He quickly goes offline, and the team prepares to attack the building.

[[[Grasshopper]] drives up in Dandy's Gopher and fires a High Explosive grenade at the door, which explodes. Inside, they see that the other team has also prepared. There is a brutal fight in which Dandy and Hatano Mori go down, but Astrid's team is also knocked out and Astrid herself is half dead, so she attempts to flee to the ocean. Grasshopper, wanting none of that, shoots out her boat's motor, so she jumps into the water to escape, sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

The runners do find 50 drams of Radical Refined Gold, though, and call Sharog to collect their reward.


Astrid Fox is still at large, but Al Green has imprisoned the other three for the time being.


  • 48k nuyen worth of Radical Refined Gold or half that as nuyen - 12 RVP
  • 4 karma - 4 RVP
  • 2 CDP


  • Sharog at Loyalty 3 for -6 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Hatano Mori

I haven't been in Seattle long, but the opportunities are pretty good so far. My first run wasn't so bad. It was tough, but we handled it. This time I feel like I got handled. I got to work with some older names on the Have, and it was a great experience. We got to fight some tough mercenaries in a pitched battle and I got a good taste of my abilities here in the States. It makes me think that there are a few things I need to prioritize. Importantly, NOT fighting the ones made of metal...I'll stick to mages and spirits.