Stream Sniping

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Stream Sniping
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Crazy Tom
Ol' Fister
MCT Snipers
MCT Spirits
Casualties and losses
None Ol' Fister KO'd, 2 of 3 snipers KO'd, all 3 spirits dispersed


The team is hired to steal a smuggler's train that MCT's had in lockup for 20 years, on which there were 3 tanks of orichalcum in solution worth 300k. A 1.4 km firestorm and shenanigans ensue!


Crazy Tom was looking for some guest stars for a weekend stream, contracted Seattle's Most Wanted, and got the team! This is bound to go well...

The Meet

The J flies the team to LA on his private jet, to avoid running into issues with people coming to collect the bounties prematurely, and delivers them to Anderson Plaza. He starts out low, offering 1% each. The team does some quick math and figures out that 3k isn't going to do much for them, eventually talks him into 15% and getting put in touch with some people that can help them acquire some hard to find gear.

The Plan

Steal a VTOL, fast rope pickup from the penthouse roof, and then parachute into position!

The Run

After dodging bounty hunters for a day, the three runners rendezvoused on the roof, under cover while waiting for the J to return with the stolen VTOL. They successfully airdropped in, Akari taking advantage of her parachute, Scarecrow making liberal use of the Catfall spell, and Yata doing some neat work with her grapple gun, taking advantage of some overhanging railyard infrastructure to avoid making a splat on the concrete. She almost immediately spotted 3 MCT snipers set up around 400 meters away, pinged them for the others, and the game was on!

They opened up first, targeting Yata while she was in the open, the SURGE proving rather hard to hit. No sweet payday for them right away, but they'd have more chances! Spirits for the OpFor appeared moments after they opened up, while Scarecrow began hammering them with manabolts. Her mentor spirit buffed the team with a Force 8 movement spell, which would come in very handy, and while that happened, Akari quickly moved into hand to hand combat range. Yata took advantage of her new hyperspeed to take cover behind a low wall, dropping a grenade at the feet of one of the snipers, causing him to fall through the roof into the building below. The second and third snipers took exception to this, and proceeded to continue attempting to ventilate the feline SURGE. Luckily, they were mostly ineffective at it, and soon they began splitting their fire between her and her teammates.

Around this point, one of the two fire spirits created a rather large firestorm, enveloping everything within a 700 meter radius in flames, which, while ineffective damage wise, certainly turned up the heat on the runners. The summoner also made himself known, a bounty hunter null mage known as Ol' Fister, directing the two other spirits to try taking care of Scarecrow. She proved rather difficult to hit, trading manabolts with everything that challenged her, while Akari made an effort to punch out the spirit that was sustaining the firestorm. Regrettably, one of the snipers landed a bullseye burst on her, putting her momentarily out of the fight, until her regeneration kicked in. Scarecrow and her spirit managed to deal with the second fire spirit and the beast spirit, and then began a rather sporting game of dodgeball with the enemy mage.

While they were having fun, Crazy Tom made an effort at banishing the spirit maintaining the firestorm, but had a rather rough time of it due to drain, taking himself out of the fight. Yata continued bullying her sniper, making a break for their target, and putting him on the ground a second time, before taking cover. She got hit by a flashbang for her trouble, but mostly shrugged it off, before sending a grenade right back at him. Akari got back up, and proceeded to pop the last remaining fire spirit, ending the firestorm, and a short time later, used some clever ballistics to drop an arrow right on one of the sniper's heads, knocking him out! The mage wasn't far behind, deciding to rush Scarecrow and her ally spirit for some hand to hand combat... Only to come out on the losing end of that, one of the snipers following not long after. The third, now alone and without backup, chose life and withdrew, allowing the team to recover Crazy Tom and make off with the train.

They met some drones a way down the line, offloading the cargo, and then attaching a rather large bomb to the train, before returning it to the yard it was in, causing unknown amounts of damage, and adding a nice finale to the stream. Assuming they had cameras in place to catch it, anyway. Rather than taking their chances in LA, the team elected to return to Seattle rather than risk more bounty hunters taking their shots at them.


Team gets paid, Crazy Tom and his decker manage to salvage enough footage from the teams image link footage to put together a decent stream, and MCT gets a bit of egg on their faces.


20,000 Nuyen (10 RVP) 60,000 Nuyen worth of gear; ware, foci, reagents, weapons, armor, lifestyles in LA, vehicle mods up to 19 Avail (15 RVP) 2 CDP (edited) Optional Positive Qualities: For Yata: Natural Athlete (7 RVP out of Nuyen) For Scarecrow: Mage Hunter (Traded for 20,000 Nuyen and paying 5 karma out of pocket) For Akari: Quick Healer (3 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)