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Martial Artist Adept, Go-Ganger, Heir of the Takeda and Wannabe Samuraï
“You should fear the Takeda's might !"
Feeling the Kamikaze in my track ? Eh ya still didn't feel my punch.
Discord@Zerre de Seattle#7414
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - D
Resources - D
#Max IGs/Ascension10

Character Information


A young Go-Ganger from the Japanese Tradition former members of the Kabuki Ronin, way too proud about being japanese. Hang out with an Imperial Japan flag as a cloak most of the time. She is now the apprentice of a Red Samurai and want to claim the inheritance of her name by becaming a true samuraï.


-Became a true samuraï by mastering the following martial art : Unarmed combat, Kenjutsu, Naginata fighting (Quarterstaff) and Kyujutsu

-Win a duel against her master (hopefully without killing him in the process.)

-Reach the high society by any mean (Luxury Lifestyle.)

-Have some work done on Etiquette and all those thing.


Asai Takeda (At least she claim to be an heir of that prestigious name) was born in Japan and raised in the poverty as an orphan, she end up under the tutellage of a martial Artist a Ninjutsu master named Kiro who was the Sensei figure of a Go-Gang in Tokyo, there she learned how to fight and how to tame her awakening power of an adept. Those were harsh time but she learn the good way, never show fear be proud of her name and make sure that she was good at punching thing. As she was growing older she started to get the attention of the Go-Gang on her and soon the Boss asked that the little "apprentice" join the active rank.

When she was old enough (in her 16's)she was deemed ready to join her first gang action by her Sensei, and then a few days later came the first fight. Akari was afraid that day she had to rely on her training, her power but soon she understood that she was born for this, when the first fight start she dropped her club and didn't bother using it, she felt into her first rage and reach for the fighting at full speeed, killing on the spot one of the rival ganger with a single punch in the throat. After that day she just rose up until the Yakuza knock on her door two year later asking her to help for a matter in Seattle. Those kind of offer could led to big problem is refused so Akari did accept and quickly reach the metroplex where she join the Kabuki Ronin for two year.

During that time her quality as a fighter bring the Shadowhaven to look upon her and to make a proposal, and Akari was getting bored of working for the Yakuza and her plan for the future involve a lot of money so...Why not ?

Narrative Significant Qualities


Exceptionnal Attribute (Strengh) : “Oh yeah I’m a skinny cat, but I’m a really sturdy one...”

One Trick Pony (Finishing move) : “One day I literally ripped the jaw of someone with that technique…”

Speed Demon : “You can only tie my speed records lads...”

Sensei (Blades) : "When a Red Samurai offer you teaching in swordmanship, well you can't say no."

Adrenaline Surge : "I may be beat down in the end, but i always struck the first blow."

Vehicle Empathy : "Takeda are born on a saddle they say...Well i'm born on a motorcycle saddle i guess ?"

Quick Healer + Revenant Adept : " Tis but a scratch..."

Mentor Spirit (Thunderbird) + Mentor's Mask : "I deserved respect and if you don't you will learn the true extent of the Takeda's Might."


Leeeeeeeeroy Jenkins ! : “I love when a plan come tog- BANZAÏ !”

Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker) : “Suspension is an integral part of any vehicle...But my ride require a suspension of disbelief, got it ?”

Distinctive Style : “Let me tell you about my Japanese Legacy…”

Superhuman Psychosis : “Imagine bringing a knife to a firefight, that would be way too easy…”

Bad Rep : "I guess that my style is not universal..."

Wanted (50k by Renraku because Sword) : "This sword was my prize and i will hold to it, no matter what happen."

Wanted (50k by Yakuza) : "Well killing a few mobsters seems to have pissed them off...I dunno why..."

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Fisticuff FactionBulldogcNone12 January 2084
A Scythe To SeeAsmodeus7 January 2084
Beetle BustBulldogcNone25 November 2083
Stream SnipingAsmodeus4 August 2083
Who You Gonna Call?Edward9 June 2083
Free the StreetKaterSalem23 March 2083
Blood EchoKaterSalem20 March 2083
Nana korobi ya okiKaterSalem17 December 2082
In. Out. Easy.Archtmag10 December 2082
Pay The 162s Or Get PunchedAurora19 November 2082
Pepper sack businessKaterSalemEnemy within7 November 2082


Kabuki Ronin : Former Member


Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Corpseman 6 2 Fixer(G,A,N,K)
162s Girlboss
Ghafehouses, Ghleanup Ghetail, Ghunderground, Ghecond Ghife, Ghrip, Ghympathetic, Ghunrunner Even
Kyoko "Wholesale" Nakajima 1 1 Custom(K,G,N,A) Totally A Professional Thief "Booooriiiing", Rooting For The Villain, Where Does She Hear All This?, Rogue's Gallery Even
Takashi Hagiwara 7 4 Custom(K,N,A,G) ex Red Samurai - Senior Security Manager Seattle Meet the Chairman of the Board, Good network, Red Samurai, Master strategist, Renraku is your best frend, Magic threat, Bushido, Man of Honor Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Akari is always wearing an Hachimaki and often carry a flag of the Imperial Japanese State when on her bike (she wear it like a cloak.). She also got a lot of tattoo all of them are in Japanese Hirezumi style.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Some trid about Go-Gang trouble, isn’t that her that is drop kicking a KE Cops in the face ?
3 Her street name Akari, and some pictures of her when she was riding for the Kabuki Ronin.
6 She worked for the Yakuza in the past that’s why she join the Kabuki Ronin.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 A foolhardy Japanese former Go-Ganger.
3 A martial artist that pack enough punch to break bones and kill people barehanded.
5 She is known to be really hard to keep on a plan and usually end up running into the fray whatever the mission is.


Yumi Takeda (R4) : Adept, Restricted Armor, Bodyguard and Driving Licence.


She is off pretty standard shape at first glance, good muscle mass for her weight but she is overall pretty skinny and light footed.


She most of the time wear an outrageously open long vest (with a lot of Bozozoku symbol) showing the tattoo on her body and covering her breast with bandages. An Imperial Japanese Flag (The Imperial Japanese Navy one) as a cloak. High leather boots and a pair of aviator shades when it’s a sunny day. A pair of mitten is there as well for a bit more style.

Her armor mimic the one of the Samurai from the old day, also it is colored in red with symbol of the Takeda Clan. The Helmet is similar to the one of Shiingen Takeda.

Matrix Persona

Usually a more flashy version of her look in the meat.

Media Mentions

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