Pepper sack business

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Pepper sack business
Part of enemy within
LocationHamburg, AGS
Status Threat Level: medium
Factions Involved
Mond Hunde
Eric Payne Boombox
Ty Vallynn
Mr. Cromwell
4 x Wolf
Troll Streetsam Ganger
Ork Streetsam Ganger
Dwarfen Adept Ganger
Human Mage Ganger
Casualties and losses
2 x Wolf
Troll Streetsam Ganger
Ork Streetsam Ganger
Dwarfen Adept Ganger
Human Mage Ganger


Mr. Cromwell hires some runners to investigate who was after the lost weapons for a client at the Badisch-Pfalz.


The GDI lost a great amount of weapons in Hamburg. There automatet devence system recorded a few of the thieves. The GDI was able to find the identity out of the fixer who sold there stolen goods. They want to find out if there is more behind this thievery or if it's only a loose aktion.

The Meet

The Meet sets place in the Hotel Harrington in Renton, everybody makes it in time and the runners where escordet from Mr. Cromwells Assistent Alexis to a converence room in a bunker like enviroment at the basement of the hotel. Mr. Cromwell introduce himself and explains that they recently find out who has stolen some of their goods in Hamburg (AGS). A fixer named Vladislav Krasnik, a member of the White Vorry in Hamburg, sold their things there. Vladislav normally make business in a Club called Sputnik in the Hamburg district Harburg also known as little Russia. Mr. Cromwell makes clear that he don´t want to hear anything about there Investigation in public news or from authorities. To give that additional weight he divided the run reward in a base reward of 5000 Nuyen and an additional reward of 5000 Nuyen if the runners are able to do the operation silent. He also provides the Runner the opportunity to get some of GDIs Gear with a discount if the run goes well. After some discussion with Keelback about the money Mr. Cromwell decided to pay an additional 2000 Nuyen if the runn goes well. All runners accept the deal. And shortly after they sit with Kevin there personal Pilot in a small Airplane wich travels from Sea-Tac (Side Terminal "Number Sixteen") to the "Werksflughafen Stade" (Exteritorial: Airbus Aerials) in Hamburg. As a last support from Mr. Cromwell they get a GMC Bulldog providet, with a free access to the "Werks Flughafen" Stade for their visit in Hamburg.

The Plan

Keelback made a Matrix Search and figuerd out whats the right fashin in the Club sputnik as well as some informations about Hamburg, the White Vory and the district "Harbeg" as well as "Wild Ost" (a big slum besides Harbeg). After a short discussion between the runners they figuerd out a Plan:

1. Set up a base of operations in a nearby Motel.

2. Catch Vladislav Krasnik in the Club Sputnik.

3. Make him talk about the robbery with Magic, Drugs or Violence and if it was his idea or the idea of someone else.

4. Let him forget all of this by using some toxin and drugs from Eric Payne Boombox

The Run

All the runners made it in the club with there chosen gear with out getting attantion from the Vory bouncer at the enrence. Keelback directly go to the dance floor. Meanwhile Akari take a sit try to hold her self in check. Eric Payne Boombox check the club out for Vladislav Krasnik with his meat eyes but didn't find him. He figured out that there is a stairway to the second floor which is protected by four Vory bouncer. There is also frequent comings and goings on the stairs from other Vory members. After sharing this information Ty Vallynn decidet to check out the second floor in the astral plan. She finds out that there is no astral protection in the club but couldnt find a trace about Vladislav Krasnik in the astral plan on the second floor. Meanwhile Keelback decided to talk the shadiest barkeeper he could find in the club to find out if somebody noth something about Vladislav Krasnik. The shady female barkeeper didn't give a way informations about Vladislav Krasnik but but could arrange a meeting upstairs with a higher vory member in ten Minutes. The Team makes the plan that Keelback brings Ty Vallynn as a fox in a purse with them. They meet Yellena Tukov which provides the information that Mr. Krasnik is sleeping by the fishes and that the robbery of the GDI Goods was not his idear but she can offer them a deal (Pay 20.000¥ for it or manage a Problem for her) for the information they are searching. SShe also provided, a bunch of meat for Ty Vallynn because she loves animals and Ty Vallynn gets lots of cuddle from Keelback. Keelback decidet to take the problem solfing and Yellena explains that there is a new Gang in Hamburg-Stade called "Mond Hunde" which she has a problem with and want them to get a violent message from her.

The entire Team jumps back on their GMC Bulldock and heads forward to Hamburg-Stade to bring the "Mond Hunde" a quick and violent Message with Molotov Cocktails. On the drive Ty Vallynn do her magic stuff and buffs the team a bit as well as get a Spirit ready. As they arrive by the residence of the "Mond Hunde" they figured out that the residence is surrounded by a 5 Meter tall wall. Akari hits the gate twice to trigger a loud LEEROY JENKINS performance. After a few meter Akari hears the growling from a wolf and the fighting starts. The Highlights from this fight are: Eric Payne Boombox tanking a lot of the enemy shots by using cover. Ty Vallynn Spirit getting rid of two wolfe to than fall against two Gangers. Keelback providing defence by some Firewall "Magic". Ty Vallynn as an invisible Mage who body blocks bullet for Keelback as well as a mercy killing a baghest. And last but not least Akari fighting her way through windows and mage heads. She also tries to "finsh move" a troll which the troll just survived. The Troll starts an atemp to runaway but Akari was able to catch the trolls Spine and pull it out of his body.

The Team hears the loud siren of the HANSEC forces comming to there place so they pack there stuff and Akari in rage mode back to the GMC Bulldog and drive away back to the "Weksflughafen Stade". Keelback makes a call to Yellena Tukov and reports that the Message was brought to the "Mond Hunde".


Mr. Cromwell was pleased with the outcome of the investigation and he have every information he wants. Also the runner didn't make too much of a noise.


10.000¥ or 20.000¥ for Restrictet or Forbiden Weapons, Cyberware or Bioware up to 19 Availability. (5 RVP)

2.000¥ extra Pay (1 RVP out of Negotiation)

6 Karma (6 RVP)

2 CDP (1 RVP)

2 CDP (for Run)

Optional: Mr. Cromwell for (C 6 / L 2) for 7 RVP

Reputation: +1 GDI +1 White Vory

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Lot of fun in Germany, did have to work for some russian and kick some ass...I even ripped the spine of a Troll and now i have a great new club for the next fight in Puyallup.