Blood Echo

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Blood Echo
LocationSeattle Glow City
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Rusted Stilettos
Takashi Hagiwara
3xTroll Stilettos
Toxic Red Samurai
Casualties and losses
3xTroll Stilettos
Akari IG 3


Akari sets out with Takashi to investigate the disappearance of equipment from the Red Samurai armory. They find a Red Samurai selling weapons to the Rusted Stilettos and apparently addicted to the Toxic Way.


Takashi Hagiwara the Red Samurai from the Run () is responsible for the security of Renraku in Seattle. He has long suspected that items from the Red Samurai armory are disappearing. However, protocol does not allow him to simply make an accusation. Therefore, he bugs some of the weapons that then also disappear from the armory. He can track them to Glow City. Not knowing who to trust within Renraku on this case, he sets out to pay Akari a visit and give her a thorough test.

The Meet

Takashi comes straight to Akari's house as she is training. Thanks to the burner commlink he gave her, he was able to locate her house without any problems. He explains to Akari the situation with the missing items and asks her if she wants to prove herself and accompany him. Akari accepts immediately.

The Plan

Takashi and Akari can track the signal in Glow City to an old abandoned factory. In front of the entrance is a pick up truck with a heavy machine gun. To the surprise of everyone probably including Akari herself, she makes a plan. She wants to blow up the pickup with a grenade. She forgets to tell Takashi the exact execution of her plan, who assumes that she only wants to dismantle the machine gun. When Akari then throws the grenade into the tank, she hears a loudly cursing Takashi who had already positioned himself near the entrance. Both can get out of the explosion radius to safety. However, the three Troll Stilletos that are in the building are informed and back Akari and Takashi with heavy machine guns and throwing spears to hide.

The Run

The two manage to overpower the trolls and leave one alive to interrogate him. He reports that in a few minutes there will be a meeting nearby where more weapons will be handed over. After that Takashi releases the unworthy creature from its suffering. Takashi and Akari rush to the building described by the troll. It is a half-destroyed skyscraper. They can reach the floor where the meeting is taking place, but not without attracting the attention of the local population and earning many shouts. Accordingly, the participants of the meeting are alarmed. They find 5 Stilletos and a Red Samurai. The Red Samurai runs away and Takashi orders Akari to stop him. Akari follows the Red Samurai and is able to catch him. The Red Samurai dodges her attacks and is able to hit Akari with a radioactive elemental blow, almost killing her. The Red Samurai, however, is more interested in escape and says: "You are an unworthy opponent, go away, I have no time for you." He continues running. But Akari doesn't even think about giving up. She continues to follow him and is able to confront him again. Using all her skill and luck she manages to land a hit that knocks out the Red Samurai. Takashi comes to her just as she finishes emptying her stomach contents onto the floor because of the radioactivity. Takashi calls a task force from Renraku to clean up and take the prisoner away. He hands Akari the pair of Red Samurai swords, saying, "We both are fine I now what you have done to get it and in my opinion you deserve it. But now you have to defend it. Because they will come after you.".


A few days later, Takashi visits Akari at home and tells her a little about his life. He is ready to accept her as a student because she reminds him of himself and his deceased daughter.


Akari will get:

  • Buy off Superhuman Psychosis (2 RVP)
  • Get Red Samurai Contakt (Takashi Hagiwara) 7/4 (10 RVP)
  • Sensei for Takashi Hagiwara (5RVP)
  • Adrenalin Surge (12 RVP)
  • 1 Karma (1 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • IG 3 Discount

She also get a Red Samurai Sword and Wakisachi from her new Contact with the words: "We both are fine I now what you have done to get it and in my opinion you deserve it. But now you have to defend it. Because they will come after you."

  • Wanted 50.000 Nyuen Renraku

She burned an edge to kill a Red Samurai who became toxic.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Know i guess i am real "Samurai" so to speak, i received my sword and i'll have to defend it with my life. I love when a plan come together.