Nana korobi ya oki

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Nana korobi ya oki
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Yakuza Renraku
Akari 5 Yakuza Mobster One Red Samurai
Casualties and losses
Akari's Bravado and Thrill Seeking is pretty much dead this day. 4 Dead and one That runned away None


Akari is out for a job for Corpsemaker, something simple : Saving the life of a ghoul captured by the Yakuza.


Akari like the 162's because of how appart from the society they are. So she's always glad to help some other pariah like her. When Corpseman invite her to the Necrodancer Crypt for an important mission she was pleased to answer the call of duty. At the same time, a Red Samurai is assigned to settle a small disagreement between the Yakuza and Renraku.

The Meet

Akari didn't really care about the information, Yakuza were the target, the ghoul has to be saved. Enough for her next thing she know is that the Yakuza will soon know her wrath.

The Run

True to herself Akari showed up in front of the Yakuza building wearing her new SWAT armor (Looking like an old Samurai Armor painted in red and with the symbol of the Takeda Clan on it). She claimed to have buisness with the boss of the local family but the two guard quickly dispatch her, she answer that if she can't enter she will be back with her weapons and the guards just shrugs at this threat. Akari then goes a block away from the place to take some combat stim and let the rage flow through her body. Soon after she is attacking the Yakuza's place and after a though fight she manage to overcome the mobster and to reach the office of the boss. Battered but still at the best of her fighting capability she quickly manage to kill the local boss.

Now that the place was clear Akari just had to free the ghoul but as she was looking through the office of the boss she hear an electrical noise and as she was raising her gaze she saw him, a Red Samurai was standing in the doorframe. He quickly point that Akari is a moron and that she is a "blunt weapon that need to be sharpen". Akari have a little discution with him but both of the fighter have high ego and both get ready for the fight, the Ganger Girl released her full potential and rush at the Red Samurai homever after a quick fight she was no match for a trained special operative and everything went to the darkness.


Akari awaken in a cell somewhere in tha Barrens, the Red Samurai standing next to her, without introducing himself he explain that he see potental in the young women. He say again that she need to go from the "Blunt weapon" to the "Sharp weapon" by using her head a bit more. He also make a proposal to Akari : He would offer some work to her and if she was worthy he would maybe give her the opportunity to take down big target and maybe even another Red Samurai.

Despite the defeat Akari accepted the deal curious to see how far she could go with that.


16000 nuyens (8 RVP)

9 Karma (9 RVP)

8 CDP (3 RVP)

IG 2 Discount

Wanted by the Yakuza

Optionnal :

Buy Off Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker at Chargen Cost)

+5 rep 162's

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well...Shit i have been beaten up...But now ! I got another Sensei one that will learn me more stuff and i guess i'll manage to be a better fighter...But one day i'll teach this guy that he should not mess around with a Takeda.