Fisticuff Faction

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Fisticuff Faction
Part of None
LocationOrk Underground
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Street Toughs
Blake Decker
Lou's son


Local underground fightclub is receiving threats and the purse backers want an investigation!


The Fisticuff Faction owned by Lou, a local nobody is running a martial arts fighting arena in the ork underground. The club has been receiving threats for weeks related to an upcoming tournament and the backers are getting scared. They are hiring some runners to investigate behind Lou's back.

The Meet

The team woke up early and prepared for a matrix meet located at a bar in Snohomish. Blake decided to arrive via the matrix, while Akari and Denarii arrived in person, to join the meet in AR.

The J described the situation. A group of investors have hired him to find a team capable of investing possible threats against their tournament. The club owner Lou didn't seem very concerned by the threats and didn't feel the need to investigate them himself. The investors seemed a bit suspicious of this attitude and want the owner investigated as well. If the threats are deemed credible the team should neutralize that threat. All of this to be performed as discreetly as possible. To that end they have arranged for one of the team to enter the competition. This will provide the team access to the event and some of the lower floors of the club.

The J offers the team 10kY for their trouble, in addition the tournament purse of 60kY is theirs should they be able to win it. Denarii attempted to negotiate for a larger fee and succeeded in getting an additonal 2000Y.

The Plan

Akari would enter the tournament under the name "The Oni". Meanwhile Blake and Denarii would handle the investigation. The tournament was a week out.

Akari contacted her sensei and began a training montage while the rest of the team started the investigation.

Blake immediately began investigating the tournament and the competition. He discovered that there were three major competitors in the tournament besides Akari. The Blazing Bull, The Wolf of Pike Street, and Jean-Claude Van Ramme.

A more detailed investigation of each fighter provided some opportunities to exploit weaknesses in each fighter. Blake provided this info to Akari who promptly refused to take advantage, instead preferring to fight then on even ground.

Blake also investigated the club owner. He was a criminal for sure, low key protection rackets and the like. He also works with his son, a creepy looking guy with a large record, assaults theft ECT. The son works for the club as the stage manager. The owner performs most of his business on an offline terminal in his office.

With this info in hand the team decided to do some in person scouting prior to the event.

The Run

Denarii and Blake headed into the work underground hoping to get some on sight legwork handled ahead of the event. Blake started hacking the local destination host in hips of finding a floor plan and some security layouts, while Denarii attempted to sneak into the lower levels. Blake located a floor plan and informed Denarii of a couple of offices on the 3rd floor. Once he reaches that floor Denarii was almost immediately stopped by security. Having no real plan to proceed the team managed to slip back out of the facility as clearly as could be expected. Blake tripped an alarm on his way out of the host and Denarii used alarm as a distraction to escape. Not willing to take further risk the team completes their legwork and awaited fight night.

Akari reported to the intro fights and made quick work of the earlier contestants moving on to the semifinals along with the other 3 fighters. She was paired with Van Ramme while The Wolf paired with The Bull.

Akari's initial fight went well, Akari taking some punishment due to Van Ramme's powerful kicks but managed a victory, choosing to fight only with her sword. The Wolf managed to open with a truly devastating opening flying kick vs the Bull drawing blood against the behemoth. The Bull countered with a single sweep of his Nodachi, knocking out the wolf who was already wounded from some of his earlier fights.

While Akari and the bull rested and recovered during a 2 hour break before the finals the rest of the team attempted another entry into the bosses office. This time Blake inserted a phony work order to investigate possible gas leaks in the basement and with Denarii at the lead the two managed to sneak passed the remaining guard. They poked through various rooms eventually locating a locked office door. The lock required a voice print that the team didn't have. Black was able to jack into the lock and crack it open. Inside they located a terminal which Blake hacked and located a series of saved files, encrypted and protected. Once those were bypassed they learned that the owner himself was responsible for writing the threatening letters. They also discovered that a bomb seems to have been planted inside the championship belt.

On the Johnson's request Denarii and Blake pilfered the belt from it's display case, disabled the bomb and returned it. The investigation now concludes all that remained was Akari's final battle vs the Brazen Bull!

Akari squared off in the ring vs the massive minotaur. Akari opened with a clinch maneuver, hoping to turn the Bulls massive blade into a disadvantage. The Bull returned the favor with a massive swing drawing pools of blood from Akari and prompting her to trigger her regeneration. The next serial rounds of combat features Akari attempting called shots hindering the Bull and chipping away at his vitality. The Bull spending his time cutting at Akari's body only to see it heal once more. The pools of blood collecting everywhere. The Bull managed to shift the crowd's cheers to him. This prompted Denarii to enter the competition in an unofficial capacity, rousing the crowd back to Akari.

With a final devastating combination slash and kick The Bull fell and Akari emerged victorious, just long enough to be crowned champion before passing out.


The ref presented the championship belt to Akari. While she accepted the honor the rest of the team noticed the floor manager action suspicious, perhaps attempting to detonate the now disabled bomb. The owner seemed confused and put off. I staff member wheeled over the purse, a large chest of gold coins.

The team contacted the Johnson's providing the information they discovered implicating the owner and stage manager of the attempted attack. The Johnson was pleased and provided payment.


Fisticuff Faction - Rewards 18RVP

purse is 60,000Y (20k each (10RVP))

For finding evidence and stopping the bombing

10000Y (5RVP) + 2000Y negotionation

3Karma (3RVP)


Akari - run counts as initation ordeal


Akari - make claim 10K inplace of 20kY


Denarii - Rabble Rouser 6RVP

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