Blake Decker

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Blake Decker
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - X
Attributes - X
Magic/Resonance - X
Skills - X
Resources - X
GMP Earned1
GMP Used1

Character Information


Blake is a Decker (both in name and profession), a former long range competition shooter, a cyberware enthusiast and total weeb.


-Get the best cyberdeck, cyberware and guns money can buy.

-Get invited to JackPoint

-Perform a hack that get reported in the news.

-Perform a hack on one of the AAA Megacorps

-Land a 1000 yard shot

-Become proficient with handguns

-Afford a Medium lifestyle and a DocWagon Gold Subscription

-Watch every episode of One Piece

-Figure out what happened to his father figure


Better To Be Lucky Than Good

Blake spent his childhood running the streets with a band of urchins. Though, truth be told, he was always a hairsbreadth from being abandoned by them too; he had no common sense and kept getting himself into trouble and causing problems for the group.

But Blake always had the devil's luck. No matter the degree of shit he found himself in, things would work out in the end

One particularly terrible decision to deface a local gang's graffiti signature, instead of being life ending, became life changing. The orc who would become Blake's father figure happened upon the fracas and intervened, saving his life.

The ork was Onosuke Takeshi, a former Ares Arms corpo army sharpshooter/adept, Shadowrunner, and co-owner of a cybertech clinic (with his wife Onosuke Tsubaki; cybertech surgeon)

Blake was one of a rare few who didn't react negatively to Takeshi's heavily cyberized face (the guy was basically just cyberware and teeth from the neck up, courtesy of an enemy counter sniper), and after a short debate on whether it was better to be lucky or skilled, Takeshi took the boy in. Blake was 8 at the time.

Training Montage

Blake basically grew up training to be a Shadowrunner; Takeshi taught Blake long range shooting, Tsubaki fostered his interest in cyberware and programming. He was competing and winning marksmanship tournaments by his early teens and used the prize money to buy his first cyberdeck and was dropping his Signature image in people's root directories before the end of the month.

Slipping into the Shadows

Years later, Blake was living on his own and he got the call that dad hadnt come back from a run. He and his mom knew nothing about the run or who he was running with, so their avenues to findout what happened were limited. He reached out to his father's fixer; an old Troll who goes by the name Auntie Amelia. Blake's dad was a reliable resource for her, but they didn't have a personal relationship, so she wasn't going to do Blake any favors for free. They reached an agreement that if he was able to do runs for her, she would share whatever she learned through the grapevine regarding Blake's dad. So into the shadows Blake went

Narrative Significant Qualities


Codeslinger(Hack on the Fly)

On top of his marksmanship training, Blake learned a great deal about stealth, infiltration and the benefits of being prepared from Takeshi. This mindset translated into his hacking; prioritizing stealth, finesse and alertness in his hacking practices

Perfect Time

Another skill picked up as part of competition shooting is the ability to keep perfect time; helps ensure you shoot as slowly, precisely, and the number of times required in a given amount of time


There was a great deal of spare cybertech around the the home office when Blake was growing up, and it gave him numerous occasions to experiment and push the limits of a variety of tech. Once he got a cyberdeck, testing the limits of his new tech to it's limits was a given.

Quick Config

Especially when overclocking, it is important to learn how to quickly move the load from one piece of hardware to another to maintain the required level of performance, for as long as possible.



Blake's signature is a hand-turkey. In his old neighborhood some no-name gang lived in the area, whose "thing" was to spraypaint sillhouetts of their hands on everything. Blake thought it would be funny to deface their signature by taking a grease pen and turning the hand into a hand-turkey. They caught him in the act and were beating the tar out of him when the orc who would become his father figure rescued him.

Needless to say the image stuck


It's probably all the late night coding he does, but for whatever reason, Blake can never get rid of the bags under his eyes or make his hair take a reasonable shape. Eventually decided it was better to just wear a hooded cloak and a mask everywhere.

Reduced Sense of Smell

Blake used to have a very sharp sense of smell so he used to sniff just about everything when he was trying to identify it. At some point in his early childhood he sniffed a chemical in a dumpster that damaged his sense of smell.

No Man left Behind

Blake's early childhood was marked by his lack of common sense getting him and the rest of his crew into trouble. But Blake was generally lucky enough that consequences never really manifested. The only reason Blake's crew didn't abandon him was because he would do his damndest to make sure everyone could make it out when his decisions caused a problem.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Fisticuff FactionBulldogcNone12 January 2084
"Petrovski Security won't save you now, fraggers!"IsaacSuffer the Children24 August 2083
Setting the SnareArchtmag20 August 2083
Iron Prevails!Edward8 July 2083
Believe it!Aurora4 March 2083
Psychotronics23 February 2083
Politicians Always Have Some SkeletonsAurora12 February 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Auntie Amelia 4 1 Fixer(N,K,G,A) Elderly Troll Gossiper, Old Adept, Tea Horse Road, Shadow Networker, Seattle Streetwise Even
Canvas 6 2 Gear Artisan Street Doc Artist of the Flesh, Custom Design, Cyber Singularity Follower, Art Aficionado, Chrome Supplier, Workshop, Snohomish Resident Even




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