Politicians Always Have Some Skeletons

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Politicians Always Have Some Skeletons
LocationSeattle, Emerald City Grid
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Arch Conservatives
Sexy Bonsai
Blake Decker
Nova Kid
A Sec Spider


The runners try and succed in finding ties between a Arch Conservative Politician and Humanis.


The Meet

The meet happens in a fairly run-down matrix bar. The runners get told by an unknown figure that they should find drek on Sean Pearson, an Arch Conservative politician. The leads the J can give are suspected ties to Humanis and a large number of anonymous donations. Their pay for doing this would be 12k, to which everyone agrees.

The Plan

The three deckers start off with a couple of matrix searches from the comfort of a matrix bar. They manage to find some general information on Pearson and that the donations are likely to come from MCT. Now they ready themselves for a dive into the Arch Conservative Host, to get more detailed info.

The Run

Blake starts vandalizing pubic files on politicians, soon after entering the destination host, but thankfully doesn't get caught in the process. Inside the destination host, they find a data host for staff and decide to enter it, as there is not much information on the public one. Inside there they find an encrypted and data bombed file on Pearson, and Blake and Bonsai begin defusing and decrypting it. In the meantime, Nova spots the security spider, a shadowy figure in the wall, which manages to trace his location. The three of them quickly grab the data, leave the host and reboot their devices. They also make sure to quickly leave the area to avoid getting caught for real.

Inside the file, they find a lot more useful information on him, including an affair that led to a later goblinizing child. Now they decide to also dive into the Humanis host to confirm their already formed suspicion. Right before they manage to enter the host they see the security spider from the Conservative Host enter. The three of them quickly get a mark on the unsuspecting spider and enter right behind him. They snoop out a conversation between the security spider and another person, about them breaking into the host from earlier and stealing some data. now that they got confirmation they just need solid evidence. Blake and Bonsai once again quickly find, defuse and decrypt a file that proves the ties between Pearson and Humanis, while Nova Kid tries to get his personal revenge on the spider by tracking it. Sadly the two working on the field get spotted and a very short fight breaks out, but they manage to jack out in time before anything serious happens. Now they just drop off the information and get paid.



12k nuyen - 6 RVP

7 karma - 7 RVP


-5 Humanis Rep

-5 Archconservative Party Rep

+5 New Century Party Rep


Instinctive Hack for -2 KARMA

Syphilen gets 8 GMP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Nova Kid

Woo, that was close. Thankfully I saw those marks on me, getting in trouble with the cops would have been bad. Sadly I got no really useful information out of tracking that shadowy spider, but at least I succeeded. Eat shit spider, I'm better than you!

Sexy Bonsai

The Archconservative Party really need to up their security omae, we were rolling around in their guts like a late night special "meateor" Kebab from Bilal's place down on 712th Street. First I revealed their true nature as haters all over their main page, before grabbing their precious cover up files. Such weak encryptions yo, I've seen better protection on my mom's little notebook diary. Then we hit the Humanis place, with some spider goon in tow, sure he snapped at our heels a bit but he was too slow for all three of us and we managed to drop the pants of Humanis in good time and give them a seeing to that Sean Pearson aint ever forgetting.