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Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Illegal Mercenary Group "HΞLLCΛT░F♢UNDΛTI♢N (ー俺ぶ) POLICE
Blake Decker
Rigger Snr.
Rigger Jnr.
Unknown person w/ Ares Striker
HellHound Truck w/ 24 Sentry Turrets
3 police cars + backup drones
Casualties and losses
they all died 😭 N/A
Song I listened too while making the run


runners met at the funny cold bar with a dying I-Con-struct, get the job after realizing the AI largely got the details from a trauma-induced delusion it deemed to be visions of the future. they do the run prep, then intercept the hellhound with 24 guns while running away from the cops and shoot it several dozen times in under a second with sniper rifles and grenades. they get the data from it, shoot a homeless poser, and then go to the final arc of the run, massacaring the local ganger group who held some woman hostage and turned her to the hospital, getting paid by a war buddy of the I-Con-Struct, saying it data spiked after messing around with legendary smuggling group Kosharl.


I-Con-Struct “Spectre Fire” gets data spiked by the Kosharl after trying to be a hero. gets trauma-induced delusions thinks these are visions of ht future. sees a terribl efutre where the "human city and bone unmaker" will become manifest, decides to hire runners to prevent this.

The Meet

The players enter into famous Absolute Zero NightClub in Renton. They do not suffer form unusual and callously cold conditions as it is 5 AM at the club. They see the AI possess a humaniform drone made by Ares, and realize that the poor thing is almost dead from a recently inflicted wound directly on the Sapient rather than the drone. They don't ask why or how the J was hurt and get to business. they not apprehension of the J's apparent ills. Canter does a sick breakdance with her outfit on fleek. this is incredibly impressive to the local crowd. Johnson provides details on

  • Its nightmare of a city and bone unmaker being manifested.
  • That it will be invoked by a Hell Hound Truck delivering the goods to a certain group after a "incident of fire and blue/red flashing lights" at or near Redmond Barrens from Renton.
  • Hellhound truck has 24 gun turrets.
  • It will deliver the goods in 13 hours (5 AM --> 6 PM)
  • 12,00 nuyen payment per runner, half now half later. Runners can keep the money if no truck matching the description manifests.

Runners will be paid in full when the objectives are complete, of which there are 2:

  1. Destroy the Hell Hound Truck w/ all goods inside
  2. Figure out its destination and rescue a woman with the attached bio-scan ( human augmented with biomods to look like a taller elf with bright yellow skin + black iris's.)

Runners accept the cash, and move to plan the run.

The Plan

runners find out during prepwork that:

  • most likely target is a illegal mercenary group called the HELLCAT FOUNDATION.
  • OPFOR ASSETS include heavily armored HellHound, 24 Ares Sentry Turret on the Drone Racks, 2 Steel Lynx's.
  • Destination is a gang that owns a lead refinery. they import lead, and sell bullets to the surrounding gangs. overall net malus to society due to uncontrolled pollution. This givs a general idea on which checkpoint to camp for a interception.
  • OPFOR recently completed a hit against a bank and killed multiple police officers and civilians while assisting shadowrunners exfil.

The Run

The Shadowrunners chase the Hellhound, and are on it like fried rice on soy-chicken analogue substitute. In less than a second, multiple things occur:

  1. First and foremost, Blake Decker gets a mark on one of the Riggers, and Pell destroys the Hellhound with a single shot.
  2. A unidentified figure climbs out of the Hellhound rear cargo bay and aims a Ares Striker at a police car.
  3. Blake Decker data spikes one of the riggers unconscious.
  4. Said figure gets tazed by a police drone, falls off, dies, and gets tazed twice more. The police state, "THIS IS THE POLICE, PULL THE VEHICLE OVER, [̲̅N][̲̅O][̲̅W]"
  5. Nogitsune gets the perfect angle on his ambush, and puts another shot into the hellhounds that deal enough damage to kill it twice over.
  6. Canter's Drone Gunny shoots a grenade at the hellhound and destroys several drones.
  7. Nogitsune puts a second grenade into the cargo hatch left open by rocket goon.
  8. Canter puts a bullet into the sulfur-lithium battery, causing additional secondary explosions, and is further damaged by a second shot by Pell.
  9. Canter's drone launches a grenade into the cargo bay of the Hell Hound, which causes cascading explosions due to the explosive, unknown cargo. Confirmed not to be radioactive waste.
  10. Pell gets repeated requests for an interview by the news chopper., and decides to turns off her AR.
  11. 6 turrets manage to briefly suppress Canter.

After 1 second has passed, the Hell Hound explodes, Canter does a flip over it while it explodes, and the police decide that today is not one for civil action, and leave before Redmond barren eats them alive. the News Helicopter leaves as well.

Shadowrunner Nogitsune & Blake Decker work together to salvage the coordinates of the destination of the truck. Nogitsune gats a homeless being who stole the clothes of Ares Striker Man after he got run over by a police officer and tried to trick him so that he can get first dibs on the sweet, sweet HellHound Loot. He got shot in the head. Man cant have shit in Seattle. The two Steel Lynx's crash into a wall and are promptly stolen by some looter.

Shadowrunners then drive to the transaction point. It consisted of the Bulletz gang having a BBQ party while the women that they party was tasked with rescuing was dangling, upside down and suspended by chain over a chasm with a force 3 wild fire spirit that likes to pretend to be a pit of lava down there ( it gets shot if it tries to leave.), talk to one of the guys, find out that they took the objective hostage and just massacred them by the barrel, not even letting them pack up their BBQ party.

Runners rescue the woman, call the J, find out that they died, got pointed to its buddy as well as coordinates for the hospital to go to. they deliver the woman and get paid by the buddy I-Con-Struct, who reveals the fact that the J probably was ultimately killed by the Kosharl after messing with one of their smuggling operations.


  • Grod the Destroyer, Lieutenant of the Bulletz Operation successfully survived the wholesale slaughter of his gang in the AO, further going down the path of darkness until he augmented his emotions away the next week.
  • Evo-Corporation Employee I-Con-Struct “Spectre Fire” had ultimately passed away, but not before doing one questionable act of shadowcrime, and directly intervening to save the life of a human who pretends to be an elf along with massive property damage of a mercenary group.
  • Shadowrunners got paid. 'Nuff said.


  • 12,000 Ny
  • 5 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, this whole run was something. Weird dying AI Johnsons and armored trucks laden with terribly armored drones. Can't say that the latter wasn't already seen by a Haven runner before. Still, the job went without a hitch.


Lock and loaded, like any other mission, trying to save someone before they are killed an dealing with some fool, who is trying to stop us from the payday.