"Petrovski Security won't save you now, fraggers!"

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"Petrovski Security won't save you now, fraggers!"
Part of Suffer the Children
LocationSeattle, UCAS
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Felipe Chandler
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Blake Decker
Ty Vallynn
1 Security Rigger
Casualties and losses
Security Rigger Captured Despite attempted suicide via cyanide tooth


Felipe Chandler and DocWagon urgently needed runners to help rescue kidnapped children from MCT.


MCT gets wind of children under the care of Felipe with special abilities, and has an in-house shadow team kidnap them.

The Meet

The runners turn up to the meet, already having been informed by their fixers that MCT is involved. Apprehensive at the prospect of such a notoriously dangerous task, they go into the meet still looking for a job. As the Felipe explains the run, the runners become furious at learning of what MCT had done, and all swore to do the job for as little as possible. Unconcerned about the J's offer of 10k, they simply asked him for all the details he had with determination in their hearts.

The Plan

The plan was first and foremost to uncover as much information about the target location as possible. Thankfully, with DocWagon's resources, a good chunk of their information was already provided at the start of the job by Mr. Chandler himself. After doing matrix, astral, and physical legwork (involving directly scouting on foot), the team would infiltrate the facility and extract the children. Due to concerns about doing so while under fire, given the nature of their target, they decided to operate with stealth. Failing that, Bannerette would lead the fighting away from the rest of the time to ensure a safe exit route for the children, then make her own escape.

The Run

The runners struck gold. It turned out that MCT ended up caught in an unfortunate spot due to transferring personnel, leaving the security team bare bones. Blake, after a little struggle and a brief alarm scare, managed to trace the security rigger's location. From there, Ty used a summoned spirit to conceal their approach, and they managed to get to the rigger and rip him straight out of the hot seat before they were detected. Having decapitated MCTs command structure, the runners continued with confidence, dragging the sniveling coward along with them. They continued further, managing to extract the kidnapped youngsters and the security rigger along with them. The security rigger attempted suicide by cyanide pill at a moment of distraction for the runners, but was "saved" by the runners and their employer to prevent them from taking the easy way out.


Security rigger drilled for info and probably stripped of all ware. Runners feeling high and mighty for the ultimate good deed of saving children.


  • 10,000 nuyen (5 RVP)
  • 14 karma (14 RVP)
  • 1 Street Cred (1 RVP)
  • 2 CDP


  • May take Felipe Chandler (Connection 3) at Loyalty 3 for 5 RVP (Can only take from nuyen or karma)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I've recently started holding myself to a higher standard. I've seen a lot of absolutely ungodly things. People wearing masks with human skin, people getting eaten alive by insect spirits, pineapple on pizza... It pains me to admit it, but there was a time not so long ago that I was a bit overzealous in trying to prove my own strength. Prove it how and to whom, I'm not sure, but maybe violence and a too-cool attitude was a way of dealing with all I've seen. So I decide to be strict, and the very first job I get after that? MCT kidnaps kids. I wanted to cap that security rigger so badly. I wanted to kill every person in that building, and track down the team that pulled the op and put them in the ground too. But I know it's wrong to go down that path. Killing someone who surrendered, no matter how much they deserve it, and creating a warzone while trying to extract the cute, defenseless, innocent little targets... It would have felt good, but it would have been bad. I'm not that person anymore. I might be way too deep to ever leave the shadows, but I wont let them blacken my soul.

Blake Decker

AWWW YEEAAHHH Back in the saddle!!! Bug Spirits werent gonna hold me down for long!! Mitsu-chan's rigger put up a good fight and, I'll be honest, he almost had me. But a little cunning, a little luck, a solid plan from bannerette, and some extra invis from ty, bought us some sweet sweet victory... And a MCT Rigger, trussed up like a little christmas ham.

Ty Vallynn

Ah, my old foe Mitsuhama Computer Technologies! A stain on metahumanity. We'll make them all pay. I'm glad I got to see Blake again. The bug incident was bad. He's pretty solid! I wish we could have let him rip while gathering intel before, but everyone seemed ok. Bannerette lives up to her reputation. A bit straight edge for me, but sometimes that's ok. Miss Okami says I need to try to blend in more and maybe acting like that a little bit is the answer.