Setting the Snare

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Setting the Snare
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ares and DA
Blake Decker
Ty Vallynn
Casualties and losses
Not a death but Blake is captured!


The team has an interesting office meet, try to make killing bugs eaier, and almost die.


Ares is infested with bugs, and rumours say that they even control the DA. We have another team heading to hit centrally, we are to make their job eaiser.

The Meet

The team shows up at a fancy office building and meets with a woman via trideo. It's a little shaky, with some members not making the best first impressions.

The Plan

Plan A: Acquire information from KE Mark Rodgers

Plan A.1: Find Information on Mark.

Plan A.2: Control Thoughts to make him go to The Margins.

Plan A.3: Acquire The Margins for a night (1k TY, 2k Godai), with everyone but Godai posing as patrons. Gigs will attempt to sweet-talk Mark. Godai waits across the street.

Plan ?: Get to city hall, acquire floorplans, maybe also a hostage.

Plan ?.1: Recce,

Plan ?.2: Social infiltrate with Gigabite and Blake, allowing Blake to hack while inside and Gigs distracts.

The Run

The group calls contacts, with the Margins providing information on Mark Rodgers. After some discussion, including the back-up suicide plan to storm the city hall, we decide to go after Mark. So we look into him. He's... fairly average, just works in the DA building. Doesn't seem particularly corrupt or kind. The next steps are to set up a meeting place and get him to go there so we may get information from him. Since he has gone to The Margins several times before we decide to go there Ty sets up the meet-cute by mind magicking him into thinking he wants to go. Ty is successful! Next, we set up the scene. We populate the bar with trusted patrons, Ty, Blake, and Gigs. Gigs will sweet talk Rodgers. Godai waits across the street, hidden. Mark arrives but shortly after... an APC with cops rolls up! Turns out Mark was a bug and the hive mind was alerted. A fight breaks out, and though the team fight with tooth and nail we have to leave Blake behind...


Blake is captured and needs to be rescude


Run Rewards for "Setting the Snare"

10 Karma (10 RVP)

16 CDP (7 RVP)

2k Nuyen (1 RVP)

Blake is captured by bugs. The others barely escaped.

Godai can buy off Antipathy at chargen rates

Cassandra is unimpressed. She gives the "I knew it" look, to Gigs.

Game Quotes

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