Believe it!

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Believe it!
LocationSeattle (Downtown)
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Dub Fans
Heart of the Tempest
Blake Decker
Marvin Bean
Irritating Teen
Casualties and losses
Mr. Bean captured and ware ripped out, Irritating Teen mostly eaten by irritated Banshee.


The runners infiltrated an anime con to repossess some wired reflexes. And the Banshee essence drained a really annoying teenager.


The street doc Canvas runs a high-end 'ware clinic, but one of his customers, one Marvin Bean, failed to make his payments on his wired reflexes, and he hired some runners to bring the guy back to remove the 'ware.

The Meet

The runners met in Canvas's 'ware clinic, which was filled with strange flesh-and-chrome sculptures. Canvas then gave them the rundown of the situation, gave the runners a picture of Mr. Bean and offered them 22,000 nuyen for the job, which they accepted.

The Plan

After finding out that Mr. Bean would be at Sakura Con for three days, Tempest snuck in during the convention setup under the pretence of investigating the area for astral threats, and found a backroom with a maintenance access. The plan was for Tempest to fangirl on Mr. Bean and lure him in, whereupon Voiceless would hit him with a dart rifle loaded with Slab, and they'd extract him by pretending to be medical staff.

The Run

Blake entered the con on the first day to see the sights, but did excessive fanboying and was asked to leave, but was allowed to return the following day for a small fee.

On the second day, the three runners entered the con, Blake again wandering off while Voiceless was assuaged by fans cooing over the wolfgirl. Then a very irritating eighteen-year-old said that her costume was bad and that he knew a lot about wolves from watching anime, so Voiceless and Tempest convinced him to take a ride to Snohomish to see some real wildlife. On the way, he insulted Tempest's vampire costume and went on about 'checking their accuracy', so Tempest decided to drain most of his Essence before leaving him in the wilderness.

Returning to the con, they found it embroiled in a massive Dubs vs. Subs fistfight. As Mr. Bean was in favour of Dubs, Voiceless charged in and punched him. He gave chase, and Tempest helped steer him towards the room, activating her preps and kamikaze and shutting the door behind them. A firefight then ensued, Voiceless hitting him with a Slab dart, Blake bricking his wired reflexes and Tempest hitting him with stunbolts. The Slab then kicked in, though not before Voiceless dived to save Tempest from a shot, and they escorted him out disguised as medical personnel after Tempest healed Voiceless.


Mr. Bean had his wired reflexes removed, and the runners got paid.


22k nuyen or double that in 'ware up to 18 availability - 11 RVP

2 karma - 2 RVP



Canvas (Connection 6) at Loyalty 2 for -7 RVP

Soul Swallower for -7 RVP

Blake gets the autographs of several anime voice actors (Japanese)

IG1 Discount for Tempest

Ascension Rewards for Voiceless and Blake (-1 RVP each selection, can select the same one multiple times)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Heart of the Tempest

Mmm, it's always so nice when you eat someone that deserves it... so tasty. And it gives me a lovely boost, too. Dunno what that whole conflict at the convention was about, but it worked out in our favour in the end. Feel bad about Voiceless taking that bullet for me, but at least I managed to heal her some.

Blake Decker

I did a Shadowrun at my favorite con! I cant beleive it! Im going to complain about security though; I wasnt squeeing any harder than anyone else at the Onosuke Suzukawa panel, but they threw me out? Such bull-drek. I gotta say though, icing on the cake was dataspiking that dub-loving prick's chrome. Hopefully the client doesn't mind getting their product back slightly crispy, lol.


Well, I learned a few things on that run... First, and probably most important: I don't belong at anime cons. I don't know what they're talking about, what any of these people are on, or really anything except how to speak Japanese. And, I mean, seriously? Some kid thinks he knows everything there is to know about the world, and then claims my "costume" is "inaccurate". For real dude? THIS IS WHAT I LOOK LIKE! Fragger's lucky I didn't bite him then and there! Still, ended up coming out on top of that drekhead, so there's that. As far as the run went, simple enough to draw our target out once things went hands on. Just had to take the opposite side of the argument and pop him in the face, and he was on me like a fox on a rabbit. Which worked out in our favor. Slabbed him with the dart rifle, and then made the mistake of taking a bullet for Heart of the Tempest, which... Kinda sorta shattered my tibia... And then trying to walk out on it broke my fibula... But, since we were at a street doc with good access to 'ware, just had him hook me up with some digigrade lowers with skimmers so I'm not gonna be saddled with a limp.