In. Out. Easy.

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In. Out. Easy.
LocationSeattle, Downtown
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Renraku
Six of Hearts
Master Morty
la Rapide
Bank Security
Casualties and losses
2 Bank Security Personel


In which the runners steal a mysterious Amulet from a bank, for an unknown J.


An unknown backer learns that a valuable talisman they seek is held in an unassuming bank in Downtown Seattle. From the outside, just a normal consumer bank, this location provided a secret service. Using its obscurity as a tool, the bank held a highly secure safe deposit box system, with services available for discreet and wealthy clients. To steal the target, they would need need to hire a team of shadowrunners to stage a heist.

The Meet

The Team arrives in an empty warehouse in Tacoma. There's no J, instead, it's just a meeting table and a hardwired TV. After a moment a smiley face appears on the TV and tasks the runners to steal an object from a save deposit box of the Citizens Mutual bank in Downtown. The payment will be 20k, so the team accepts the job.

The Plan

6 offers her house as a place for the team to stay, rest, and plan. The Master starts with a matrix search and gets some general info about the bank, for example, their ties to Renraku. He then enters their host where he finds multiple files (Maglogs, Shifts, Alarms) of which he recovers the work shifts. With that information, the team decides that going in after-hours when as few people as possible are there, is their best bet. They still need information about the vault, and after their ideas have run dry Six decides to call up Father Uriel. He can have one of his people pretend to be interested in getting a box, so that she can, as his security consultant, take a tour and look at the vault. During the tour she discovers that opening the vault once it is closed will be near impossible, so they change their plan to an open attack during the day. The Master will deactivate part of the security system. She will rush in, keep the vault open and retrieve the object from the box. And the rest of the team will keep the situation under control and deal with the security on shift. After that Akari will drive away with the object to a save house.

The Run

Master Morty enters the host of the bank when it's go time, and gets spotted by an AI that is currently present there. A quick fight erupts, which he can decide for himself. Then he quickly disables the silent alarm, the exit control system, and the turrets, while fighting off the IC spawned by the host. Then he leaves the Matrix. Six rushes in and can barely keep the door from getting shut, intimidates the bank manager to shit, so he opens the damn deposit box for her. In the meantime, the rest of the team disables the security guards, with Akari sending two of them to the afterlife with a flying kick. Then the team quickly heads out again before the cops can come, first moving to the safehouse and then later dropping the object, which turns out to be an amulet of unknown origin, off for a drone to pick up.


The client was quite pleased with their team's work, and paid them promptly. The five never did learn what kind of talisman it was, but it's probably not important.


20k Nuyen (10 RVP)

5 Karma (5 RVP)


Six owes a chip to Father Uriel

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"On the bright side, I didn't have to do anything. Morty did most of the work just via the matrix. Turns out he's really good at the matrix stuff. On the not-so-bright side, I didn't have to do anything. I was itching for some action the whole day and thought I'd finally get some with this run, but it ended without me getting a single hit in... Six's place was comfy at least."

Master Morty

"Too bad that A.I. I had to frag was working against me; I have questions that it might have been able to shed some light upon. Nevertheless, it stood against me and had to be put down, by the Master. Went pretty smooth all things considered; I disabled the bank's online systems, then the rest of the team went in and collected the required item. In. Out. Easy."


"You know... just once, I would like something to go to plan... you following your timing, you wait for your signals, and you do not fragging run in and unnecessarily kill two guards! That is the kind of behavior that gets you a bad name in the shadows, and that level of self control can get your team killed. Amateurs... At least I finally got the chance to talk with Raps. That was a weight that needed to be dropped."

la Rapide

The run went better than I expected. Akari is a mess to work with, and I hope I won't have to do that again in the future, but at least she didn't do any actual damage today.

My stomach contracted when I heard the talk between Anita and that Uriel. At first, I thought she was actually with them, and all the rest was just a facade. I was confused, almost panicked, but then I remembered her words from earlier and kept calm. She wanted to talk with me about it, she wasn't happy to have to call him, and she waited till she didn't see another way to get this done before even suggesting it. I'm glad that she talked with me about it and didn't keep quiet for whatever reason. This may be a good opportunity in the future.


My first bank robery... Well it was a lot of fun, i did sleep on the couch in this Six of Hearts lady for hours but then we make it to the bank and the real fun begin. Guess that i'm good at making some crowd control... Also the job was pretty clean at the end so i guess it was a good day of work. Hope i'll get more robbery in the next few jobs !