Beetle Bust

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Beetle Bust
Part of None
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Dr. Lollipop
Casualties and losses


Mafia boss wants to hit a truck transporting another groups drug stash. He wants the stash and they want to make sure the hit isn't traced back to them.

The Meet

The team drove individually to the meet location, a crappy diner in the Barrens. FMJ sent a fly spy in to investigate and spotted three men in suits. One sitting and 2 orks. Likely the J. The team entered and sat to discuss the job with the J. He wants them to intercept a drug convoy send by another mafia family. The truck is to be captured and the contents returned to the J along with the truck for a bonus. Dr Lollipop managed to recognize the J, she saw some information recently about a trial he was involved in. He was accused of corruption of youth, peddling drugs to young children and attempting to hook them on gang life and on drugs as youths. The team was informed, general distaste for him followed but the job was accepted and the planning commenced. Some matrix searching reveled the size of the caravan. A dozen armed/armored troops and 2 riggers. One in gmc bulldog one in an APC.

The Plan

The team was going to ambush the caravan by a bridge. Lurker would jump off the bridge onto the bulldog and disable the driver. Akari would engage the APC and the rest of the team would take out the biker escorts.

The Run

The stage was set, Dr Lollipop tailed the caravan to the ambush site while the rest of the team prepared to engage. Lurker barely landed on the roof of the car, falling prone but catching himself before falling off the side. Meanwhile Akari jumped her bike onto the roof of the APC. FMJ and Dr Lollipop shot out a couple of bikers. Lurker started taking fire from a hovering drone above and a turret ejected from the APC preparing to fire. A few rounds later FMJ and Lollipop had dispatched the drone and the 6 biker guards. While this happened Lurker shot off the groin of one of troopers in the bulldog and dispatched its rigger, while Akari decimated the rigger in the APC. It was not long after that, the team finished the mopup. Lurker installed a data tap in the bulldog and FMJ took control and drove it to meet the J.


The team drove the truck to some docks to deliver to to the J, avoiding suspicion with some very nice casual driving. The J excited with the quick return of the vehicle provided payment, and offered some of the drugs as a portion of the rewards.


Rewards - Beetle Bust

12000Y 7RVP

5 K 5RVP

2000Y Bonus 1RVP


Optional - Convert up to 4000Y from reward into upto 8000Y of Drugs(non medical) or BTLs under Availabiltiy 12. 1RVP/conversion

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I do not enjoy working for this kind of man. Enjoyment has little to do with work. The others were fantastic perimeter cover; I could concentrate singlemindedly on achieving my goal while drones and adepts flung all about me. For that, I am grateful to have worked alongside some who knew what to do. Moving targets, especially VIPs, can be troublesome. We were fortunate to have encountered them on such a positively opportunity-abundant route.

Dr. Lollipop

Work is work they say - but this J was not my wavelength. If there was an opportunity to get rid of him, I would be there. Stealing the shipment was a piece of cake with these runners I hope to see you again.