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Rejected Street Samurai
A Second Home
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
AliasesBig Ape, Sneakstep
Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - E
Resources - A


0200-03 was the number on his tank. He wasn't the first or the last, just one of five painstakingly crafted clones. The unfortunate fact of his very being was that he was given one of the suspected Awakened genes by the researchers. The suspicion proved false and he was born without any spark whatsoever. Trained just barely to speak and to communicate, he trained with the other four clones to try and manifest magical abilities but to no avail. By the time he'd reached twelve years of age, his batch was deemed a 'failure' and he was unceremoniously transported to a clearing in the middle of nowhere. No doubt he would've starved if he hadn't been on tribal territory and discovered after wandering for days.

The Cascade Crow people taught him how to read and write properly, even introduced him to naturally born sasquatches who pitied his state of being. Unable to even mimic sounds like they could, he felt isolated from his own kind as much as everyone else. One thing that he became frightfully good at was sneaking up on people. Due to the other sasquatches relying heavily on their ability to assense each other, Lurker earned his name by pulling pranks on others.

As a young adult, he ended up helping shadowrunners on occasion as a stealthy reconnaissance contact. Over time, he became interested in shadowrunning and worked as a minor presence in Shadowland. Over time, he drifted further and further south to Bellingham and decided to risk moving across the border into Seattle, lured by further riches. The infrequent coughs had become worse. Street docs confirmed his fears; Lurker had a heavy set cancer. Suppressants could keep it from developing worse, but this was his legacy as an experiment, a stepping stone for a AAA-rated megacorporation recklessly chasing the secrets of magic.

The one good thing about his condition was that he could adjust to augmentations, rare as they were. Finding supply lines for models he was compatible with was a long and hard process, something that he had to work for, but if he couldn't touch the astral plane he'd double down on the physical instead. He aims to become strong enough to wander out in the wide world one day and find his brothers - if they're still alive, anyway.


  • Cure his cancer
  • Find the others in his generation, and if possible, treatment for their ailments
  • Repay the kindness once shown to him by the Cascade Crow tribe in SSC
  • Prove to the world that he isn't a failure even if he didn't inherit a spark.


Lurker's right arm is tattooed with tribal symbols of the Cascade Crow tribe, shaving the fur from the limb entirely. His midtorso is bare and exposing rippling abs and his pointy ears frame a bearded face, mouth full of teeth and two black and yellow eyes. His body is broad and sturdy, albeit often covered by olive green fatigues, a chest rig and various plate armor. If he wears completely covering clothes, some might even mistake him as an exceptionally large ork or a hornless troll. On his shaved right arm is also a black barcode and the number 0200-03, branded onto him from birth. It's not a tattoo but genetically programmed skin color pattern to mark him as the third unit of the second batch of clones.


Lurker is a prankster at heart, choosing to focus on the little things in life since the broad strokes only serve to drag his mood down. He's been wronged too many times in life to be too stuck-up in terms of morals and has little compunctions about doing wetwork on people that he gets paid to take out. Despite this, he also enjoys the possibility of offering mercy to defeated opponents. Maybe he wants to pay back the kindness that the native Americans once showed him?

Positive & Negative Qualities

  • Failed Experiment - My heritage was taken from me before I was even born. For that, someone must pay.
    1. Prototype Transhuman - EVO attempted to unlock the secrets of the world through me. I paid the price.
    2. Soy Allergy - I must eat quality meat to nourish myself. Supplements do not fit this artificial body.
    3. Cyberpsychosis - Rage. It is what boils inside of me. I do not know how to contain it yet.
    4. Uneducated - Little is known to me but the basics of life. This, too, I must one day redeem.
    5. Records On File - EVO knows me better than I know myself.
    6. Cancer - I am an imperfect being. This disease eats away at my body.

  • Mundane Master - The next world is beyond me, so this one must suffice. I will bend my body to my will.
    1. No Pain, No Gain - Pain. This is why I fight.
    2. Special Modifications - When I face the insurmountable odds of the other world, ingenuity is needed.
    3. Bodyguard - Be fast. Be precise. Be ready.
    4. Sharpshooter - Aim small. Aim hard. There is always a needle to thread.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Beetle BustBulldogcNone25 November 2083
The Trials and Tribulations of Ser Reginald: Cleaning up the DoghouseFuraidopotetoThe Trials and Tribulations of Ser Reginald1 November 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Jinx 5 2 Fixer(G,N,K,A) Fixer Illegal Dealings, The Rarer The Better, Look Good & Strong, Latest And Greatest, Soar Ever Higher, High Fashion Even

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 No results.
3 Some patrons of the Seattle night life know a Sasquatch by this name. He's notorious for scaring partygoers and chuckling afterwards.
6 Lurker appears to have been born in SSC, pictures of him with Cascade Crow tribals can be found on foreign grids.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Sasquatch with exceptional amounts of ware. Unpredictable in social situations.
3 Migrated to ShadowHaven from Shadowland in SSC. Has worked before in Bellingham and Vancouver.
5 Seems wary of Evo. This might recommend past history.

Assensing Table

Threshold Description
1 Right arm is wrapped in grey mana. Mundane. Ill.
2 Has a very minor cybernetic augmentation in his eyes.
3 Low Essence, no Magic score. Appears to suffer from some kind of cancer.
4 Has excessive amounts of bioware all over his body. 0.1 Essence.
5 Not a technomancer. Has metastasized tumors in his internal organs and throat.


  • Vadim Korolev - Rating 4, SSC; Has zero licenses attached.