The Trials and Tribulations of Ser Reginald: Cleaning up the Doghouse

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The Trials and Tribulations of Ser Reginald: Cleaning up the Doghouse
Part of The Trials and Tribulations of Ser Reginald
LocationW Zone Outside Puyallup
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Nature
Mojo Joe
The Spirit of Deer's Vengance
Casualties and losses
Reapsaw's Previous Residence The Murderdeer
The Deer Had it coming


Sir Reginald, a Refined shifter of Mysterious Origins, places a request on shadowhaven to investigate the death of his favorite butler, Jeralt. The information was limited, only knowing the last place he came up on Radar. The party investigates, finding two bodies and an Eldritch evil that attempted to kill them.


Sir Reginald Lives in a Manor in a secret location, mostly to avoid interactions with the authorities. To maintain this secrecy he has a specific list of staff that is allowed in and out of the premises. The loss of one of these staff members is very noticeable as a result. Unable to call the police due to risk of investigation, Reginald decides to call some runners, as he recalls having positive experiences with some of them twenty years ago when he wasn't retired.

The Meet

The team met in the matrix, a high Victorian building of British architecture designed to look like a restaurant. After some brief introductions, the Johnson appears on one of the tables, informing them to the fine details, place of lost contact, and providing them contacts to get in touch with to get into the targets place of residence.

The Plan

The teams plan was very adlib, but as it was legwork, that was to be expected. They went to his place of residence first, and searched the place. After finding some unusual clues and talking to the neighbors, they came to the conclusion that he did not live alone, a shadier individual who was potentially a technomancer was also living at the home. Additional information from the Johnson getting back to them further create suspicion that it was his dead son. Now armed with the new information, they decided it was time to head into the woods, and investigate where he was last located.

This proved to be a little difficult due to the Sheer amount of noise in the region, a Woodland area W Zone Outside Puyallup. After talking there way past the rangers on the edge, they moved in proper, and found a cabin in the woods. They found empty automatic defenses and a mana barrier surrounding the property, and upon entering, asked a contact to open up the devices stationed in the corner. When he did he confirmed the presence of resonance signatures, confirming once again that the second party was a technomancer.

The feed inside the cabin confirmed the Johnson's presence, restocking the fridge, and leaving, only to return shortly in a Panic until morning, where he tries to swiftly flee the property, seeing deer all about watching them.

The Run

Deciding to follow a path they found suspicious, they go in only 20 feet before they find there targets body, uneaten but mangled by something VERY strong and sharp. They immediately prepare to leave, hearing noises begin from deep in the woods, a long forlorn baying in the dark. The team tries to escape, getting tin the car and driving away, but a massive spirit materializes and tries to flip the car while its in motion. Through some quick driving skills, Reapsaw stopped it from rolling, only going onto its side and skidding a bit. The team sprung into action, engaging the herculean monstrosity as it Bayed at them menacingly! Many bullets were fired this combat, no magical support to breach its Supernatural body, forcing the team to batter it down slowly as it slammed its claws down over and over on Lurker, who took it in stride, seemingly getting stronger and stronger the more wounds he took. As hulking as the beast was, enough lead poisoning will fell most things on this earth, and so too did it finally fall.


They left the beast to fade back into the astral the deer all proceeding to lay down as they left. They informed the rangers, getting thanked profusely for there efforts as they began to recall all the hunters. They brought the body to a Doctor, and Reginald even provided bonus pay for felling a monstrous foe, which they provided video evidence of. HE even alluded to more work in the future if such a beast was within there area to handle.


15rvp Run

10,000 Nuyen

+2000 for being good people

9 Karma

Gear Reward: can spend Nuyen rewards on Lifestyles (cabin in the woods, or Highrise Flat)


OPTIONAL RVP: (3) Reginald's Maid (C3/L1) Liandra

+500 nuyen on Living expenses for Draknic: for neighbor bringing large thank you gifts(food) (only if he moves into the highrise) Mundane Ascention for Lurker.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Mojo Joe: "To say the least the run was more intensive than I thought. The spirits in particular that day were very... fiesty. Some more so than others. My body is still not feeling too well but I am managing to slowly recover. I will also say that Hibiscus fellow is great company... if a bit vague and weird at times. And that fellow in the jumpsuit was an extraordianry combatant. I am honored to have seen him fight. Hopefully I may be able to go on a run with them again sometime!"

Hibiscus: [The following is an audio recording on cassette] "The run started off with a meet in the matrix. Something that already put me off as I am, frankly, a bit useless tech-wise. Getting our information from our shifter Johnson landed us with a data recovery job, as far as we knew. We took the data we had, investigated the missing person's house, and found booster chip canisters and a secure vault. The vault was wiped clean, and there was evidence of a second person staying in the studio apartment. I had inquired with the neighbours about any information they may know and was met with a pink-haired cat girl. She expressed that she disliked the missing person as a neighbour as he frequently had a noisy house guest that she knew nothing about. A call from the Johnson informed us that our missing person had a bible that held a photo of him and his son at a funeral. It was also suggested that his son was dead. Our mage confirmed that our missing person was in fact still at the last recorded location or near it.

Going off our technomancer hunch and still having the other location to investigate, we set off to a W-Zone to look into the disspearance. We met some park rangers who were polite enough to let us through in a surplus military truck and found a cabin in the woods surrounded by a toadstool ring. Apparently, there was a mana barrier in place, and stepping through the ring would trigger automated defences. Thankfully the defences were out of ammunition. I stayed outside with our mage who was at the time dual-natured and blocked by the mana barrier and noted a large rift in the trees. I waited for the team to finish investigating the interior before we set off in diamond formation. We found our missing person completely mauled when the beast started braying in the woods. We hightailed it to the truck, started to get out of there, and then the rest of the night went fuzzy for me after we nearly got flipped."

Snowman: "So we got hired by a dog to find out why his butler was missing. No I didn't do any drugs before writing this. Turns out he was killed by a fucking Wendigo! Not really it was a corrupted beast spirit but fucking hell damn thing almost flipped the truck over with us in it. Anyway he got killed, we found out that his son apparently faked his death and is likely a Technomancer. We surprisingly made short work of the spirit though that might be because Monke is a monster in a fight. Mojo and Monke got banged up but no other issues. Even got a free hunting lenience out of it so that's something."

Lurker - I do not believe I enjoy battling spirits. The rush was addictive, but I do not want to face that kind of creature again. I am glad there were others there to take care of me after the fact. Working with others... it is a pleasant feeling. I want to experience that part of the job again. It made me feel warm.

Reapsaw That was not a normal spirit with how it was acting and glad that big man was able to put it down for good and not knowing what other horrors could be lurking around in the dark.