An O'Toole From Tir Na Nog

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An O'Toole From Tir Na Nog
LocationTir Na Nog, Dublin
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Danny O'Toole's Forces Oadhan Fitzgerald's Forces
Scarecrow Elite Sniper
Danny's Body Double
Water Spirit
Fire Spirit
Air Spirit
4 Machine Gunners
1 Mage
1 Adept
Casualties and losses
Elite Sniper, Danny's Body Double, Water Spirit, Fire Spirit, Air Spirit


Oadhan Fitzgerald arranges for Scarecrow to be kidnapped in order to have a political rival assassinated (Danny O'Toole), as Scarecrow was created under the direct supervision of Danny O'Toole. She is able to cause significant damage to Danny's security forces, though unable to kill Danny O'Toole.


Danny O'Toole is the current Family Steward of the O'Toole family, and is also the researcher who created Experiment #104, also known as Scarecrow. The Danaan-mor families in Leinster have been putting significant pressure on the Fitzgerald family, the most significant pressure coming from Danny. Oadhan Fitzgerald believes that if Danny O'Toole is assassinated by a former project of his (and that then Oadhan kills the assassin), the situation would change and the Fitzgerald family would gain enough standing to at least push the problems down the road for a generation.

The Meet

Scarecrow wakes up hungover from drinking too much vodka the night before, and finding out that she's down to a single moldy tomato she heads out for noodles. On her way back she gets a call from Jake "The Captain" Elliot who warns her that he was interrogated about her whereabouts. When she returns to her apartment 45 minutes later, the front door has been kicked in. Barging in prepared for a fight, she meets 4 machine gunners, a mage, and an adept ready for her. They're from Tir Na Nog, loyal to the Fitzgerald family.

The mage tosses Scarecrow a commlink, and Oadhan Fitzgerald is already calling. Scarecrow answers the phone, and Oadhan offers her a choice: either she can die now or he'll tell her the name of the person responsible for creating her - and she is to kill that man. Scarecrow takes the second option. She's placed in magecuffs and brought to a private plane, where she is flown to Tir Na Nog. She's let out in Dublin City, inside the county of Leinster. She has, of course, realized that they plan to kill her when she calls for an extraction from them.

The Plan

Scarecrow looks for a seedy criminal bar to start her work and calls Jet Set for a future extraction since she doesn't trust the Fitzgerald forces. Eventually as she's walking down a dangerous street she sees someone thrown out of a window of a very dirty bar. Stepping inside the bar, she sees barely hears that there's a loud ruckus coming from the basement. After a conversation with the bartender she's let downstairs and sees an illicit fight club.

She plops down 2k nuyen on a fight and faces a dwarf man who also happens to a mystic adept - and they use similar fighting styles. Scarecrow manages to win the fight, with the dwarf only up because of his pain editor. He remarks that she's 'alright' and that she broke his winning streak. The two talk and Scarecrow uses the winnings from the fight to buy everyone a round of drinks. He points her to a friendly decker when asked about the O'Toole family.

The decker gives her information on Danny O'Toole's nearby mansion, including information on the security. Scarecrow then rents a motorcycle and heads over to near the mansion. Deciding that the place is too hard to hit directly, she decides to lure Danny out. She summons a Force 1 Air Spirit to deliver a letter to the gate guards for her, with a message that she has information for Danny's ears only - and to come alone to a dangerous alley in Dublin.

The Run

Scarecrow is waiting in the alley when she hears and sees Danny O'Toole walking down the alley. She channels a spirit and steps behind Danny ready to attack him, though they have a short conversation where she learns he's a body double (his masking was quite good). During the conversation, 'Experiment #104' is mentioned, and the body double starts to attack Scarecrow. A split-second later, a sniper bullet almost hits her. Over the course of the fight, she is severely injured but manages to knock out both other combatants. She takes them to a nearby warehouse and begins to question them.

During the questioning, the sniper reveals that he has a tracking chip implanted in him, so Scarecrow kills him. She moves the body double to a new location after pulling out his tracking chip. The body double tries to stall for time... and manages to long enough to have Danny's bound spirits show up. Scarecrow kills him too.

She's fighting three Force 8 spirits solo when Jet Set gives her a message that he's on the way. She gives him his location and manages to take out the Fire and Air spirits, though the Water spirit manages to assense her and give the aura information back to Danny as she's flying away in Jet Set's C-5.


Danny O'Toole knows that Scarecrow wants him dead. Oadhan Fitzgerald and Danny O'Toole want Scarecrow dead. Danny and Oadhan both know her aura now. But at least she knows who created her.


  • 20 karma - 20 RVP
  • 12 CDP - 5 RVP
  • +1 Street Cred - 1 RVP

Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight wanna move.

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