Beetle Thief Busted

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Beetle Thief Busted
LocationDowntown Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Vitali Rossi



A Mafia Cappo decided to get a little out of his comfort zone and decided to steal from the wrong coworker. Now he wants revenge.

The Meet

The meet was at a downtown restaurant. A nice French place that is obviously too empty to be a real restaurant and likely a front. The J a man flanked by Ork body guards speaking in a Joe Pesci accent. The J's convoy was recently attacked and its contents stolen. The J suspects that Vitali Rossi is the brains behind the attack. He wants proof of this, and if the proof is found he wants Vitali dead. He provided the team with some basic info on Vitali and a free lunch for their trouble.

The Plan

The team decided to perform some matrix searches to locate some more info about the target. They located a warehouse owned by the target as well lots of security intel on the target. The team decided to investigate the warehouse to find proof, if that located the intel needed, they would then assault the penthouse and capture the target.

The Run

RC-45 hacked the warehouse host and located a manifest which logged the previous runner team dropping off the package. This was sufficient proof for the J to authorize the hit. The team drugged up and prepared to enter the apartment complex. RC-45 attempted to hack the camera feeds in the lobby so the team could sneak into the property. This failed badly and alarms began to sound. The rest of the team began to rush up the stairs to the penthouse. Clawdia cut open the first security door with a their chainsaw while Rurosha sliced through the next door only to be greeted by heavily armed security guards ready to open fire. The fight raged, the team eventually downed 10 elite guards and two ork body guards. Clawdia fell on their side while Blackhawk and Rurosha took many AR bursts. Rurosha Sliced through the panic room door in a devastating slash, releasing toxic vent filled with Nerostun X and Laes. Clawdia recently revived by a stimpatch passed out once more succumbing to the effects of the laes. The team exfiltrated Clawdia the target, and and a hooker, narrowly escaping the incoming police.


The team stopped on the side of the road, and as instructed awakened the target and gave him the comlink provided by the J. After a brief conversation a massive explosion originating from the commlink, the Target dead, the J paid out and all the runners narrowly survived.


deadly 20 RVP





Tough as nails stun can be taken at gen rates 5RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Blackhawk: "Well... tonight has been a long night. First some vampire huntin and now some good old classic B&E. Granted stealth went out the window so most of my skillset was not in proper use. But I still managed to take out a couple with some stick n-shock. Thanks to Rurosha though I am still in one piece. And for that I owe her my thanks and gratitude. As well as a favor she can cash in when she pleases. Now then... I am gonna go get myself a nice ass drink and a well deserved rest."

Clawdia: "I don't remember doing anything but apparently I got beaten the shit out of. Would be nice if I actually did well on one of these runs eventually."


Well, that was a fairly rough night. At least we managed to get the job done.


It felt like a clown car with all of those guys pouring out of the room and down it nearly went bad at a few points